Efficacy and safety of prolonged thromboprophylaxis with a low molecular weight heparin (dalteparin) after total hip arthroplasty--the Danish Prolonged Prophylaxis (DaPP) Study.


:The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy and safety of prolonged (35 days) thromboprophylaxis with a standard length (7 days) regimen of a low molecular weight heparin in patients undergoing total hip arthroplasty. The study was multicentre, randomised, double-blind, and prospective with two groups. Following seven days on a standard length regimen of dalteparin (5000 antifactor Xa units subcutaneously once daily starting 12 h before surgery), patients were randomized to continue the prophylaxis with either subcutaneous injections of dalteparin or placebo injections for a further 28 days. Efficacy was evaluated at the end of the study (day 35) in all patients with bilateral ascending phlebography to detect deep vein thrombosis. Bleeding complications and other adverse events were registered throughout the study period. Three hundred consecutive patients agreed to participate before the operation: 281 were finally randomised and 215 completed the study; two patients died before randomisation; 17 developed deep vein thrombosis; none developed pulmonary embolism; and five of 113 patients (4.4%, 95% CI 1-10%) developed deep vein thrombosis in the dalteparin group, compared with 12 of 102 (11.8%; 95% CI 6-20%) in the placebo group (p=0.039). Deep vein thrombosis in the proximal veins was diagnosed in one patient (0.9%; 95% CI 0-5%) in the dalteparin group, and in five (5.0%; 95% CI 2-11%) in the placebo group (p=0.076). Major bleeding was observed in one patient in the placebo group; minor bleeding complications and adverse events were equally distributed between the groups. We concluded that prolonged (35 days) thrombo prophylaxis with dalteparin is more effective than a standard length (7 days) regimen without increased risk of bleeding complications or other adverse events.


Thromb Res


Thrombosis research


Lassen MR,Borris LC,Anderson BS,Jensen HP,Skejø Bro HP,Andersen G,Petersen AO,Siem P,Hørlyck E,Jensen BV,Thomsen PB,Hansen BR,Erin-Madsen J,Møller JC,Rotwitt L,Christensen F,Nielsen JB,Jørgensen PS,Paaske B,Tørholm




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  • Fibrinogen γ' levels in patients with intracerebral hemorrhage.

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    abstract:BACKGROUND AND AIM:Recent studies have documented that elevation of C-reactive protein (CRP) levels after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) have been predictive of adverse outcome. This study was performed to test the hypothesis that preprocedural use of naproxen sodium is associated with a reduction in the exte...

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  • The role of protein kinase C in the initial events of platelet activation by thrombin assessed with a selective inhibitor.

    abstract::The role of protein kinase C (PKC) in platelet activation by thrombin was assessed using a PKC inhibitor Ro 31-7549/001 (R2) which, in vitro, shows more selectivity for PKC than other kinase inhibitors. During early (1.5 s) thrombin-induced platelet activation, when phosphorylation of 47 kDa protein (pleckstrin) and m...

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  • Activation contact system (ACS) and tissue factor (TF) in human amniotic fluid: measurements of ACS components and TF, and some implications on the pathophysiology of amniotic fluid embolism.

    abstract:BACKGROUND/AIM:It is believed that the amniotic fluid-derived TF, in the case of amniotic fluid embolism (AFE), contributes to acute disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) and obstetric shock in the mother. However, the role of amniotic fluid-derived contact phase coagulation factors that irrupt into the bloodstr...

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  • Glycerophospholipid metabolism: back to the future.

    abstract::It has become customary to regard the various glycerophospholipids as quite similar, and the acyl groups are considered to have little influence on the behaviour of the lipids in membranes or metabolism. Nevertheless, a number of recent observations by the authors and others indicate a high degree of metabolic compart...

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  • Comparison of antithrombin activity of the polysulphate chitosan derivatives in in vivo and in vitro system.

    abstract::In order to choose the proper method for evaluating the antithrombin activity in samples of chitosan polysulphate (CP) with different polymerization degrees and sulphation degrees, we estimated the ability of direct anticoagulants to depress the coagulability of recalcified sheep blood using the third international he...

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    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Adenosine diphosphate (ADP) as physiological activator of human platelets mediates its effects via three purinergic receptors: P2Y1, P2Y12 and P2X1. The inhibition of P2Y12 is used pharmacologically to suppress aggregation underlining the physiological significance of this receptor. Since the regulation of...

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