[Occurrence of diffusions shown by fluorescence angiography of the laser coagulation in animals (author's transl)].


:Laser treated rat fundi were observed angiographically and with the fluorescence microscope for 3 months. Angiographically diffusions have been observable up to about one week post laser, fluorescence microscopically, however, for the whole observation time of 3 months. From the 2nd week, these diffusions were produced mainly by neovascularizations which angiographically were not visible. They started from the choroid and penetrated into the outer part of the retina.


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Baurmann H,Chioralia G,Schomacher L,Sasaki K


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  • [Pepper and salt fundus and family anamnesis in congenital syphilis].

    abstract::Recognizing congenital syphilis in pediatric patients is of utmost importance with regard to therapy. The case of a 5-year-old girl with salt and pepper fundus demonstrates the importance of a thorough family history which led towards the diagnosis of congenital syphilis. This paper stresses the importance of family h...

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  • [New Developments in Cataract Surgery].

    abstract::Recent technological innovations in cataract surgery have made the procedure even more precise and safe and the odds of having a highly satisfied patient even higher. These innovations include visualisation systems - such as intraoperative aberrometry - which are particularly helpful when it comes to implanting toric ...

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  • [Therapeutic Concepts for Treatment of Patients with Non-infectious Uveitis Biologic Disease Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs].

    abstract::Biologic disease modifying antirheumatic drugs (bDMARDs) can be highly efficient in the treatment of various non-infectious uveitis entities. Currently, the TNF-α-inhibitor Adalimumab is the only in-label therapeutic option, whereas, all other bDMARDs need to be given as an off-label therapy. bDMARDs are indicated in ...

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  • [A clinical comparative study of tyndallometry using 2 laser flare meters].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The laser flare meter FM-500 (Kowa, diode laser, 670 nm) is a simplified version of the laser flare-cell meter FC-1000 (Kowa, He-Ne laser, 632.8 nm). the aim of this study was to compare flare measurements of the laser flare meter FC-500 with the established laser flare-cell meter FC-1000 and to determine th...

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  • [Meningioma of the optic nerve sheath. Diagnostic problems despite use of modern imaging procedures].

    abstract::In spite of modern optical examination techniques such as sonography, nuclear magnetic resonance tomography (NMR) and x-ray computer tomography up to now the meningioma of the optic nerve sheath still poses a problem in respect of differential diagnosis. This problem is illustrated by two case reports. In both patient...

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  • [Long-term radiation damage to the skin and eye after combined beta- and gamma- radiation exposure during the reactor accident in Chernobyl].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:In April 1986, numerous reactor workers and firemen were exposed to high doses of ionizing radiation during the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident. Apart from high ambient gamma-ray exposures they received inhomogeneous contamination with beta-rays from fission products, resulting in severe skin exposure...

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  • [Idiopathic episcleral venous stasis with secondary open-angle glaucoma (Radius-Maumenee syndrome)].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Dilated episcleral vessels may be observed in patients with orbital tumors, carotid-cavernous-sinus fistula and other orbital obstructive lesions. As an idiopathic phenomenon dilated episcleral vessels may be associated with secondary open-angle glaucoma. PATIENT:We report on a 59-year-old patient with a hi...

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  • [Pseudoexfoliation syndrome].

    abstract::The Frequency of the Pseudoexfoliation-Syndrom (= PES) was investigated about two months in a prospective study of 1069 patients in the university eye hospital of Zurich. 7.35% of these patients had a PES with or without glaucoma. Among the clinic patients there were 9.9% and among the policlinic patients 6.26%. All o...

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    authors: Esmail F

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  • [Value of indocyanine green angiography in localization of occult choroid neovascularization].

    abstract:PURPOSE:To determine the role of Indocyanin Green (ICG) angiography in localizing occult new vessels associated with age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) and assess the possibilities of ICG guided laser photocoagulations. PATIENTS AND METHODS:Fluorescein and ICG angiographies (IMAGEnet system) of 62 patients with o...

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    authors: Piguet B,Schalenbourg A,Zografos L

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  • [IOL power calculation after refractive surgery].

    abstract::Cataract surgery is evolving more and more into a refractive procedure with high expectations in terms of visual rehabilitation. Especially patients presenting after previous Excimer laser corneal surgery are used to being independent from glasses. Unfortunately, some of these patients showed unexpected hyperopic surp...

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    authors: Rabsilber TM,Auffarth GU

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  • [Argon laser treatment of the iris: an experimental study (author's transl)].

    abstract::Description of various affections of the iris which may be treated with argon-laser. The problem of the laser iridectomy in the treatment of glaucoma is illustrated by a histologic study of the evolution of the lesions up to four months after coagulation of rabbit's iris. ...

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  • [Controlled hypotension by sodium-nitroprusside in general anaesthesia for difficult intraocular surgery (preliminary report) (author's transl)].

    abstract::General anaesthesia was performed in 75 patients with difficult intraocular procedures in which the standard relaxation and hyperventilation was supplemented by controlled short-term hypotension by sodium-nitroprusside. This resulted in a significant decrease of the "vis a tergo"--e.g. the threatening prolaps of intra...

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  • [Combined phacoemulsification with trabecular aspiration with differing outcomes in pseudoexfoliative glaucoma - a retrospective study].

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:The aim of this study was to differentiate the pressure-reducing results following trabecular aspiration combined with small incision cataract surgery in eyes with pseudoexfoliation depending on preoperative pressure and medication score. PATIENTS AND METHODS:A retrospective analysis was made of 104 exfol...

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  • [Spot-like to reticular pigment displacement in a patient with pseudoxanthoma elasticum (Grönblad-Strandberg syndrome)].

    abstract::The authors report a rare observation of leopard spot-like and reticular pigmentary patterns in a patient with pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE). Characteristic fundus changes associated with PXE have been described as angioid streaks, subretinal neovascularization membranes, peau d'orange, focal retinal pigment epitheli...

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    authors: Zürcher M,Schipper I

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  • [Apropos of a case of bilateral perforating corneal ulcer in a patient with Portugese amyloidosis].

    abstract:PURPOSE:Corneal ulcer is a very rare clinical manifestation in hereditary familial amyloidosis of the Portuguese type, from which only one case has been reported previously. The case of a 35-year-old man illustrates the diagnostic findings and the difficulties encountered in understanding the physiopathology of such a ...

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    authors: Donati G,Chevalley G,de Gottrau P,Leuenberger PM

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  • [Heterochromia complicata Fuchs, crystalline iridopathy and increased immunoglobulin G in aqueous humor. A case report].

    abstract::We report on a 35 year old patient suffering from heterochromia complicata Fuchs with a mature cataract. Multiple small whitish-yellowish crystal-lines on the iris at the 7 and 12 o'clock position were interpreted as Russell bodies and correlated with an elevated concentration of 7.2 mg/dl IgG in the aqueous humor ana...

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    authors: Bialasiewicz A,Gierth K,Naumann GO

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  • [Atopic keratoconjunctivitis].

    abstract::It is useful to define atopic keratoconjunctivitis (AKC) as a non-infectious inflammatory condition of the ocular surface, which is associated with atopy. The pathogenesis of the disorder is not completely understood. The diagnosis is based on the patient's history and the clinical manifestations. Successful managemen...

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    authors: Sobolewska B,Zierhut M

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  • [Botulinum Toxin - New Developments in Ophthalmology].

    abstract::Botulinum toxin is recognised as the gold standard for the treatment of essential blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm, which is similar in effect in synkinesis after facial nerve palsy. The injection intervals can be adjusted according to the patients' needs and be shortened for up to six weeks in cases of eyelid cramp...

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    authors: Wabbels B

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  • [Drug side-effects of the eye--a contribution to quality assurance in ophthalmology].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The aim of this research is to catalogue the increasing number of side effects of medications on the eyes and, by putting this catalogue into a data bank, to make it available for use in hospitals. Here a deliberate search is made for medications, which could possibly cause certain side effects as well as a ...

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    authors: Dangelmaier S,Weindler J,Ruprecht KW

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  • [Clinical use of a simplified suction-irrigation system for extracapsular cataract extraction].

    abstract::This paper discusses the clinical application of a simplified irrigation-aspiration system for extracapsular cataract extraction. This simplified apparatus represents a reasonably-priced alternative to the existing expensive and complicated systems. When the surgeon has gained sufficient practice in the use of this me...

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    authors: Trinkmann R,Jungmann P

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  • [Examination of stereoscopic vision with the phase-difference haloscope (author's transl)].

    abstract::The authors report on the possibilities for examination of the stereoscopic vision at 2 or 4 meters by the phase-difference-haploscope. Besides a gross-qualitative test, methods of estmating realdepth acuity are described. There is a great variability of test-conditions for special scientific problems. During the rout...

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    authors: Herzau V,Aulhorn E

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  • [One hundred years pilocarpine in ophthalmology (author's transl)].

    abstract::In 1876 A. Weber introduced chemically from P. jaborandi isolated Pilocarpium muriaticum into the ophthalmological therapy. One year later it was used as a local drug to lower the intraocular pressure in glaucoma and replaced in the following years the extract of Calabar bean (Eserine). Clinical and pharmacological da...

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    authors: Wollensak J,Kewitz H

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  • [Stem Cells for Retina Replacement].

    abstract::In ophthalmology, regenerative medicine is rapidly becoming a reality. Cell based treatment strategies in end stage retinal degeneration may be of therapeutic value, whatever the mechanism of disease mechanism. However, while corneal transplantation is commonly performed with excellent results, many obstacles must be ...

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    authors: Seitz IP,Achberger K,Liebau S,Fischer MD

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  • [Pressure lowering effect and side effects of 0.5% and 1.0% levobunolol eyedrops, compared with 0.5% timolol eyedrops in patients with open-angle glaucoma].

    abstract::Fifty patients with open-angle glaucoma were treated twice daily for one year with topical 0.5% levobunolol, 1% levobunolol, or 0.5% timolol. Both concentrations of levobunolol were as effective as timolol in reducing intraocular pressure over the one-year period. At the concentrations tested, levobunolol and timolol ...

    journal_title:Klinische Monatsblatter fur Augenheilkunde

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    authors: Stryz JR,Merté HJ

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  • [Necrotizing sclerokeratitis following cataract extraction].

    abstract::A number of cases of necrotic sclerokeratitis following eye surgery have been reported in recently published literature. The condition was presumably triggered by surgical inflammation and caused by localized occlusive vasculitis: in one case deposits of immune complexes in vessel walls were demonstrated. The authors ...

    journal_title:Klinische Monatsblatter fur Augenheilkunde

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    authors: Gregersen E,Jørgensen JS

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  • [Cytokines in uveal melanoma. Original title: uveal melanoma cytokines].

    abstract::Cytokines may be important in both the pathophysiology an ocular morbidity associated with treated and untreated uveal melanomas. In this study we used message amplification phenotyping to identify cytokines present in uveal melanoma samples. A number of cytokines were noted that have been associated with tumor progre...

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    authors: Filer RS,Song JC,Char DH,Kaleta-Michaels S

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  • [Immunolocalization of fodrin in the retina of vertebrates].

    abstract::Fodrin, a member of the spectrin family, is abundantly found in brain and lens. Based on its often observed peripheral cellular distribution, it is generally believed that fodrin - like other spectrins - participates in the linkage of membrane components to cytoskeletal elements providing their anchorage to distinct, ...

    journal_title:Klinische Monatsblatter fur Augenheilkunde

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    authors: Rungger E,Stepanian E,Gilodi N

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  • [Photoastigmatic refractive keratectomy for low, moderate, and high astigmatism using a broad beam excimer laser: evaluataion according to new international criteria].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) is an accepted procedure to correct myopia in Germany. The purpose of this study was to evaluate photoastigmatic refractive keratectomy (PARK) for myopic astigmatism. MATERIAL AND METHODS:PARK using the VISX 20/20 excimer laser was performed in 50 eyes of 36 patients (25 fe...

    journal_title:Klinische Monatsblatter fur Augenheilkunde

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    authors: Schnitzler EM,Kohnen T,Steinkamp GW,Ohrloff C

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  • [Benefits of ambulatory surgery in cataract surgery].

    abstract::We monitored 300 patients who had undergone ambulatory cataract operations. Patients are more and more preferring this type of surgery, which allows them to go home immediately after the operation. We compare ambulatory ECCE and phacoemulsification operations and their complications, advantages and disadvantages. We s...

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    authors: Bovet J,Baumgartner JM

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  • [A case of papillophlebitis].

    abstract::A case history of a young man with recurrent papillophlebitis. The fluorescein angiogram showed an extensive hyperfluorescence of the disk and surrounding retinal veins in the venous and late phase. The electro-ophthalmological findings were normal in both eyes, while computerized perimetry demonstrated an enlarged bl...

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    authors: Wochesländer E,Bartl G

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