NMO in pediatric patients: brain involvement and clinical expression.


OBJECTIVE:To analyze the clinical, neuroimaging characteristics and positivity of the acquaporin water channel (NMO-IgG) in pediatric patients with neuromyelitis optica (NMO). This disorder could have a variable clinical expression. To address such variability, the term NMO spectrum has been suggested. METHOD:We evaluated six pediatric patients, with a median age of 11 years at the time of the study, with the diagnosis of NMO by the Wingerchuck criteria. RESULTS:All the cases exhibited bilateral optic neuritis (ON). Four patients had abnormalities on brain MRI from the onset,although only three of them developed symptoms correlated to those lesions during the course of their disorder. NMO-IgG was positive in 80%. CONCLUSION:Optic neuropathy is the most impaired feature in NMO patients. Brain MRI lesions are not compatible with multiple sclerosis and positivity of the NMO-IgG are also present in NMO pediatric patients, confirming the heterogeneity in the expression of this disorder.


Arq Neuropsiquiatr


Peña JA,Ravelo ME,Mora-La Cruz E,Montiel-Nava C




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  • Malignant transformation of pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma: case report.

    abstract::We report a case of a pleomorphic xantoastrocytoma which manifested itself as a cystic isodense lesion in the right fronto-temporal lobe in a 26 year-old woman. It appeared as a soft yellow tumor with cystic cavities on surgery. Five months after this surgery, the patient was submitted to a new operation, which reveal...

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  • Evaluation of upper endoscopic findings in patients with restless legs syndrome and gastric complaints.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The effect of gastrointestinal system disorders on Restless Legs Syndrome/Willis-Ekbom disease (RLS/WED) has been previously demonstrated by using serological tests. However, this association has not been supported by histopathological studies so far. OBJECTIVE:To investigate the relationship between RLS/WE...

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  • Early stroke case-fatality rates in three hospital registries in the Northeast and Southeast of Brazil.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:Few studies have addressed early cerebrovascular lethality in Brazil. OBJECTIVE:To evaluate 10 and 28-day stroke case-fatality rates in three hospitals in three Brazilian cities. METHODS:We described the stroke registries in São Paulo, João Pessoa, and Natal. RESULTS:Out of a total of 962 first-ever event...

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  • [Familial hemifacial spasm: report of 2 cases].

    abstract::The authors report the clinical and angiographical findings of two cases of familial hemifacial spasm. This is the fifth description in the literature and presents mother and daughter at the ages of 76 and 51 respectively, in whom the left side was affected. They underwent exams of angioresonance that showed dolichoba...

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  • Correlation of sleep macrostructure parameters and idiopathic epilepsies.

    abstract::Sleep and epilepsy share some common mechanisms. The objective of the present investigation was to study the macrostructure of sleep in patients with idiopathic epilepsies, focal and generalized, comparing these two groups to each other and to a control group of 12 individuals without epilepsy. A total of 35 polysomno...

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  • Computerized tomography findings in Fahr's syndrome.

    abstract::We analyzed computerized tomography (CT) findings in six patients with Fahr's syndrome. They presented calcifications in basal ganglia, dentate nucleus, subcortical region and semioval center, due to alteration in calcium metabolism or due to senile relative hypoxemic state. The image pattern was not strictly related ...

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