Discovery of LY2457546: a multi-targeted anti-angiogenic kinase inhibitor with a novel spectrum of activity and exquisite potency in the acute myelogenous leukemia-Flt-3-internal tandem duplication mutant human tumor xenograft model.


:LY2457546 is a potent and orally bioavailable inhibitor of multiple receptor tyrosine kinases involved in angiogenic and tumorigenic signalling. In biochemical and cellular assays, LY2457546 demonstrates potent activity against targets that include VEGFR2 (KDR), PDGFRβ, FLT-3, Tie-2 and members of the Eph family of receptors. With activities against both Tie2 and Eph receptors, LY2457546 possesses an activity profile that distinguishes it from multikinase inhibitors. When compared head to head with sunitinib, LY2457546 was more potent for inhibition of endothelial tube formation in an in vitro angiogenesis co-culture model with an intermittent treatment design. In vivo, LY2457546 inhibited VEGF-driven autophosphorylation of lung KDR in the mouse and rat in a dose and concentration dependent manner. LY2457546 was well tolerated and exhibited efficacy in a 13762 syngeneic rat mammary tumor model in both once and twice daily continuous dosing schedules and in mouse human tumor xenograft models of lung, colon, and prostate origin. Additionally, LY2457546 caused complete regression of well-established tumors in an acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) FLT3-ITD mutant xenograft tumor model. The observed efficacy that was displayed by LY2457546 in the AML FLT3-ITD mutant tumor model was superior to sunitinib when both were evaluated using equivalent doses normalized to in vivo inhibition of pKDR in mouse lung. LY2457546 was well tolerated in non-clinical toxicology studies conducted in rats and dogs. The majority of the toxicities observed were similar to those observed with other multi-targeted anti-angiogenic kinase inhibitors (MAKs) and included bone marrow hypocellularity, hair and skin depigmentation, cartilage dysplasia and lymphoid organ degeneration and necrosis. Thus, the unique spectrum of target activity, potent in vivo anti-tumor efficacy in a variety of rodent and human solid tumor models, exquisite potency against a clinically relevant model of AML, and non-clinical safety profile justify the advancement of LY2457546 into clinical testing.


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Burkholder TP,Clayton JR,Rempala ME,Henry JR,Knobeloch JM,Mendel D,McLean JA,Hao Y,Barda DA,Considine EL,Uhlik MT,Chen Y,Ma L,Bloem LJ,Akunda JK,McCann DJ,Sanchez-Felix M,Clawson DK,Lahn MM,Starling JJ




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  • Phase I dose escalation and pharmacokinetic evaluation of two different schedules of LY2334737, an oral gemcitabine prodrug, in patients with advanced solid tumors.

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    abstract::Advances in the understanding of the molecular basis for acute myeloid leukemia (AML) have generated new potential targets for treatment. Fms-like tyrosine kinase 3 (FLT3) is one of the most frequently mutated genes in AML and mutations in this gene are associated with poor overall survival. AXL plays a role in the ac...

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  • Alterations in human circulating and bone marrow mononuclear cell polyamine levels in hematologic malignancies as a consequence of difluoromethylornithine administration.

    abstract::The effect of administering increasing intravenous doses of difluoromethylornithine on human tumor cell polyamine levels was determined in patients with hematologic malignancies. Difluoromethylornithine from 5.5. to 64 gm/m2 per day was administered to nine patients with refractory acute leukemia or multiple myeloma. ...

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  • Spirogermanium: a new investigational drug of novel structure and lack of bone marrow toxicity.

    abstract::Spirogermanium (NSC 192965) is a new metallic investigational anticancer drug of novel heterocyclic structure. Although its mode of action has not been fully elucidated, it appears that spirogermanium is not a phase or cell cycle specific drug and inhibits DNA, RNA and protein synthesis, the protein synthesis being th...

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  • Synergistic efficacy of sorafenib and genistein in growth inhibition by down regulating angiogenic and survival factors and increasing apoptosis through upregulation of p53 and p21 in malignant neuroblastoma cells having N-Myc amplification or non-amplifi

    abstract::Neuroblastoma is an extracranial, solid, and heterogeneous malignancy in children. The conventional therapeutic modalities are mostly ineffective and thus new therapeutic strategies for malignant neuroblastoma are urgently warranted. We examined the synergistic efficacy of combination of sorafenib (SF) and genistein (...

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    abstract::Radioactive iodine-refractory [(18)F] fluorodeoxy-glucose-positron emission tomography-positive thyroid carcinomas represent especially aggressive tumors. Targeting glucose metabolism by the transketolase isoenzyme transketolase like 1 (TKTL-1) which is over-expressed in various neoplasms, may be effective. The correl...

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    abstract::An HPLC analytical method was applied to the determination of plasma concentrations of 5,6-dihydro-5-azacytidine (NSC 264880, DHAC) in two foxhounds after a rapid intravenous infusion of 300 mg/kg DHAC. The dose employed is the mouse equivalent LD10 dose which results in mild reversible toxicity in the dog. The declin...

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  • Phase I studies of weekly administration of cytotoxic agents: implications of a mathematical model.

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  • The human tumor colony-forming chemosensitivity assay: a biological and clinical review.

    abstract::Over forty papers describing correlations between in vitro human tumor sensitivity to a variety of chemotherapeutic agents and the in vivo response of patients to those agents have been published since the publication in 1978 by Salmon and Hamburger of their results of a human tumor colony-forming chemosensitivity ass...

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  • Mononuclear cell polyamine content associated with myeloid maturation in patients with leukemia during administration of polyamine inhibitors.

    abstract::Fourteen patients with acute leukemia in relapse were treated with difluoromethylornithine (DFMO) alone or in combination with methylglyoxal-bis(guanylhydrazone) (MGBG) as part of Phase I studies. Five patients included in the trial exhibited morphologic evidence of cellular differentiation during the course of treatm...

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    authors: Maddox AM,Keating MJ,Freireich EJ,Haddox MK

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  • Phase II trial of intravenous melphalan for metastatic colorectal carcinoma. A Southwest Oncology Group study.

    abstract::Based on the high response rates seen among patients with colon cancer receiving high dose Melphalan with autologous marrow infusion, the Southwest Oncology Group conducted a Phase II trial of the compound at a conventional dose. The initial starting dose of 40 mg/m2 was reduced to 30 mg/m2 after severe myelotoxicity ...

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    authors: Knight WA 3rd,Goodman P,Taylor SA,Macdonald JS,Coltman CA Jr,Constanzi JJ,Baker LH

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  • High dose chemotherapy with autologous marrow rescue in the treatment of resistant solid tumors.

    abstract::Toxicity in the form of marrow suppression has hampered the investigation of intensive chemotherapy as it applies to the treatment of solid tumors. The use of autologous marrow rescue to ameliorate protracted aplasia permits the application of high dose chemotherapy to the treatment of solid tumors. We review the theo...

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    authors: LeMaistre CF,Knight WA 3rd

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  • The novel kinase inhibitor ponatinib is an effective anti-angiogenic agent against neuroblastoma.

    abstract::Background High-risk neuroblastoma has poor outcomes with high rates of relapse despite aggressive treatment, and novel therapies are needed to improve these outcomes. Ponatinib is a multi-tyrosine kinase inhibitor that targets many pathways implicated in neuroblastoma pathogenesis. We hypothesized that ponatinib woul...

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  • A phase I study of sulofenur in refractory pediatric malignant solid tumors.

    abstract::The diarylsulfonylureas have shown promise in xenograft models of childhood cancer. Sulofenur has been evaluated in phase I and II trials in adults with a variety of solid tumors, but the toxicity and maximum tolerated dose of sulofenur in children and adolescents have not been determined. In a phase I study, sulofenu...

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  • Preliminary pharmacokinetic and bioanalytical studies of SJG-136 (NSC 694501), a sequence-selective pyrrolobenzodiazepine dimer DNA-cross-linking agent.

    abstract::SJG-136 is a synthetic pyrrolobenzodiazepine (PBD) dimer in which two DNA-alkylating subunits are linked through an inert propanedioxy tether. Biophysical and biochemical studies of SJG-136 have shown a remarkable affinity for DNA and potent cytotoxicity in vitro. On this basis, together with its unique sequence selec...

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