Barriers and facilitators to the receipt of palliative care for people with dementia: the views of medical and nursing staff.


BACKGROUND:The global prevalence of dementia is set to rise to almost 65 million people by 2030, providing policy makers and practitioners with significant challenges, not least within the realms of end-of-life care. The international literature would suggest that people with dementia may benefit from palliative forms of care, but evidence indicates that many fail to access such provision at the end of life. The role of the health care team is pivotal if people with dementia are to benefit from the transition to palliative care. AIM:This paper reports on qualitative research conducted in the UK that sought to explore the experiences of health care practitioners working in palliative care and sought to establish the issues relating to end-of-life care for people with dementia. DESIGN:Eight focus groups and four individual interviews were held. Data were analysed using a thematic approach. SETTING/PARTICIPANTS:The study included palliative care practitioners (n = 58) including medical, nursing and allied health professionals. Participants were recruited from acute hospitals, general practice, hospices and specialist palliative care units in the UK. RESULTS:Four themes were identified: Making the transition; Competence challenged; 'The long view' and Working together. Whilst there exists good practice in this area, the barriers to timely and appropriate transitions to palliative care for people with dementia and their families continue to exist. The paper concludes with recommendations for policy and practice development.


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Palliative medicine


Ryan T,Gardiner C,Bellamy G,Gott M,Ingleton C




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