Pharmacogenetic determinants for interindividual difference of tacrolimus pharmacokinetics 1 year after renal transplantation.


WHAT IS KNOWN AND OBJECTIVE:Tacrolimus, a widely used immunosuppressive agent in organ transplantation, has a narrow therapeutic window. It has been suggested that its interaction with lansoprazole could be dependent on polymorphisms of CYP3A5 and CYP2C19. The objective of this study was to investigate how, 1 year after renal transplantation, CYP3A5 and CYP2C19 polymorphisms, biochemical parameters and coadministration with lansoprazole, influenced tacrolimus pharmacokinetics. METHODS:The pharmacokinetics of tacrolimus was studied 1 year after renal transplantation, in 75 recipients who were all receiving continuation treatment with 12-hourly oral tacrolimus, and 30 mg lansoprazole daily (Group 1; n = 20) or, 10 mg rabeprazole daily or no proton pump inhibitor (Group 2; n = 55). RESULTS:There were no significant differences in the dose-adjusted area under the plasma concentration-time curve (AUC(0-12)) and maximum plasma concentration (C(max)) of tacrolimus between CYP2C19 genotype groups, but there were significant differences between CYP3A5 genotypes groups (*1/*1 + *1/*3 vs. *3/*3 = 45·2 ± 20·0 vs. 71·0 ± 34·1 ng·h/mL/mg, P < 0·0001 and 6·3 ± 2·6 vs. 9·3 ± 7·0 ng/mL/mg, P = 0·0017, respectively) and between co-administration with and without lansoprazole (74·5 ± 34·0 vs. 52·4 ± 27·4 ng·h/mL/mg, P = 0·0054 and 10·9 ± 8·8 vs. 6·7 ± 3·0 ng/mL/mg, P = 0·0024, respectively). In a multiple regression analysis, the dose-adjusted AUC(0-12) and C(max) of tacrolimus were associated with CYP3A5*3/*3 and co-administration with lansoprazole. WHAT IS NEW AND CONCLUSION:CYP2C19 does not seem to contribute to the interaction between tacrolimus and lansoprazole. The long-term combination of tacrolimus and lansoprazole requires careful monitoring of patients with the CYP3A5*3/*3 genotype.


J Clin Pharm Ther


Miura M,Niioka T,Kagaya H,Saito M,Hayakari M,Habuchi T,Satoh S




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