Effects of social conditions during early development on stress response and personality traits in great tits (Parus major).


:Environmental conditions during early development play a crucial role in shaping an organism's phenotype. To test how social group size affects stress response and behavioral characteristics, we used great tits (Parus major) from selection lines for exploratory behavior, a proxy for an avian personality trait, and birds from the wild in a brood size manipulation experiment. Nestlings were tested for stress response using an established stress test and after independence subjects were tested for exploratory behavior. Nestlings from small broods showed a stronger stress response than nestlings from normal-sized broods. Exploratory behavior was not affected by brood size but associated with sex ratio in the nest. Birds from female-biased broods became faster explorers than those from male-biased broods. The results demonstrate that early social conditions can affect physiological stress responses in nestlings and that behavioral personality traits measured after fledging can be affected by the social experience in the nest.


Dev Psychobiol


Naguib M,Flörcke C,van Oers K




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2011-09-01 00:00:00












  • Age-related changes in visual recognition memory during infancy and early childhood.

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  • Early postnatal exposure to a cafeteria diet interferes with recency and spatial memory, but not open field habituation in adolescent rats.

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  • Nursing behavior in rats is impaired in a small nestbox and with hyperthermic pups.

    abstract::The supine nursing posture, which occurs increasingly as growing pups initiate nursing from their recumbent dam, was demonstrated to require more space than that provided in earlier studies of mother-young contact (e.g., Leon, Croskerry, & Smith, 1978). Further, hyperthermic rat pups were shown to be deficient in elic...

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  • Induction of maternal behavior in adult female rats following chronic morphine exposure during puberty.

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  • Adolescent intermittent ethanol exposure does not alter responsiveness to ifenprodil or expression of vesicular GABA and glutamate transporters.

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  • Child cortisol moderates the association between family routines and emotion regulation in low-income children.

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  • Differences in means-end exploration between infants at risk for autism and typically developing infants in the first 15 months of life.

    abstract::Our study compared means-end exploration in infants at risk (AR) for autism and typically developing (TD) infants using a nested box paradigm. Sixteen AR and 16 TD infants were observed at 9, 12, and 15 months with follow-up at 18 and 24 months. We collected video data on three tasks involving retrieval of a small toy...

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  • Uterine positions and schedules of urination: correlates of differential maternal anogenital stimulation.

    abstract::Lactating Mongolian gerbils, like lactating Norway rats, reliably lick some pups in their litters more than they lick others. Male gerbil pups are licked more by their dams than are their sisters and some males and some females within each litter are licked more often than are their sibs of the same sex. In the presen...

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  • Hair cortisol predicts object permanence performance in infant rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta).

    abstract::Although high circulating levels of glucocorticoids are associated with impaired cognitive performance in adults, less is known about this relationship in infancy. Furthermore, because studies have relied on acute cortisol measures in blood plasma or saliva, interpretation of the results may be difficult as acute meas...

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  • Time-dependent effects of peer separation on lymphocyte proliferation responses in juvenile squirrel monkeys.

    abstract::This study evaluated the immunological, hormonal, and behavioral responses of juvenile squirrel monkeys to repeated social separations of varying length. Following a 3-hr separation, lymphocyte responses to stimulation with the mitogen concanavalin A (Con A) declined significantly, and these alterations were sustained...

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  • Correlations between cortisol level and internalizing disposition of young children are increased by selecting optimal sampling times and aggregating data.

    abstract::To determine the optimal time for testing the association between personality traits and cortisol levels, and the number of sampling days needed for reliable results to be obtained for preschool-aged children, ambulatory salivary sampling for cortisol was performed on 39 preschoolers at four different times for 10 con...

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  • Behavioral development and maternal care in tufted capuchins (Cebus apella) and squirrel monkeys (Saimiri sciureus) from birth through seven months.

    abstract::Fourteen infant capuchins and eight squirrel monkeys reared by their mothers in captive species-typical social groups were observed from birth through 7 months. Motoric altriciality of the neonatal capuchin relative to the squirrel monkey is a key feature of behavioral differences between the species in the first few ...

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  • Spatiotemporal linkage in infant interlimb coordination.

    abstract::Timing and direction of movement of the arms and hands of 7- and 11-month-old infants were examined during bimanual reaching for a transparent cube. Videotape analysis of frames from release of the hands to initial contact of one hand with the cube revealed that hand movement was more often temporally linked for 7-mon...

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  • Interactive effects of nutrition and cannabis upon rat perinatal development.

    abstract::In order to examine the effects of cannabinoids, malnutrition, and their possible interaction upon the developing rat fetus, female Wistar rats were exposed to cannabis smoke, placebo smoke, or no smoke while concurrently consuming 1 of 3 diets differing in protein concentration (8%, 24%, 64%). Both the diet and drug ...

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  • Estimated cardiac vagal tone predicts fetal responses to mother's and stranger's voices.

    abstract::Heart rate responses of 84 near-term fetuses to recorded female voices were examined in 166 trials of auditory stimulation. Each fetus was presented with a 2-min recording of their mother's voice and a 2-min recording of a female stranger's voice, in counterbalanced order, with a 10-min rest period between trials. Hig...

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  • Intracerebroventricular injection of renin in the neonatal rat reveals a precocious sodium appetite that is dissociated from renin-aroused thirst.

    abstract::Previous research on the ontogeny of sodium appetite in the rat has shown that sodium deficit first engenders sodium intake at 12 days of age, whereas direct stimulation of the brain renin--angiotensin system by intracranial injection of renin increases intake of NaCl solution as early as 3 days postnatally. Similar a...

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  • Urinary odors and size protect juvenile laboratory mice from adult male attack.

    abstract::For the portion of their ontogeny, the juveniles of many mammalian species appear resistant to aggressive attack by adult male conspecifics. The possibility that urinary odors and small size contribute to this immunity from attack was investigated with C57/Bl, A/J, and DW/J laboratory mice. The results of the 1st of 6...

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  • Effects of differential early experience upon parental behavior in Mus musculus.

    abstract::Infant mice, reared with both parents were subjected to 1 of 4 different early experience contingencies at 3, 6, 9, and 12 days of age. Observation of parental behaviors following return of the pups to the nest revealed that mothers attended more to pups subjected to intermediate levels of stress, with the differences...

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  • Development of salt aversion in the Fischer-344 rat.

    abstract::Adult Fischer-344 (F-344) rats fail to prefer NaCl solutions of any concentration to water and, in fact, avoid NaCl at solution concentrations which other strains of rats reliably prefer. In contrast, immature rats of a number of strains have been reported to express an elevated salt preference relative to adults. The...

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  • Self-conscious behavior of infants: a videotape study.

    abstract::The reactions of 4 infants each at ages 10, 15, and 20 months were recorded on videotape as they responded to their own simultaneous video image, their own previously taped video image, the image of a control infant, and that of a female stranger. The subjects' responses were coded by 2 research assistants, ignorant o...

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  • Letter to the editor: Chronicle for an orphan trait: comment on Hofer, Shair, Masmela, & Brunelli, "Developmental effects of selective breeding for an infantile trait: the rat pup ultrasonic isolation call".

    abstract::Hofer, Brunelli, Shair, and Masmela (2001) examined several behavioral and physiological measures in low, high, and unselected lines obtained from a divergent selection for ultrasound production (USP) in young rats. Although the response to selection was clear-cut, few correlated responses appeared. This surprising re...

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  • Comparison of the effects of the mother and an unfamiliar adult female on cortisol and behavioral responses of pre- and postweaning guinea pigs.

    abstract::In the guinea pig, the presence of the mother, but not littermates, has been found to inhibit hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) responses during brief (30-60 min) exposure to novel surroundings both prior to and several weeks following the completion of weaning. In the present study, we found that an unfamiliar adu...

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  • The implications of sympathetic and parasympathetic regulatory coordination for understanding child adjustment.

    abstract::The autonomic nervous system (ANS) is comprised of sympathetic and parasympathetic branches that control core adaptive systems, including cardiac regulation, across periods of rest, reactivity, and recovery. Despite their heavily intertwined functions, research examining the coordination of parasympathetic and sympath...

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  • Context-specific calls signal infants' needs in a strepsirrhine primate, the gray mouse lemur (Microcebus murinus).

    abstract::The presence of context-specific communication sounds, structurally different call types related to particular situations and potentially expressing distinct emotions of the caller, were not systematically studied in infants of strepsirrhine primates. We exposed suckling's of gray mouse lemurs (Microcebus murinus) in ...

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  • Mother-infant visual interaction in Japanese macaques.

    abstract::Patterns of visual interaction in mother-infant dyadic behavior have been reported for human and nonhuman primates, including age and gender differences among rhesus macaques. Such findings are tested with data from two developmental periods (Weeks 1-8 and 21-36) on Japanese macaque mother-infant visual behavior. Rate...

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  • Autonomic regulation of preterm infants is enhanced by Family Nurture Intervention.

    abstract::Preterm infants have maturational delays in several neurobehavioral systems. This study assesses the impact of the Family Nurture Intervention (FNI) in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) on the maturation of autonomic regulation of preterm infants. Preterm infants born at 26-34 weeks postmenstrual age (PMA) were ...

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  • Neonatal eyelid conditioning during sleep.

    abstract::Using an eyelid conditioning paradigm modeled after that developed by Little, Lipsitt, and Rovee-Collier (1984), Fifer et al. (2010) demonstrated that newborn infants learn during sleep. This study examined the role of sleep state in neonatal learning. We recorded electroencephalogram (EEG), respiratory, and cardiovas...

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  • Developmental origins of infant stress reactivity profiles: A multi-system approach.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:This study tested the hypothesis that maternal physiological and psychological variables during pregnancy discriminate between theoretically informed infant stress reactivity profiles. METHODS:The sample comprised 254 women and their infants. Maternal mood, salivary cortisol, respiratory sinus arrhythmia (R...

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    authors: Rash JA,Thomas JC,Campbell TS,Letourneau N,Granger DA,Giesbrecht GF,APrON Study Team.

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  • Oral capture and grasping of an artificial nipple by rat fetuses.

    abstract::Although born blind and deaf, newborn rats exhibit a remarkable capacity to recognize and gain access to the nipples of the lactating mother. However, it is well-known that full-term rat neonates will not attach to an artificial nipple. In the present study, an artificial nipple fashioned from soft vinyl was presented...

    journal_title:Developmental psychobiology

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    authors: Robinson SR,Hoeltzel TC,Cooke KM,Umphress SM,Smotherman WP,Murrish DE

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