Strategies for successful academic writing - institutional and non-institutional support for students.


BACKGROUND:Students develop better academic writing skills as they progress through their higher education programme, but despite recent continuing monitoring of student satisfaction with their education in UK, there has been relatively little research into students' perceptions of the active support that they need and receive to succeed as academic writers. AIM OF THE STUDY:To examine the strategies that university students on health or social care courses utilise to develop as writers in the face of many pressures and demands from different sources. RESEARCH METHOD USED:Qualitative research conducted at a British University into undergraduates' writing practices in the field of healthcare. Ten participants took part in semi-structured interviews, half of whom were international students. The data was analysed by the researchers from the field of writing development using thematic analysis. RESULTS:The main findings are that certain students struggle as academic writers if they do not receive tuition on appropriate and effective academic writing through institutional provisions, or through non-institutional strategies, that can promote success with the writing process. There is also uncertainty over the extent to which nurse educators are expected to teach academic writing skills, alongside their discipline-specific subject areas. CONCLUSIONS:Both institutional provisions for academic writing development, such as a dedicated writing support department, and non-institutional factors such as peer-collaboration should be fully recognised, supported and resourced in tertiary education at a time when students' satisfaction and performance are high on the agenda.


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  • Congruency between educators' teaching beliefs and an electronic health record teaching strategy.

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  • Evaluation of the personal development portfolio in higher education: an explorative study.

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  • Opening the black-box of person-centred care: An arts-informed narrative inquiry into mental health education and practice.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Nursing education has a history of encouraging students to know their patients and to negotiate the in-between of art/science, person/profession, and intuition/evidence. Nurse-teachers know that students may abandon some values and practices when they encounter practice environments that are complex and have...

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  • What do high academic achieving school pupils really think about a career in nursing: analysis of the narrative from paradigmatic case interviews.

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  • In defence of pedagogy: a critique of the notion of andragogy.

    abstract::Malcolm Knowles' theory of andragogy has gained increasing acceptance among nurse educators. Andragogy is espoused as a progressive educational theory, adopted as a theoretical underpinning for curricula and is even considered to be synonymous with a variety of teaching techniques and strategies such as 'problem-based...

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  • Evidence for teaching practice: the impact of clickers in a large classroom environment.

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  • Nursing models in the curriculum: the nursing degree course at Bristol Polytechnic.

    abstract::This article discusses the use of nursing models as a basis for curriculum planning in a Nursing degree course. Each module in the course is based on a Nursing model, as are assessment of theoretical aspects and of nursing competencies. Rationales for the structure of the course and choice of models are given, and the...

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  • Health anxiety and cyberchondria among Ege University health science students.

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  • Nursing student profiles and occurrence of early academic failure: Findings from an explorative European study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:In the European context regulated by the Bologna Process principles, there is little evidence to date on the different profiles, if any, of nursing students enrolled in the 1st academic year and their academic outcomes. AIMS:To describe and compare the nursing student profiles and their academic outcomes at...

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  • Effectiveness of a computer based medication calculation education and testing programme for nurses.

    abstract::The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of an on-line, medication calculation education and testing programme. The outcome measures were medication calculation proficiency and self efficacy. This quasi-experimental study involved the administration of questionnaires before and after nurses completed annual med...

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  • Student motivation, stressors, and intent to leave nursing doctoral study: A national study using path analysis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The demand for doctorally prepared nurses worldwide is higher than ever. Universities have responded with increased numbers of DNP and Ph.D. in Nursing programs. There are more doctoral nursing students than ever before yet they remain one of the least studied student populations. This is concerning given th...

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  • Millennial's perspective of clicker technology in a nursing classroom: A Mixed methods research study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Nursing education is facing challenges and a shift in paradigm within the nursing classroom. Educators need to explore innovative strategies that engage students. Clickers are one tool that can enhance participation, protect anonymity, and promote learning of concepts. METHODS/DATA SOURCES:This mixed method...

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  • Don't go with the 'FLO' - a student mobile texting service to enhance nursing student retention.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The review undertaken revealed that there is an abundance of literature concerning retention and the high levels of attrition among undergraduate students and of relevance here, nurse education. The study undertaken evaluated the use of mobile phone automated texts designed to provide information, support an...

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  • Nursing students coping with English as a foreign language medium of instruction.

    abstract:AIM:To explore the strategies used by nursing students in coping with English as a foreign language medium of instruction. METHOD:A descriptive repeated-measure design was used. A convenience sample of 78 students completed the assessment tool at three different times. Coping was measured with Folkman and Lazarus' (19...

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  • The management of individual performance planning and review: some limitations on rationality.

    abstract::Individual performance planning and review has a long and turbulent history. Colleges of nursing and higher education are incorporating performance review schemes as a part of their quality management systems, BS 5750 and the like. This in the rational belief that chances of success will be enhanced. The reliability a...

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  • Does the readiness for interprofessional education reflect students' dominance orientation and professional commitment? Evidence from a sample of nursing students.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Interprofessional education is an important factor in facilitating subsequent interprofessional collaboration. Therefore, implementing this teaching strategy is important to increase the chances that future professionals will work effectively together. Group membership, status and the power differential amon...

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  • An investigation of nursing students' knowledge of dementia: A questionnaire study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Globally, rising rates of dementia indicate the need for more nurses skilled in caring for people with this condition. However nursing students may not acquire the requisite knowledge from existing undergraduate curricula. OBJECTIVES:To investigate the dementia knowledge of second-year nursing students befo...

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  • The assessment of student nurses.

    abstract::This paper starts from the personal view that there are a number of issues related to the process of assessment which require investigation. It is suggested that a model of the assessment process might help clarify the present situation. The Brunswik lens model is explained and then expanded and adapted to facilitate ...

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  • Monitoring the quality of pre-registration education: development, validation and piloting of competency based performance indicators for newly qualified nurses.

    abstract::The clinical competence or 'fitness for purpose' of newly qualified nurses continues to be an important professional and corporate issue that as yet has no objective means of assessment. A mixed group of managers, clinicians and educationalists was commissioned to develop a method for the measurement and evaluation of...

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  • Knowledge of and attitudes toward tuberculosis of Turkish nursing and midwifery students.

    abstract:AIM:The aim of the study was to describe the level of knowledge and the attitudes of Turkish nursing and midwifery students toward tuberculosis in an attempt to understand and determine whether there is a need for improvement in nursing and midwifery education regarding tuberculosis. METHOD:The research is a descripti...

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  • Nursing curriculum and bullying: An integrative literature review.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:The purpose of this integrative review was to identify and synthesize key concepts that inform curriculum which increase nursing students' competence, skills and strategies when addressing bullying. Specifically, the authors sought to examine the concepts informing educational interventions, skills, and stra...

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  • Evidence-based practice knowledge, attitudes, and practice of online graduate nursing students.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:This study aimed to evaluate changes in evidence-based practice (EBP) knowledge, attitudes, and practice of nursing students before and after completing an online, graduate level, introductory research/EBP course. DESIGN:A prospective one-group pretest-posttest design. SETTINGS:A private university in the ...

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  • Understanding and improving patient experience: a national survey of training courses provided by higher education providers and healthcare organizations in England.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Understanding and improving 'patient experience' is essential to delivering high quality healthcare. However, little is known about the provision of education and training to healthcare staff in this increasingly important area. OBJECTIVES:This study aims to ascertain the extent and nature of such provision...

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  • The "virtual family": an evaluation of an innovative approach using problem-based learning to integrate curriculum themes in a nursing undergraduate programme.

    abstract::Students on a four-year BSc honours in nursing programme evaluated the use of fictional families within problem-based learning (PBL) scenarios. The use of "virtual families" allowed for various parts of the nursing curriculum to be developed in innovative ways. The students appreciated the advantages of using such fam...

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  • Quality assurance in nurse education--the social context of learning.

    abstract::In this article I will critically examine the social context of learning in nurse education from a sociological perspective. I will begin with a brief review of recent developments in the philosophy and practice of nurse education. The concepts of 'tokenism', 'relative autonomy', 'de-mystification', and 'social contro...

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