Salmonella Enteritidis with double deletion in phoPfliC--a potential live Salmonella vaccine candidate with novel characteristics for use in chickens.


:Salmonella Enteritidis mutants with deletions in phoP, fliC or phoPfliC were tested for their virulence and their ability to induce parameters of the innate and adaptive immunity in addition to their potential for serological differentiation between vaccinated, non-vaccinated and infected chickens. The double phoPfliC deletion mutant was sufficiently attenuated but not diminished in its capability to inhibit the caecal colonisation and systemic invasion of homologous Salmonella Enteritidis shortly after administration of the vaccine strain to very young chicks. Immunisation with the attenuated ΔphoPfliC mutant resulted in protective effects which were only slightly and insignificantly lower than after "immunisation" with a Salmonella wild-type strain, indicating the capability to induce an intense adaptive immune response and protection against Salmonella exposure in older chickens. The deletion in fliC enabled the effective the differentiation between immunised and infected chickens using a commercially available ELISA kit. The double phoPfliC deletion mutant of Salmonella Enteritidis might be a potential and promising live Salmonella vaccine candidate with novel characteristics for use in poultry.






Methner U,Barrow PA,Berndt A,Rychlik I




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2011-04-12 00:00:00
















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    abstract::The expression and secretion of pertussis toxin subunits S1 to S5 in Bacillus subtilis by the aid of a bacillary signal sequence has been reported. While secretion of subunit S1 was high, that of others was low. Ways have now been explored to improve the yield, using S4 as an example. The addition of a protease inhibi...


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    abstract::The humoral response to synthetic peptide vaccines against Semliki Forest virus (SFV) in H-2d BALB/c mice was investigated with the enzyme linked immunosorbent assay and the pepscan technique. The peptide vaccines consisted of amino acid sequences 240-255 (B) and 137-151 (T) of the E2 membrane protein of SFV colinearl...


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  • Persistence of protection through 33 months of age provided by immunization in infancy with two three-component acellular pertussis vaccines. Stage II Working Group.

    abstract::A large, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial in Italy on two three-component pertussis vaccines, given as DTaP in infancy, one manufactured by SmithKline and Beecham (SB) and one by Chiron Biocine (CB), found each vaccine to be 84% efficacious through the average age of 24 months. The cohort of children enro...


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