Minimization of imaging gradient effects in diffusion tensor imaging.


:A new, sample independent optimization criterion for minimizing the effect of the imaging gradients, including the directional awareness they create, is defined for diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) experiments. The DTI linear algebraic framework is expanded to a normed space to design optimal diffusion gradient schemes (DGS) in an integral fashion without separating the magnitude and direction of the DGS vectors. The feasible space of DGS vectors, for which the estimation equations are determinate, thus a hard constraint for the optimization, is parametrized. Newly generated optimal DGSs demonstrate on an isotropic sample and an ex-vivo baboon brain that the optimization goals are reached as well as a significant increase in estimation performance.


IEEE Trans Med Imaging


Özcan A




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2011-03-01 00:00:00












  • A geometric method for automatic extraction of sulcal fundi.

    abstract::Sulcal fundi are 3-D curves that lie in the depths of the cerebral cortex and, in addition to their intrinsic value in brain research, are often used as landmarks for downstream computations in brain imaging. In this paper, we present a geometric algorithm that automatically extracts the sulcal fundi from magnetic res...

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  • Spherical Deformable U-Net: Application to Cortical Surface Parcellation and Development Prediction.

    abstract::Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) have achieved overwhelming success in learning-related problems for 2D/3D images in the Euclidean space. However, unlike in the Euclidean space, the shapes of many structures in medical imaging have an inherent spherical topology in a manifold space, e.g., the convoluted brain cort...

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  • Effect of detector weighting functions on the point spread function of high-resolution PET tomographs: a simulation study.

    abstract::The point spread function (PSF) of a ring PET tomograph is known to be spatially variant and difficult to obtain because it must be reconstructed from projections. A mathematical model was developed to simulate the data acquisition from a point source and to reconstruct the PSF, taking into account weighting functions...

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  • Estimating 3-D respiratory motion from orbiting views by tomographic image registration.

    abstract::Respiratory motion remains a significant source of errors in treatment planning for the thorax and upper abdomen. Recently, we proposed a method to estimate two-dimensional (2-D) object motion from a sequence of slowly rotating X-ray projection views, which we called deformation from orbiting views (DOVs). In this met...

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  • Spatial-resolution enhancement in computed tomography.

    abstract::We propose an approach that combines an asymmetric fan-beam configuration and a new reconstruction algorithm to enhancing spatial resolution in computed tomography (CT). The asymmetric configuration can be achieved by changing the center of rotation (COR) from the conventional symmetric configuration. It does not, how...

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  • Volumetric texture segmentation by discriminant feature selection and multiresolution classification.

    abstract::In this paper, a multiresolution volumetric texture segmentation (M-VTS) algorithm is presented. The method extracts textural measurements from the Fourier domain of the data via subband filtering using an orientation pyramid (Wilson and Spann, 1988). A novel Bhattacharyya space, based on the Bhattacharyya distance, i...

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  • Four-dimensional spectral-spatial imaging using projection reconstruction.

    abstract::An n-dimensional (n-D) filtered backprojection image reconstruction algorithm has been developed and used in the reconstruction of 4-D spectral-spatial magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data. The algorithm uses n-1 successive stages of 2-D filtered backprojection to reconstruct an n-D image. This approach results in a ...

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  • Spherical harmonics microwave algorithm for shape and location reconstruction of breast cancer tumor.

    abstract::A reconstruction algorithm to simultaneously estimate the shape and location of three-dimensional breast cancer tumor is presented and its utility is analyzed. The approach is based on a spherical harmonic decomposition to capture the shape of the tumor. We combine a gradient descent optimization method with a direct ...

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  • GPU-based real-time volumetric ultrasound image reconstruction for a ring array.

    abstract::Synthetic phased array (SPA) beamforming with Hadamard coding and aperture weighting is an optimal option for real-time volumetric imaging with a ring array, a particularly attractive geometry in intracardiac and intravascular applications. However, the imaging frame rate of this method is limited by the immense compu...

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    authors: Choe JW,Nikoozadeh A,Oralkan O,Khuri-Yakub BT

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  • A Magnetic Resonance Imaging Surface Coil Transceiver Employing a Metasurface for 1.5T Applications.

    abstract::A capacitive impedance metasurface combined with a transceiver coil to improve the radio frequency magnetic field for 1.5T magnetic resonance imaging applications is presented. The novel transceiver provides localized enhancement in magnetic flux density when compared to a transceiver coil alone by incorporating an el...

    journal_title:IEEE transactions on medical imaging

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    authors: Issa I,Ford KL,Rao M,Wild JM

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  • Strain Energy Decay Predicts Elastic Registration Accuracy from Intraoperative Data Constraints.

    abstract::Image-guided intervention for soft tissue organs depends on the accuracy of deformable registration methods to achieve effective results. While registration techniques based on elastic theory are prevalent, no methods yet exist that can prospectively estimate registration uncertainty to regulate sources and mitigate c...

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    authors: Heiselman JS,Miga MI

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  • Noninvasive Reconstruction of Transmural Transmembrane Potential With Simultaneous Estimation of Prior Model Error.

    abstract::To reconstruct electrical activity in the heart from body-surface electrocardiograms (ECGs) is an ill-posed inverse problem. Electrophysiological models have been found effective in regularizing these inverse problems by incorporating a priori knowledge about how the electrical potential in the heart propagates over t...

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  • Endoscopic video manifolds for targeted optical biopsy.

    abstract::Gastro-intestinal (GI) endoscopy is a widely used clinical procedure for screening and surveillance of digestive tract diseases ranging from Barrett's Oesophagus to oesophageal cancer. Current surveillance protocol consists of periodic endoscopic examinations performed in 3-4 month intervals including expert's visual ...

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    authors: Atasoy S,Mateus D,Meining A,Yang GZ,Navab N

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  • Digital mammography: mixed feature neural network with spectral entropy decision for detection of microcalcifications.

    abstract::A computationally efficient mixed feature based neural network (MFNN) is proposed for the detection of microcalcification clusters (MCCs) in digitized mammograms. The MFNN employs features computed in both the spatial and spectral domain and uses spectral entropy as a decision parameter. Backpropagation with Kalman fi...

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  • Learning Geodesic Active Contours for Embedding Object Global Information in Segmentation CNNs.

    abstract::Most existing CNNs-based segmentation methods rely on local appearances learned on the regular image grid, without consideration of the object global information. This article aims to embed the object global geometric information into a learning framework via the classical geodesic active contours (GAC). We propose a ...

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    authors: Ma J,He J,Yang X

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  • Direct Parametric Reconstruction Using Anatomical Regularization for Simultaneous PET/MRI Data.

    abstract::Pharmacokinetic analysis of dynamic positron emission tomography (PET) imaging data maps the measured time activity curves to a set of model-specific pharmacokinetic parameters. Voxel-based parameter estimation via curve fitting is conventionally performed indirectly on a sequence of independently reconstructed PET im...

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  • Automated detection of prostatic adenocarcinoma from high-resolution ex vivo MRI.

    abstract::Prostatic adenocarcinoma is the most commonly occurring cancer among men in the United States, second only to skin cancer. Currently, the only definitive method to ascertain the presence of prostatic cancer is by trans-rectal ultrasound (TRUS) directed biopsy. Owing to the poor image quality of ultrasound, the accurac...

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  • Bayesian approach for a robust speed-of-sound reconstruction using pulse-echo ultrasound.

    abstract::Computed ultrasound tomography in echo mode (CUTE) is a promising ultrasound (US) based multi-modal technique that allows to image the spatial distribution of speed of sound (SoS) inside tissue using hand-held pulse-echo US. It is based on measuring the phase shift of echoes when detected under varying steering angles...

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    authors: Stahli PS,Frenz M,Jaeger M

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  • The problem of scatter correction in positron volume imaging.

    abstract::Thin, dense interslice septa have long been used to reduce the scattered radiation collected in positron emission tomography (PET). These septa prevent the acquisition of coincident gamma rays that are oblique to the scanning planes. Several volume imaging systems that acquire oblique rays have been built. The reasons...

    journal_title:IEEE transactions on medical imaging

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    authors: Thompson CJ

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  • Standing-wave and RF penetration artifacts caused by elliptic geometry: an electrodynamic analysis of MRI.

    abstract::Motivated by the observation that the diagonal pattern of intensity nonuniformity usually associated with linearly polarized radio-frequency (RF) coils is often present in neurological scans using circularly polarized coils, a theoretical analysis has been conducted of the intensity nonuniformity inherent in imaging a...

    journal_title:IEEE transactions on medical imaging

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    authors: Sled JG,Pike GB

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  • Compensation for nonuniform resolution using penalized-likelihood reconstruction in space-variant imaging systems.

    abstract::Imaging systems that form estimates using a statistical approach generally yield images with nonuniform resolution properties. That is, the reconstructed images possess resolution properties marked by space-variant and/or anisotropic responses. We have previously developed a space-variant penalty for penalized-likelih...

    journal_title:IEEE transactions on medical imaging

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    authors: Stayman JW,Fessler JA

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  • Hot spot detection based on feature space representation of visual search.

    abstract::This paper presents a new framework for capturing intrinsic visual search behavior of different observers in image understanding by analysing saccadic eye movements in feature space. The method is based on the information theory for identifying salient image features based on which visual search is performed. We demon...

    journal_title:IEEE transactions on medical imaging

    pub_type: 临床试验,杂志文章


    authors: Hu XP,Dempere-Marco L,Yang GZ

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  • Pulmonary Lobe Segmentation With Probabilistic Segmentation of the Fissures and a Groupwise Fissure Prior.

    abstract::A fully automated, unsupervised lobe segmentation algorithm is presented based on a probabilistic segmentation of the fissures and the simultaneous construction of a populationmodel of the fissures. A two-class probabilistic segmentation segments the lung into candidate fissure voxels and the surrounding parenchyma. T...

    journal_title:IEEE transactions on medical imaging

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    authors: Bragman FJS,McClelland JR,Jacob J,Hurst JR,Hawkes DJ

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  • Unified bundling and registration of brain white matter fibers.

    abstract::Magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imaging is being widely used to reconstruct brain white matter fiber tracts. To characterize structural properties of the tracts, reconstructed fibers are often grouped into bundles that correspond to coherent anatomic structures. For further group analysis of fiber bundles, it is d...

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  • Implementation, investigation, and improvement of a novel cone-beam reconstruction method [SPECT].

    abstract::A three-dimensional reconstruction method which uses cone-beam data was implemented. Issues concerning implementation are investigated and discussed in detail. Computer simulations were used to determine the amount of image degradation occurring in each of the three steps that comprise the reconstruction method. In ad...

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    authors: Smith BD,Chen J

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  • Noninvasive mapping of transmural potentials during activation in swine hearts from body surface electrocardiograms.

    abstract::The three-dimensional cardiac electrical imaging (3DCEI) technique was previously developed to estimate the initiation site(s) of cardiac activation and activation sequence from the noninvasively measured body surface potential maps (BSPMs). The aim of this study was to develop and evaluate the capability of 3DCEI in ...

    journal_title:IEEE transactions on medical imaging

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    authors: Liu C,Eggen MD,Swingen CM,Iaizzo PA,He B

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  • Detecting film-screen artifacts in mammography using a model-based approach.

    abstract::Microcalcifications can be one of the earliest signs of breast cancer. Unfortunately, their appearance in mammograms can be mimicked by dust and dirt entering the imaging process and this has been shown previously to lead to false positives. We use a model of the imaging process and, in particular, the blurring functi...

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    authors: Highnam R,Brady M,English R

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  • Low-level segmentation of 3-D magnetic resonance brain images-a rule-based system.

    abstract::A rule-based, low-level segmentation system that can automatically identify the space occupied by different structures of the brain by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is described. Given three-dimensional image data as a stack of slices, it can extract brain parenchyma, cerebro-spinal fluid, and high-intensity abnorm...

    journal_title:IEEE transactions on medical imaging

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    authors: Raya SP

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  • Lung 4D CT Image Registration Based on High-Order Markov Random Field.

    abstract::To solve the problem that traditional image registration methods based on continuous optimization for large motion lung 4D CT image sequences are easy to fall into local optimal solutions and lead to serious misregistration, a novel image registration method based on high-order Markov Random Field (MRF) is proposed. B...

    journal_title:IEEE transactions on medical imaging

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    authors: Xue P,Dong E,Ji H

    更新日期:2020-04-01 00:00:00

  • An improved algorithm for 2-D translational motion artifact correction.

    abstract::The quality of magnetic resonance imaging systems has improved to the point that motion is a major limitation in many examinations. Translational motion in the imaging plane causes the phase of the data to be corrupted. An algorithm using computer post-processing is proposed to correct the phase of the data, and hence...

    journal_title:IEEE transactions on medical imaging

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    authors: Medley M,Yan H,Rosenfeld D

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