Structure-activity relationships of piscidin 4, a piscine antimicrobial peptide.


:Piscidin 4, an antimicrobial peptide recently isolated from mast cells of hybrid striped bass (Morone chrysops female × Morone saxatilis male), is unusual in that it is twice as long (44 amino acids) as the typical members of the piscidin family. We previously showed that native piscidin 4 had a modified amino acid at position 20, but synthetic piscidin 4 (having an unmodified Trp at position 20) had similar potent activity against a number of both human and fish bacterial pathogens. In this study, the structure and membrane topology of synthetic piscidin 4 were examined using liposomes as model bilayers. Circular dichroism analyses revealed that it had a disordered structure in aqueous solution and folded to form a relatively weak α-helical structure in both membrane-mimetic trifluoroethanol solutions and liposome suspensions. Fluorescence data (piscidin 4 embedded in liposomes) and leakage experiments indicated that piscidin 4 interacted strongly with the hydrophobic part of the liposome. Binding of piscidin 4 to liposomes induced significant blue shifts of the emission spectra of the single Trp residue (Trp20). Quenching of Trp20 by water-soluble quencher (either acrylamide or I-) indicated that the fluorescence of Trp20 decreased more in the presence of liposomes than in buffer solution, thus revealing that Trp20 is less accessible to the quenchers in the presence of liposomes. The relative leakage abilities of piscidin 4 (1 μM) with liposomes were in the following order: DPPC (100%)≥EYPC (94%)>DPPC/DPPG (65%)>EYPC/EYPG (0%). This high activity against DPPC and EYPC liposomes was contrary to our data suggesting that piscidin 4 has a much weaker tendency to form an α-helix than other piscidins, such as piscidin 1. However, the structural similarity of protozoan membranes to EYPC liposomes might explain our discovery of the potent activity of piscidin 4 against the important skin/gill parasite ich (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis), but its negligible hemolytic activity against vertebrate membranes (hybrid striped bass or human erythrocytes). It also suggests that other conformation(s) in addition to the α-helix of this peptide may be responsible for its selective activity. This differential toxicity also suggests that piscidin 4 plays a significant role in the innate defense system of hybrid striped bass and may be capable of functioning extracellularly.






Park NG,Silphaduang U,Moon HS,Seo JK,Corrales J,Noga EJ




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