The relationship between treatment settings and diagnostic attributions of depression among African Americans.


OBJECTIVE:To explore the relationship between treatment setting characteristics and diagnostic attributions of depression among community-dwelling African Americans. METHODS:Data come from the National Survey of American Life, a nationally representative sample of African Americans and Caribbean Blacks. Major Depression (MD) was assessed using the Composite International Diagnostic Inventory. Participants were categorized into four diagnostic groups: never MD, MD never attributed to physical health problems (i.e., affective depression), MD sometimes attributed to physical health problems (i.e., complicated depression), and MD always attributed to physical health problems (i.e., physical depression). Multinomial regression was used for assessment. RESULTS:Among 441 participants, 66.4% were classified as affective depression, 17.8% as complicated depression and 15.8% as physical depression. Seeking treatment from a mental health professional was associated with increased likelihood of being in the complicated depression group [adjusted odds ratio (AOR): 5.52; 95% confidence interval (CI): 2.28-13.36]. Seeking treatment from a family doctor was associated with physical depression (AOR: 2.93; 95% CI: 1.18-7.26). Seeking care from three or more different health care providers was associated with complicated depression (AOR: 1.99; 95% CI: 1.17-3.40). CONCLUSION:Results suggest that encounters with health care providers influence the diagnostic attribution of depression in a systematic manner.


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Scott T,Matsuyama R,Mezuk B




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  • Impulse control disorders in frontotemporal dementia: spectrum of symptoms and response to treatment.

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  • Manifest psychosis in neurosyphilis.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Recent surveys have assessed a remarkable increase in the prevalence of infectious syphilis. If left untreated, 30% of patients may develop tertiary syphilis, which can manifest as neurosyphilis. CASE REPORT:The authors present a case of an acute psychosis during and after pregnancy in a 37-year-old woman...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The treatment of agitation in drug- and alcohol-using emergency patients is understudied. METHOD:We performed a retrospective chart review of 105 agitated emergency department patients who received either intramuscular (IM) haloperidol or IM olanzapine, comparing prescribing patterns, level of agitation, res...

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  • Predicting response to cognitive behavior therapy of depression in type 2 diabetes.

    abstract::Little is known about which factors may adversely affect response to psychotherapy in diabetic patients with major depression. We studied the relationship of various demographic, diabetes, and depression characteristics to change in depression in 42 patients with type 2 diabetes who completed a randomized clinical tri...

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