Microperoxidase-11: molecular dynamics and Q-band excited resonance Raman of the oxidized, reduced and carbonyl forms.


:Resonance Raman spectra with Q-band excitation are reported for microperoxidase-11, the cytochrome c analog. Spectra were acquired in the mid-frequency range for the oxidized, and reduced forms of the undecapeptide, as well as for the imidazole and carbonyl complexes. Oxidation and spin state marker bands of the undecapeptides are consistent with a six-coordinate, low spin iron in both oxidation states. Porphyrin core size correlations yield a porphyrin-centre to pyrrole-nitrogen distance of 2.00 A for MP11, suggestive of a six-coordinate species in a distorted heme environment. Molecular dynamics results show that the non-planarity of the heme of the parent cytochrome is conserved in the microperoxidase and its carbonmonoxy analog.


J Biomol Struct Dyn


Laberge M,Vreugdenhil AJ,Vanderkooi JM,Butler IS




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1998-06-01 00:00:00












  • Molecular structure of peptaibol antibiotics: solution conformation and crystal structure of the octapeptide corresponding to the 2-9 sequence of emerimicins III and IV.

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  • Syringaresinol as a novel androgen receptor antagonist against wild and mutant androgen receptors for the treatment of castration-resistant prostate cancer: molecular docking, in-vitro and molecular dynamics study.

    abstract::Phytoestrogens are dietary estrogens having similar structure as of estrogen. Some of these phytoestrogens are androgen receptor (AR) antagonists and exhibit preventive role in the prostate cancer. However, in androgen-independent prostate cancer (AIPC) the ARs were mutated (T877A, W741L, F876L, etc.) and these mutant...

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  • A note on crystal packing and global helix structure in short A-DNA duplexes.

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  • Molecular modeling of sialyloligosaccharide fragments into the active site of influenza virus N9 neuraminidase.

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    abstract::Abstract In order to target the major groove of DNA, we have designed novel peptide derivatives of 7-H pyridocarbazole, which is the chromophoric ring of ditercalinium, a potent antitumor bisin- tercalator. We will present here the results obtained with a compound that has a D-Asn tethered to the pyridinium nitrogen...

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    abstract::The interaction of Δ- and Λ-[Ru(phen)2DPPZ]2+ (DPPZ = dipyrido[3,2-a:2', 3'-c]phenazine, phen = phenanthroline) with a G-quadruplex formed from 5'-G2T2G2TGTG2T2G2-3'(15-mer) was investigated. The well-known enhancement of luminescence intensity (the 'light-switch' effect) was observed for the [Ru(phen)2DPPZ]2+ complex...

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  • Collective dynamics of EcoRI-DNA complex by elastic network model and molecular dynamics simulations.

    abstract::Anisotropic network model (ANM) is used to analyze the collective motions of restriction enzyme EcoRI in free form and in complex with DNA. For comparison, three independent molecular dynamics (MD) simulations, each of 1.5 ns duration, are also performed for the EcoRI-DNA complex in explicit water. Although high mobil...

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  • Effects of pH and temperature on the structural and thermodynamic character of alpha-syn12 peptide in aqueous solution.

    abstract::The structural and thermodynamic characters of alpha-syn12 peptide in aqueous solution at different pH and temperatures have been investigated through temperature replica exchange molecular dynamics (T-REMD) simulations with GROMOS 43A1 force field. The two independent T-REMD simulations were completed at pH = 7.0 and...

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  • Molecular dynamics simulation and free energy calculation studies of the binding mechanism of allosteric inhibitors with TrkA kinase.

    abstract::Tropomyosin receptor kinase A (Trk A) is a receptor tyrosine kinase activated by nerve growth factor (NGF). TrkA plays an important role in pain sensation, which leads to significant interest in the development of small molecule inhibitors of TrkA. However, TrkA and the other two highly homologous isoforms, TrkB and T...

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  • Deciphering the interaction of puerarin with cancer macromolecules: An in silico investigation.

    abstract::The worldwide expanding increment in cancer pervasiveness is disturbing and this disease ranks among the main causes of mortality in both developing and developed countries. Unfortunately, available treatment options come with serious side effects and do not guarantee complete success. Although numerous models have be...

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  • In-silico identification of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR)α/γ agonists from Ligand Expo Components database.

    abstract::PPARα and PPARγ play important roles in regulating glucose and lipid metabolism. In recent years, the development of dual PPAR agonists has become a hot topic in the field of anti-diabetic medicinal chemistry. The dual PPARα/γ agonists can both improve metabolism and reduce side effects caused by single drugs, and has...

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  • Study of orotidine 5'-monophosphate decarboxylase in complex with the top three OMP, BMP, and PMP ligands by molecular dynamics simulation.

    abstract::Catalytic mechanism of orotidine 5'-monophosphate decarboxylase (OMPDC), one of the nature most proficient enzymes which provides large rate enhancement, has not been fully understood yet. A series of 30 ns molecular dynamics (MD) simulations were run on X-ray structure of the OMPDC from Saccharomyces cerevisiae in it...

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