Effect of selenocystine on gene expression profiles in human keloid fibroblasts.


:In this study, selenocystine, a nutritionally available selenoamino acid, was identified for the first time as a novel agent with anti proliferative activity on human keloids. The 20 μM concentration after 48 h treatment used here was the most effective to reduce keloid fibroblast growth. We analyzed the gene expression profile of selenocystine treatment response in keloid fibroblasts by the microarray system to characterize the effects of selenocystine on human keloids. The major alterations in keloid fibroblasts following selenocystine exposure included up-regulation of the genes encoding cell death and transcription factors. Prominent down-regulation of genes involved in development, cell adhesion and cytoskeleton, as well as extra cellular matrix genes, usually strongly up-regulated in keloids, resulted following selenocystine exposure. The range of the down-regulated genes and the degree of the decreased expression appeared to be correlated with the degree of the morphological alterations in selenocystine treated keloids.






De Felice B,Garbi C,Wilson RR,Santoriello M,Nacca M




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2011-05-01 00:00:00
















  • High-resolution mapping of D16led-1, Gart, Gas-4, Cbr, Pcp-4, and Erg on distal mouse chromosome 16.

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  • SNP identification, linkage disequilibrium, and haplotype analysis for a 200-kb genomic region in a Korean population.

    abstract::Understanding patterns of linkage disequilibrium (LD) across genomes may facilitate association mapping studies to localize genetic variants influencing complex diseases, a recognition that led to the International Haplotype Mapping Project (HapMap). Divergent patterns of haplotype frequency and LD across global popul...


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  • Analysis of the human VPS13 gene family.

    abstract::The gene mutated in chorea-acanthocytosis (CHAC; approved gene symbol VPS13A) encodes chorein, a protein similar to yeast Vps13p. We detected several similar putative human proteins by BLAST analysis of chorein. We characterized the structure of three new genes encoding these CHAC-similar proteins, located on chromoso...


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  • The SOX8 gene is located within 700 kb of the tip of chromosome 16p and is deleted in a patient with ATR-16 syndrome.

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  • Genomic structure of the locus associated with an insertional mutation in line 4 transgenic mice.

    abstract::In line 4 transgenic mice, six to eight copies of a 50-kb lambda recombinant clone are arranged in a head-to-tail tandem array on chromosome 3. Embryos homozygous for the transgene become arrested in their development on Day 5 of gestation shortly after implantation. The insertion site was cloned using a small segment...


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  • Hepatocyte iron loading capacity is associated with differentiation and repression of motility in the HepaRG cell line.

    abstract::High liver iron content is a risk factor for developing hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). However, HCC cells are always iron-poor. Therefore, an association between hepatocyte iron storage capacity and differentiation is suggested. To characterize biological processes involved in iron loading capacity, we used a cDNA mi...


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  • Genetic mapping of the mouse neuromuscular mutation kyphoscoliosis.

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  • Linkage mapping of human chromosome 10 microsatellite polymorphisms.

    abstract::Ten microsatellite DNA polymorphisms located on human chromosome 10 were regionally mapped using subchromosomal somatic cell hybrids and linkage analysis. The resulting order of the markers from pter-qter was [D10S89, D10S111], D10S107, D10S109, [D10S91, D10S110, D10S108, D10S88, D10S168], and D10S169. Order of the ma...


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  • The imprinted oedematous-small mutation on mouse chromosome 2 identifies new roles for Gnas and Gnasxl in development.

    abstract::The Gnas locus is highly complex and encodes several oppositely imprinted and alternatively spliced transcripts. Gnas itself encodes Gsalpha, which is involved in endocrine function and bone development, but the roles for the other transcripts have not been established. Here we describe a mouse mutation that provides ...


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  • Comparative genome analysis and characterization of a MDR Klebsiella variicola.

    abstract::Klebsiella variicola is an emerging pathogen responsible for causing blood-stream infections, urinary and respiratory tract related diseases in humans. In this report, we describe the genome sequence data and phenotypic characterization of K. variicola strain KV093 isolated from India. Comparative genome sequence anal...


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  • X-linked recessive atrophic macular degeneration from RPGR mutation.

    abstract::We mapped a new X-linked recessive atrophic macular degeneration locus to Xp21.1-p11.4 and show allelic involvement of the gene RPGR, which normally causes severe peripheral retinal degeneration leading to global blindness. Ten affected males whom we examined had primarily macular atrophy causing progressive loss of v...


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  • Localization of a gene for the human low-voltage EEG on 20q and genetic heterogeneity.

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    abstract::Insulin-like growth factor binding proteins (IGFBPs) constitute a family of at least six secreted proteins that bind insulin-like growth factors I and II (IGF-I and -II) and are capable of modifying IGF actions on target cells. We previously have purified an approximately 29-kDa IGFBP that is secreted by myoblasts dur...


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  • YY1-dependent transcriptional regulation of the human GDAP1 gene.

    abstract::Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT) is a heritable neurodegenerative condition, some types of which (notably CMT4A) are caused by mutations in the GDAP1 gene that encodes a protein of unknown molecular function implicated in regulation of mitochondrial fission. Here we present for the first time a functional analysis of...


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  • Five-color-based high-information-content fingerprinting of bacterial artificial chromosome clones using type IIS restriction endonucleases.

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  • The human cystathionine beta-synthase (CBS) gene: complete sequence, alternative splicing, and polymorphisms.

    abstract::Cystathionine beta-synthase [CBS; l-serine hydro-lyase (adding homocysteine), EC] catalyzes the first committed step of transsulfuration and is the enzyme deficient in classical homocystinuria. In this report, we describe the molecular cloning and the complete nucleotide sequence of the human CBS gene. We rep...


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  • Polymorphisms in lipogenic genes and milk fatty acid composition in Holstein dairy cattle.

    abstract::Changing bovine milk fatty acid (FA) composition through selection can decrease saturated FA (SFA) consumption, improve human health and provide a means for manipulating processing properties of milk. Our study determined associations between milk FA composition and genes from triacylglycerol (TAG) biosynthesis pathwa...


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  • The L19 ribosomal protein gene (RPL19): gene organization, chromosomal mapping, and novel promoter region.

    abstract::The intron-containing genes encoding rat and human ribosomal protein L19 (RPL19) have been cloned. The DNA sequences of the entire rat RPL19 gene and the 5' end of the human RPL19 gene have been determined. Sequence comparison of corresponding regions of the two genes reveals a striking interspecies homology in the 5'...


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    authors: Davies B,Fried M

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  • Construction of a gene map of the nephronophthisis type 1 (NPHP1) region on human chromosome 2q12-q13.

    abstract::A gene for the autosomal recessive kidney disorder juvenile nephronophthisis (NPH) is located on chromosome 2q between markers D2S1893 and D2S1888. Recently, the presence of large homozygous deletions was described in the majority of NPH patients. We constructed an integrated YAC/PAC contig of 54 markers and 30 PAC cl...


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    authors: Nothwang HG,Stubanus M,Adolphs J,Hanusch H,Vossmerbäumer U,Denich D,Kübler M,Mincheva A,Lichter P,Hildebrandt F

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  • Molecular cloning and characterization of canine ICOS.

    abstract::Inducible costimulatory receptor (ICOS) is one recently identified member of the CD28 family of costimulatory molecules. Evidence suggests ICOS functions as a critical immune regulator and, to evaluate these effects, we employed the canine model system that has been used to develop strategies currently in clinical use...


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    authors: Lee JH,Joo YD,Yim D,Lee R,Ostrander EA,Loretz C,Little MT,Storb R,Kuhr CS

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