A low COMT activity haplotype is associated with recurrent preeclampsia in a Norwegian population cohort (HUNT2).


:The etiology of preeclampsia is complex, with susceptibility being attributable to multiple environmental factors and a large genetic component. Although many candidate genes for preeclampsia have been suggested and studied, the specific causative genes still remain to be identified. Catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) is an enzyme involved in catecholamine and estrogen degradation and has recently been ascribed a role in development of preeclampsia. In the present study, we have examined the COMT gene by genotyping the functional Val108/158Met polymorphism (rs4680) and an additional single-nucleotide polymorphism, rs6269, predicting COMT activity haplotypes in a large Norwegian case/control cohort (n(cases)= 1135, n(controls)= 2262). A low COMT activity haplotype is associated with recurrent preeclampsia in our cohort. This may support the role of redox-regulated signaling and oxidative stress in preeclampsia pathogenesis as suggested by recent studies in a genetic mouse model. The COMT gene might be a genetic risk factor shared between preeclampsia and cardiovascular diseases.


Mol Hum Reprod


Roten LT,Fenstad MH,Forsmo S,Johnson MP,Moses EK,Austgulen R,Skorpen F




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  • Human chromosome deletions in Yq11, AZF candidate genes and male infertility: history and update.

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  • Identification and localization of G protein subunits in human spermatozoa.

    abstract::Antibodies to alpha and beta subunits of guanine nucleotide regulatory proteins (G proteins) were used to identify which G proteins are present in mature human spermatozoa and to determine their subcellular localization. Immunoblots of membranes from spermatozoa demonstrate the presence of Galphai2, Galphai3, Galphaq/...

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  • Human FSH beta subunit gene is highly conserved.

    abstract::FSH is a pituitary gonadotropin that along with LH plays a key role in the regulation of gonadal function. The gonadotropic hormones are composed of two subunits, the common alpha subunit and the hormone-specific beta subunit, which determines the binding to specific receptors and induction of biological response. Unl...

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  • Examination of genetic polymorphisms in newborns for signatures of sex-specific prenatal selection.

    abstract::Success rate in human pregnancies is believed to be very low and sex-specific mechanisms may operate in prenatal loss. Assuming a sex-differential in prenatal loss exists, we examined genetic markers in biologically plausible targets in the HLA complex, other immune system-related and iron-regulatory genes in 388 heal...

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