[Clinically unsuspected malignant melanomas of the posterior uvea (author's transl)].


:Out of 1300 eyes enucleated between 1966-1974, 300 subsequently revealed histologically-proved malignant melanomas of the uvea. In 264 cases the clinical diagnosis was correctly made. In 36 cases the i.o. malignant melanomas were clinically unsuspected. The incorrect clinical diagnoses included: secondary glaucoma (30), retinal detachment (2), iritis (2), and end/panophthalmitis (2). The clinical symptomatology and morphology of the secondary glaucoma caused by the i.o. melanomas did not differ from that due to other, non-neoplastic etiologies. In almost all of the 36 cases the eyes revealed unilateral severe opacity of the media. It is important that one consider an intraocular melanoma in cases of secondary glaucoma, retinal detachment, or intraocular inflammation in which the etiology is uncertain. This is also true in cases of blind, painful eyes in which there is no obvious etiology. Early diagnosis is of vital interest to the patient because this group, in which the malignant melanoma was unsuspected, may be, as suspected in this study, is characterised by extreme aggressivness and invasive capacity. One third of these eyes revealed extension of tumor through the sclera and optic nerve. Also these tumors often revealed more malignant cell types.


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Völcker HE,Naumann GO


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    abstract::In two previous studies the effects of topically applied 1% and 0.2% solutions of bupranolol on intraocular pressure were investigated in 21 and respectively 20 eyes with chronic uncomplicated open-angle glaucoma.--As early as 30 minutes after both solutions a very significant pressure drop, without concomittant pupil...

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    abstract::Report on a 69-year-old woman with a choroidal and a large peribulbar tumor. A scan ultrasonography of the peribulbar mass revealed a homogeneous structure of the lymphoma/sarcoma/pseudo-tumor type. Histological examination disclosed a reactive lymphoid hyperplasia without "Dutcher bodies", and consistent with a benig...

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    abstract::The authors report on the possibilities for examination of the stereoscopic vision at 2 or 4 meters by the phase-difference-haploscope. Besides a gross-qualitative test, methods of estmating realdepth acuity are described. There is a great variability of test-conditions for special scientific problems. During the rout...

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  • [The effect of levobunolol eyedrops on trabecular outflow of aqueous humor in chronic simple glaucoma].

    abstract::The present paper reports a double-blind, cross-over, randomized study in which 31 patients (62 eyes) suffering from open-angle glaucoma were included. These patients were treated for one year with 0.5% levobunolol and 0.5% timolol ophthalmic solutions and followed up. Tonographic examinations of outflow facility show...

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