Effects of three heavy metals on the bacteria growth kinetics: a bivariate model for toxicological assessment.


:The effects of three heavy metals (Co, Ni and Cd) on the growth kinetics of five bacterial strains with different characteristics (Pseudomonas sp., Phaeobacter sp. strain 27-4, Listonella anguillarum, Carnobacterium piscicola and Leuconostoc mesenteroides subsp. lysis) were studied in a batch system. A bivariate model, function of time and dose, is proposed to describe simultaneously all the kinetic profiles obtained by incubating a microorganism at increasing concentrations of individual metals. This model combines the logistic equation for describing growth, with a modification of the cumulative Weibull's function for describing the dose-dependent variations of growth parameters. The comprehensive model thus obtained--which minimizes the effects of the experimental error--was statistically significant in all the studied cases, and it raises doubts about toxicological evaluations that are based on a single growth parameter, especially if it is not obtained from a kinetic equation. In lactic acid bacteria cultures (C. piscicola and L. mesenteroides), Cd induced remarkable differences in yield and time course of characteristic metabolites. A global parameter is defined (ED(50,τ): dose of toxic chemical that reduces the biomass of a culture by 50% compared to that produced by the control at the time corresponding to its semi maximum biomass) that allows comparing toxic effects on growth kinetics using a single value.


Rial D,Vázquez JA,Murado MA




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  • An on-line technique for monitoring propionic acid fermentation.

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  • The quest for microbial reductive dechlorination of C (2) to C (4) chloroalkanes is warranted.

    abstract::C (2) to C (4) chloroalkanes have been used for a wide range of industrial applications. Consequently, numerous leaks to the environment have occurred. It is generally observed that the lower chlorinated members of the group, containing 1-3 chlorine atoms, accumulate in environments where reductive conditions prevail....

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