Removal of lactate dehydrogenase-elevating virus from human-in-mouse breast tumor xenografts by cell-sorting.


:Lactate dehydrogenase-elevating virus (LDV) can infect transplantable mouse tumors or xenograft tumors in mice through LDV-contaminated mouse biological materials, such as Matrigel, or through mice infected with LDV. LDV infects specifically mouse macrophages and alters immune system and tumor phenotype. The traditional approaches to remove LDV from tumor cells, by transplanting tumors into rats or culturing tumor cells in vitro, are inefficient, labor-intensive and time-consuming. Furthermore, these approaches are not feasible for primary tumor cells that cannot survive tissue culture conditions or that may change phenotype in rats. This study reports that fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) is a simple and efficient approach for purifying living primary human breast tumor cells from LDV(+) mouse stromal cells, which can be completed in a few hours. When purified from Matrigel contaminated LDV(+) tumors, sorted human breast tumor cells, as well as tumors grown from sorted cells, were shown to be LDV-free, as tested by PCR. The results demonstrate that cell sorting is effective, much faster and less likely to alter tumor cell phenotype than traditional methods for removing LDV from xenograft models. This approach may also be used to remove other rodent-specific viruses from models derived from distinct tissues or species with sortable markers, where virus does not replicate in the cells to be purified.


J Virol Methods


Liu H,Bockhorn J,Dalton R,Chang YF,Qian D,Zitzow LA,Clarke MF,Greene GL




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  • Quantitative detection of dengue 2 virus using fluorogenic RT-PCR based on 3'-noncoding sequence.

    abstract::A fluorescent DNA probe (DV2.P1) specific to the conserved distal 3'-noncoding region (nucleotides 10653-10678) of dengue 2 virus and a pair of flanking primers (DV2.L1 and DV2.U2) were designed to formulate a dengue 2-specific fluorogenic polymerase chain reaction (PCR). In addition, DV2.L1 was also used as a reverse...

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    abstract::A descriptive multivariate assay is described which is suitable to analyze results of a biological experiment with small sample size but high qualitative and quantitative complexity of variables. This type of assay allows evaluation of multiple variables observed in the course of an experimental virus infection (e.g. ...

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    abstract::Avian influenza viruses (AIVs) of the H9N2 subtype are a major economic problem in the poultry industry in Israel. Most field isolates from the last decade differ significantly from H9N2 isolates from Europe and the USA, rendering published detection methods inadequate. This study aimed to develop a real-time TaqMan((...

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