Etiological spectrum of symptomatic localization related epilepsies: a study from South India.


:Putative etiology was studied in 991 patients with symptomatic localization-related epilepsies seen in a university hospital in South India. They formed 39% of patients with various types of epilepsies and epileptic syndromes seen during the study period. Seizure occurred in close temporal association with an acute central nervous system (CNS) insult in 53% of patients. Infections of CNS including single CT enhancing lesion (SCTEL) accounted for 77% of patients with acute symptomatic epilepsy. Cerebrovascular diseases were the risk factors in 48% of patients with remote symptomatic epilepsy. Neurocysticercosis, SCTEL and small single cerebral calcific CT lesion (SSCCCTL) together accounted for 40% of etiological factors and neurotuberculosis for 10%. Infections of the central nervous system and SCTEL together were the putative risk factors in 52% of patients aged < or =40 years. Cerebrovascular diseases were the etiological factors in 64% of patients aged >40 years. Neurological handicaps from birth manifested by mental retardation and/or cerebral palsy was the feature in 21% of children. The type of seizure was either simple partial or complex partial with or without secondary generalization in 76% of patients. The remaining patients presented with either generalized tonic clonic seizures or unlocalized seizures. Localization to a single site of seizure origin proposed by the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) was possible in only 67.5% of patients. The most readily identifiable was motor cortex. In patients with unlocalized or generalized seizures the type of pathology was diffuse in 17% of patients and in 48.5% of patients, the lesion was located in the frontal brontoparietal lobe.


J Neurol Sci


Murthy JM,Yangala R




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1998-06-11 00:00:00














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  • IgG ratios and oligoclonal IgG in multiple sclerosis and other neurological disorders.

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    abstract::This study investigated the relation between severity of auditory comprehension impairment in aphasia and the functional integrity of the posterior superior temporal region as evaluated by middle- and long-latency auditory evoked potentials and dipole source analysis. AEPs were studied in 20 stroke patients and in age...

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  • Acute thyrotoxic neuropathy--Basedow's paraplegia revisited.

    abstract::A forty seven year old woman with previously undetected goitre, developed thyroid storm in the immediate postoperative period. Forty eight hours after undergoing nephrolithotomy for renal calculus, she was noted to have flaccid areflexic quadriparesis, most marked in the lower limbs. Electrophysiologic studies reveale...

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  • Corticosteroids treatment.

    abstract::Corticosteroids (Cs) are widely used for treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS) acute relapses because of the potent immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory properties. As for patients with relapsing-remitting (RR) MS, short-term administrations of Cs markedly less severity of symptoms and promote faster recovery of cli...

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  • Clinically relevant cognitive impairment after cardiac surgery: a 6-month follow-up study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE:The majority of studies on neuropsychological complications after cardiac surgery used the raw variation of selective tests scores to define the occurrence of cognitive decline. We prospectively estimated the frequency of cognitive impairment after cardiac surgery, with a particular emphasis on p...

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  • Hippocampal size and dementia in stroke patients: the Sydney stroke study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Hippocampal atrophy is an early feature of Alzheimer's disease (AD) but it has also been reported in vascular dementia (VaD). It is uncertain whether hippocampal size can help differentiate the two disorders. METHODS:We assessed 90 stroke/TIA patients 3-6 months after the event, and 75 control subjects, wit...

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