MicroRNAs in pregnancy.


:Since the discovery of non-coding RNAs, several families of small regulatory molecules have been described including small nucleolar RNAs, piwi-interacting RNAs and microRNAs (miRNAs). MiRNAs are small single-stranded RNA molecules which play an important role in the regulation of gene expression at the transcriptional level. Recent studies demonstrated that about 30% of human genes are regulated by miRNAs and their deregulation has been associated with malignancies and poor outcome. Therefore, it is not surprising that profiling of miRNAs expression and studies on their regulation became a great field of interest in the last decade. However, miRNA-mediated regulation in pregnancy remains poorly investigated although several independent processes associated with placenta development have been shown to be miRNA-regulated. This review provides a general overview of the current data on profiles and functions of microRNAs in the peri-implantation period, embryonic stem cells, placentation and pregnancy, as well as in several pregnancy-related pathologies. We conclude that miRNAs present in the maternal circulation may provide a new promising diagnostic tool for pregnancy disorders.


J Reprod Immunol


Morales Prieto DM,Markert UR




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  • Over-expression of heme oxygenase-1 by adenoviral gene transfer improves pregnancy outcome in a murine model of abortion.

    abstract::Mammalian pregnancy is a complex phenomenon allowing the maternal immune system to support its allogeneic fetus. Physiological pathways protecting the fetus from rejection are thought to be comparable with those leading to allograft acceptance. Heme oxygenase (HO)-1 is known to protect locally against rejection in tra...

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  • Uterine and circulating natural killer cells and their roles in women with recurrent pregnancy loss, implantation failure and preeclampsia.

    abstract::The regulation of uterine and circulating peripheral blood natural killer (NK) cells has been associated with reproductive conditions including recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL), implantation failure and preeclampsia. Natural cytotoxicity receptors (NCRs) are unique markers that regulate NK cell cytotoxicity and cytokine...

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  • Estrogen and thymic hormone interactions in the female mouse.

    abstract::This study showed that there are relationships between thymic and adrenal/ovarian endocrine actions. A 4 mg/kg dose of thymosin fraction 5 (TSN5) advanced vaginal opening and elevated estrogen levels. Single estradiol benzoate (EB) injections decreased thymus weight and caused a transient reduction in circulating plas...

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  • Autophagy regulation in preeclampsia: Pros and cons.

    abstract::Autophagy is an evolutionarily conserved process in eukaryotes to maintain cellular homeostasis against stress. This process has two main functions: producing energy and quality control of intracellular proteins. During early pregnancy, extravillous trophoblasts (EVTs) invade the uterine myometrium and migrate along t...

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  • The distribution of rabbit alpha-foetoprotein (RAFP) and its molecular variants throughout gestation.

    abstract::The levels of rabbit alpha-foetoprotein (RAFP) in foetal serum, neonatal serum and amniotic fluid during gestation have been evaluated by quantitative radial immunodiffusion. RAFP attained its peak concentration on the 24th day of pregnancy in foetal serum, while in amniotic fluid peaks were observed on ;the 14th and...

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  • Early increase in graft-versus-host reactivity during pregnancy in the mouse.

    abstract::Alloreactive T levels of para-aortic lymph nodes (PALN) and spleen were determined on different days of pregnancy in BALB/c females by local and systemic graft-versus-host (GvH) assays. A significant increase in GvH reactivity was registered early in both allogeneic and syngeneic matings, operating not only towards pa...

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  • Differential actions of progesterone and cortisol on lymphocyte and monocyte interaction during lymphocyte activation--relevance to immunosuppression in pregnancy.

    abstract::Progesterone and glucocorticoids share important anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive properties. Both hormones have potent anti-proliferative effects in MLR, mitogen activation and cytotoxic T-cell generation. We investigated the cellular target of this in vitro anti-proliferative activity by comparing the effects...

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  • Gene fusion of molecular adjuvant C3d to hCGbeta enhances the anti-hCGbeta antibody response in DNA immunization.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To express the hCGbeta-C3d3 fusion protein in a CHO cell continual expression system to investigate further the adjuvant effects of C3d on contraceptive vaccination. METHOD:We constructed a plasmid pcDNA3-hCGbeta-C3d3 which contains three copies of murine C3d cDNA and the hCGbeta gene by cloning the chimeric...

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  • Does exposure to flame retardants increase the risk for preterm birth?

    abstract::During the past 40 years, polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) have been widely used as flame retardants and nearly all women have some level of exposure. PBDEs have been isolated from amniotic fluid and cord plasma indicating vertical transmission; however, their effects on pregnancy outcome are largely unknown. Th...

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  • Transfer of susceptibility to experimental autoimmune orchitis from responder to non-responder substrains of BALB/c mice.

    abstract::Substrains of BALB/c mice differ in their susceptibility to experimental autoimmune orchitis (EAO), with BALB/cJ representative of the non-responders and BALB/cBy representative of the responders. We examined whether the susceptibility of these two substrains could be altered by reciprocal adoptive transfer of lymphoi...

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  • A search for antibodies in term maternal sera to solubilized syncytiotrophoblast surface components. A passive haemagglutination assay yields negative evidence.

    abstract::Using a passive haemagglutination assay, agglutinins against trophoblast components were detected in term maternal sera at titres above those of non-pregnant control sera. These agglutinin titres were independent of the family relationship between individual sera and trophoblast samples. They were unaffected by adsorp...

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  • Hormonal regulation of serum and endometrial IL-1 alpha, IL-1 beta and IL-1ra: IL-1 endometrial microenvironment of the human embryo at the apposition phase under physiological and supraphysiological steroid level conditions.

    abstract::We have investigated serum and intracavitary levels of IL-1 alpha, IL-1 beta and IL-1ra from agonadal women undergoing mock cycles (n = 20) of oocyte donation as a clinical model of controlled hormonal stimulation. Further, we compared the intracavitary IL-1 alpha, IL-1 beta and IL-1ra levels in the microenvironment o...

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  • HLA-C and -Bw typing of couples with unexplained recurrent miscarriages.

    abstract::There is now evidence that the classical HLA class I molecule HLA-C is expressed on extravillous trophoblasts together with non-classical HLA-G molecules. Since clones of NK-cells are inhibited differently by supertypic epitopes associated with HLA-C and -B alleles we found it of interest to study HLA-C and -Bw polymo...

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  • Spliceosome protein EFTUD2 is upregulated in the trophoblast of spontaneous miscarriage and hydatidiform mole.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Elongation factor Tu GTP binding domain containing 2 (EFTUD2) is an alternative splicing factor that modulates cell differentiation and activation processes. EFTUD2 is known to modulate immune responses and mutation of the EFTUD2-gene lead to fetal malformation. Little is known about its expression and role ...

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  • Complement component deposition in uteroplacental (spiral) arteries in normal human pregnancy.

    abstract::There is conflicting evidence for the deposition of complement in spiral arteries in normal and abnormal human pregnancies. The immunogold silver staining (IGSS) technique was used to investigate the distribution of C1q, C3d, C4, C6 and C9 within the spiral arteries of formalin-fixed normal pregnancy hysterectomy spec...

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  • Immunomodulatory effects of Salvianolic acid B in a spontaneous abortion mouse model.

    abstract::Pregnancy is a kind of natural immune tolerance. Immune factors play an important role in recurrent spontaneous abortion and repeated implantation failure. Salvianolic acid B (SalB) has anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation and immunomodulatory functions. However, there are few reports on the relationship betw...

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  • Standardisation of uterine natural killer (uNK) cell measurements in the endometrium of women with recurrent reproductive failure.

    abstract::Considerable work is being carried out on endometrial NK cells to determine whether they play a role in successful pregnancy outcome. In addition there is debate about whether measurements of uNK should be included in the clinical assessment for women with recurrent implantation failure or recurrent miscarriage. A hin...

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  • Sperm/DNA interaction: integration of foreign DNA sequences in the mouse sperm genome.

    abstract::Foreign DNA is spontaneously taken up by mouse epididymal sperm cells and is further internalized into nuclei. The interaction and/or internalization of the exogenous DNA triggers the activation of sperm endogenous nucleases which mediate rearrangements of the internalized DNA. Foreign DNA sequences are found to be ti...

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  • A monoclonal antibody recognizing a differentiation marker on rat gonocytes.

    abstract::Monoclonal antibodies (MAb) were raised against a testicular membrane fraction from 18-day post coitum (p.c.) rat testes. One antibody, designated 4B6.3E10 (mu, kappa), was obtained which specifically reacted with gonocytes in the fetal testis. No significant cross-reactivity with other tissues from the 18-day p.c. em...

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  • Isolation and partial characterization of early pregnancy factor (EPF) from human pregnancy serum.

    abstract::The isolation and partial characterization of an immunosuppressive early pregnancy factor (EPF) present in the serum of pregnant women, between 3 and 8 weeks of gestation, is described. EPF was purified using ion-exchange chromatography, affinity chromatography and HPLC gel permeation techniques. A homogeneous, active...

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  • Low levels of serum asymmetric antibodies as a marker of threatened pregnancy.

    abstract::Tolerance to the developing fetus is thought to be accomplished through the action of several molecules that are able to modulate the maternal immune response. Among several mechanisms involved in pregnancy maintenance, progesterone-induced immunomodulation, asymmetric antibody (AAb) production, indoleamine 2,3-dioxyg...

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  • Antenatal inflammation and gestational diabetes mellitus risk among pregnant African-American women.

    abstract::Although inflammation is associated with risk of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), little is known if there is an association between inflammation and GDM in African-American women, a group at higher risk for GDM complications. In the present study, we aimed to determine if selected inflammatory cytokines (i.e. TNF...

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  • Glycodelin regulates the numbers and function of peripheral natural killer cells.

    abstract::Natural killer (NK) cells comprise of ∼70% of the immune cell population in the maternal decidua and ∼15% of the mononuclear cells in the peripheral blood. The decidual NK cells capable of producing high levels of cytokines are functionally distinct from the peripheral NK cells that exhibit high cytotoxicity. The numb...

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  • The effect of pregnancy on humoral rejection in patients after vascularized organ transplantation.

    abstract::The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of pregnancy on the production of donor- and nondonor-specific anti-human leukocyte antigen antibodies (anti-HLA Abs) in organ allograft recipients. The study group included four pregnant kidney (RT) and four liver (LT) transplant recipients. The genotype of HLA class I ...

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  • Immunological regulation of trophoblast invasion.

    abstract::In investigating the immunological regulation of trophoblast invasion, emphasis is frequently placed on the constitution of the implantation site and its specific characteristics. However trophoblast cells are able of invading into not only the uterine tissue, but in the case of ectopic pregnancies also invade into ot...

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  • The role of visfatin (PBEF/Nampt) in pregnancy complications.

    abstract::Visfatin (PBEF/Nampt) is an adipocytokine that exerts pleiotropic effects within the human body, particularly affecting its metabolism and immunity. Visfatin was originally identified as being secreted by peripheral blood lymphocytes acting as a pre-B-cell colony-enhancing factor (PBEF). However, it was subsequently r...

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  • LPS mediated production of IL-1, PGE2 and PGF2alpha from term decidua involves tumour necrosis factor and tumour necrosis factor receptor p55.

    abstract::Prostaglandins, with cytokines involved as intermediate factors, may have an essential role in premature labour when infection is present. We therefore wanted to study tumour necrosis factor (TNF), in cytokine and prostaglandin production in reproductive tissue. Decidual cell cultures were established and cells were s...

    journal_title:Journal of reproductive immunology

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  • The distribution of two cell surface determinants of mouse embryonal carcinoma and early embryonic cells.

    abstract::This study examines the distribution of two carbohydrate determinants recognized by monoclonal antibodies EMA-1 and EMA-6 on cells in culture, adult mouse tissues and day 0-7 embryos, and provides partial biochemical characterization of the molecules carrying the determinants for EMA-1 on embryonal carcinoma cells. Bo...

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    authors: Hahnel AC,Eddy EM

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  • Nonspecific immunity in pregnancy: monocyte surface Fcgamma receptor expression and function.

    abstract::The state of pregnancy is an immunological enigma during which the body must prevent rejection of the antigenically foreign fetus while at the same time maintain sufficient maternal host defense mechanisms to combat infection. Although most studies on the immunology of pregnancy focus on immune suppression, several st...

    journal_title:Journal of reproductive immunology

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  • Lymphocyte subsets in patients with oestrogen deficiency.

    abstract::We have previously shown that in patients with idiopathic premature ovarian failure there were significant changes in lymphocyte subsets. To test our hypothesis that these changes were due to oestrogen deficiency we studied lymphocyte subsets in patients with oestrogen deficiency due to other causes. Blood was taken f...

    journal_title:Journal of reproductive immunology

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    authors: Ho PC,Tang GW,Lawton JW

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