Maternal medium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency identified by newborn screening.


:Prior to the advent of expanded newborn screening, sudden and unexplained death was often the first and only symptom of medium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency (MCADD). With the use of tandem mass spectrometry, infants can now be identified and treated before a life threatening metabolic decompensation occurs. Newborn screening has also been shown to detect previously undiagnosed maternal inborn errors of metabolism. We have now diagnosed two women with MCADD following the identification of low free carnitine in their newborns. While one of the women reported prior symptoms of fasting intolerance, neither had a history of metabolic decompensation or other symptoms consistent with a fatty acid oxidation disorder. These cases illustrate the importance of including urine organic acid analysis and an acylcarnitine profile as part of the confirmatory testing algorithm for mothers when low free carnitine is identified in their infants.


Mol Genet Metab


Leydiker KB,Neidich JA,Lorey F,Barr EM,Puckett RL,Lobo RM,Abdenur JE




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  • Toward understanding the neuronal pathogenesis of aspartylglucosaminuria: expression of aspartylglucosaminidase in brain during development.

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  • Two new mutations in the MT-TW gene leading to the disruption of the secondary structure of the tRNA(Trp) in patients with Leigh syndrome.

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  • Retrospective analysis of 19 patients with 6-Pyruvoyl Tetrahydropterin Synthase Deficiency: Prolactin levels inversely correlate with growth.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Pyruvoyl Tetrahydropterin Synthase (PTPS) Deficiency is the most common form of BH4 deficiency resulting in hyperphenylalaninemia. It can have variable clinical severity and there is limited information on the clinical presentation, natural history and effectiveness of newborn screening for this condition. ...

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  • Structure of the PCCA gene and distribution of mutations causing propionic acidemia.

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  • Combined alpha-delta platelet storage pool deficiency is associated with mutations in GFI1B.

    abstract::Combined alpha-delta platelet storage pool deficiency is characterized by the absence or reduction in the number of both alpha granules and dense bodies. This disorder can have variable severity as well as a variable inheritance pattern. We describe two patients from unrelated families with combined alpha-delta storag...

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  • Guanidinoacetate methyltransferase (GAMT) deficiency: outcomes in 48 individuals and recommendations for diagnosis, treatment and monitoring.

    abstract::We collected data on 48 patients from 38 families with guanidinoacetate methyltransferase (GAMT) deficiency. Global developmental delay/intellectual disability (DD/ID) with speech/language delay and behavioral problems as the most affected domains was present in 44 participants, with additional epilepsy present in 35 ...

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    abstract::Carnitine palmitoyltransferase type 2 (CPT2) deficiency, a mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation disorder (MFAOD), is a cause of myopathy in its late clinical presentation. As for other MFAODs, its diagnosis may be evocated when blood acylcarnitine profile is abnormal. However, a lack of abnormalities or specificity in t...

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  • Extended [13C]galactose oxidation studies in patients with galactosemia.

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  • A Japanese child with asymptomatic elevation of serum creatine kinase shows PTRF-CAVIN mutation matching with congenital generalized lipodystrophy type 4.

    abstract::Congenital generalized lipodystrophy (CGL), characterized by generalized absence of adipose tissue, has heterogeneous causes. Recently, a novel type of CGL complicated by muscular dystrophy was categorized as CGL4 caused by PTRF-CAVIN deficiency. However, it is unknown whether CGL4 exhibits clinical abnormalities duri...

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  • Successful combined liver/kidney transplantation from a donor with Pompe disease.

    abstract::Pompe disease results from inherited deficiency of the enzyme acid alpha-glucosidase resulting in lysosomal accumulation of glycogen primarily in skeletal muscle. Reported is the first case in which a donor with late onset Pompe disease (LOPD) was successfully used for deceased donor liver and kidney transplantation. ...

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  • Krabbe disease: clinical, biochemical and molecular information on six new patients and successful retrospective diagnosis using stored newborn screening cards.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To present clinical, biochemical and molecular information on six new clinically diagnosed Krabbe disease patients and assess the sensitivity of retrospective galactocerebrosidase measurement in their newborn screening samples. METHODS:Medical records were reviewed. Galactocerebrosidase activity was measured i...

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  • Practices in prescribing protein substitutes for PKU in Europe: No uniformity of approach.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:There appears little consensus concerning protein requirements in phenylketonuria (PKU). METHODS:A questionnaire completed by 63 European and Turkish IMD centres from 18 countries collected data on prescribed total protein intake (natural/intact protein and phenylalanine-free protein substitute [PS]) by age...

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    authors: Aguiar A,Ahring K,Almeida MF,Assoun M,Belanger Quintana A,Bigot S,Bihet G,Blom Malmberg K,Burlina A,Bushueva T,Caris A,Chan H,Clark A,Clark S,Cochrane B,Corthouts K,Dalmau J,Dassy M,De Meyer A,Didycz B,Diels M,D

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  • First characterization of a large deletion of the PDHA 1 gene.

    abstract::Pyruvate dehydrogenase complex (PDC) deficiency is one of the major recognized causes of congenital lactic acidosis. The most common form is due to PDHA 1 gene (Xp22.12) defects. Here, we report the case of a Polynesian girl presenting with delayed neurological development, cortical atrophy, and posterior corpus callo...

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  • The mitochondrial 13513G>A mutation is associated with Leigh disease phenotypes independent of complex I deficiency in muscle.

    abstract::The mitochondrial 13513G>A (D393N) mutation in the ND5 subunit of the respiratory chain complex I was initially described in association with MELAS syndrome. Recent observations have linked this mutation to Leigh disease. We screened for the 13513G>A mutation in a cohort of 265 patients with Leigh and Leigh-like disea...

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  • Mutation in a putative glycosylation site (N489T) of biotinidase in the only known Japanese child with biotinidase deficiency.

    abstract::The only known Japanese child with biotinidase deficiency was identified by newborn screening in Japan. He has 10.8% of mean normal serum biotinyl-hydrolase activity and trace biotinyl-transferase activity. The mutation results in 16% of normal cross-reacting material in serum with antibody to purified normal biotinid...

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