Cecal obstruction caused by paratubal cysts in a 24-year-old woman.


:A 24-year-old woman with no significant past medical or surgical history presented with diffuse abdominal pain and distention with decreased frequency of bowel movements for 1 month. A computerized tomography scan showed a massively dilated cecum suggesting obstruction. Exploratory laparotomy revealed bowel obstruction secondary to a band of fibroadipose tissue associated with paratubal cysts originating from the left fallopian tube. Removal of the band was performed with thorough examination of the bowel confirming absence of perforation or necrosis.


Am J Surg


Frayer EA,George RM,Caughran JL




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  • Unsuccessful postoperative extraction of retained common duct stones: an analysis.

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  • Variations reported in surgical practice for bleeding duodenal ulcers.

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    abstract::Vertical banded gastroplasty creates a channel by two applications of the TA-90 stapler from an end-to-end anastomosis window above the crow's foot to the angle of His, against a 32 F. tube along the lesser curvature. The caudad end of the channel is restricted by a 5 cm collar. Thirty-one obese patients more than 45 ...

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  • Improved cannula for operative (cystic duct) cholangiography.

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  • Abdominal injuries associated with penetrating trauma in the lower chest.

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  • Using a video conference to teach clinical clerks in a one-week cardiothoracic clerkship.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Students report that their operating room experience during specialty clerkships has been less than satisfactory. To deal with this and other problems in a 1-week cardiothoracic clerkship, a video conference system was introduced. METHODS:Three teaching strategies were used: a seminar dealing with the disea...

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  • Effects of Ohio's opioid prescribing limit for the geriatric minimally injured trauma patient.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Geriatric patients, age ≥65, frequently require no operation and only short observation after injury; yet many are prescribed opioids. We reviewed geriatric opioid prescriptions following a statewide outpatient prescribing limit. METHODS:Discharge and 30-day pain prescriptions were collected for geriatric p...

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  • Presidential address: imagination trumps knowledge.

    abstract::Multiple organ failure (MOF) emerged 30 years ago and became our research focus. Over the years, we have proposed a series of cartoons that rallied multidisciplinary translational research teams around common themes to generate "win-win" hypotheses that when tested (right or wrong) have advanced our understanding of M...

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  • Ranitidine as an inhibitor of liver regeneration.

    abstract::The effects of ranitidine, a new H2-receptor antagonist, on liver regeneration were investigated using a protocol described previously. The animals in Group I had standard two-thirds hepatectomy. In Group II, the rats received an 8 mg/kg intramuscular dose of ranitidine immediately and 24 and 48 hours after two-thirds...

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  • The impact of race on outcomes following emergency surgery: an American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program assessment.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Despite significant evolutions in health care, outcome discrepancies exist among demographic cohorts. We sought to determine the impact of race on emergency surgery outcomes. METHODS:This is a retrospective review of the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program database (20...

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