Reproducibility of fMRI activations during a story listening task in patients with schizophrenia.


:A prerequisite to longitudinal fMRI studies in schizophrenia is the knowledge on fMRI signal reliability in schizophrenia patients. We assessed the reproducibility of activations elicited by two fMRI sessions, which were 21 months apart, of a story listening paradigm in 10 schizophrenia patients and 10 healthy subjects. In both groups, we observed a high degree of spatial overlap of activation maps as well as a good reproducibility of signal variations assessed on a voxel-wise basis in temporal areas underlying early stages of language processing. Task performance, assessed through a comprehension questionnaire, had no impact on the activation reproducibility.


Schizophr Res


Schizophrenia research


Maïza O,Mazoyer B,Hervé PY,Razafimandimby A,Dollfus S,Tzourio-Mazoyer N




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  • Prefrontal cortical sulcal widening associated with poor treatment response to clozapine.

    abstract::Increased sulcal widening in the prefrontal cortex of patients with schizophrenia may be associated with a poor treatment response to clozapine. To further evaluate this, we examined data from patients treated with clozapine in our center. Patients with the greatest degree of improvement (n=26) and those with no impro...

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  • Lowered paraoxonase 1 (PON1) activity is associated with increased cytokine levels in drug naïve first episode psychosis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Activated immune-inflammatory pathways play an important role in the pathophysiology of schizophrenia. Paraoxonase 1 (PON1) activity is inversely associated with inflammatory responses in numerous clinical conditions. The aims of this study were to delineate serum arylesterase PON1 activity in drug-naïve fir...

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  • Patterns of premorbid functioning in individuals at clinical high risk of psychosis.

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  • Red blood cell membrane dynamics in schizophrenia. I. Membrane fluidity.

    abstract::Using the fluorescent probe DPH (1,6-diphenyl-1,3,5-hexatriene), steady-state anisotropy (rs) values were determined in red blood cell (RBC) ghost membranes of schizophrenic patients before (n = 26) and after (n = 16) haloperidol withdrawal, and age- and sex-matched normal controls (n = 22). Patients on haloperidol we...

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  • Abstract and experiential thinking differentially account for anomalous perception of reality in people with or without schizophrenia.

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  • The neurobiology of relapse in schizophrenia.

    abstract::Dopamine's proposed role in psychosis proved a starting point in our understanding of the neurobiology of relapse, fitting given the central role positive symptoms play. This link is reflected in early work examining neurotransmitter metabolite and drug (e.g. amphetamine, methylphenidate) challenge studies as a means ...

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  • Reprint of: Internalising symptoms mediate the longitudinal association between childhood inflammation and psychotic-like experiences in adulthood.

    abstract::Psychotic-like experiences (PLEs) are part of a continuum of psychosis. Previous longitudinal studies highlighted a relationship between peripheral inflammation during childhood and onset of PLEs in adulthood. In this study, we tested if this association is mediated by internalising and externalising symptoms experien...

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  • Time-based but not event-based prospective memory remains impaired one year after the onset of schizophrenia: A prospective study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Prospective memory (PM) deficits have been consistently found in people with schizophrenia. Although there is evidence to suggest that PM deficits may be putative markers for schizophrenia, no longitudinal study has investigated the persistence of PM deficits. AIMS:We examined whether PM deficits persist af...

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  • Schizophrenia spectrum disorders, substance misuse, and the four-facet model of psychopathy: the relationship to violence.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To investigate the relationship between the four-facet model of PCL-R psychopathy and violence in a community-based sample of Australian men with schizophrenia-spectrum disorders. METHOD:A community sample of 94 males with schizophrenia-spectrum disorders was recruited from mental health services within Vict...

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  • Treatment of rats with antipsychotic drugs: lack of an effect on brain N-acetyl aspartate levels.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1H-MRS) studies of schizophrenia suggest an effect of the disease or of antipsychotic medications on brain N-acetyl aspartate (NAA), a marker of neuronal viability. We studied in the rat the effect of antipsychotic drugs on NAA in several brain regions where NAA reduct...

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  • The Audio-Visual Abnormalities Questionnaire (AVAQ): Development and validation of a new instrument for assessing anomalies in sensory perception in schizophrenia spectrum disorders.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Anomalies in visual and auditory perception represent an important aspect of the symptomatic manifestation of schizophrenia (ScZ). However, there are currently no instruments available that allow the assessment of the full range of auditory and visual abnormalities using a self-report measure. METHODS:We de...

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  • NPY mRNA expression in the prefrontal cortex: Selective reduction in the superficial white matter of subjects with schizoaffective disorder.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Alterations in the inhibitory circuitry of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) in schizophrenia include reduced expression of the messenger RNA (mRNA) for somatostatin (SST), a neuropeptide present in a subpopulation of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) neurons. Neuropeptide Y (NPY) is expressed in a sub...

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  • Negative symptoms in bipolar disorder and schizophrenia: A psychometric evaluation of the brief negative symptom scale across diagnostic categories.

    abstract::Past studies have demonstrated that the Brief Negative Symptom Scale (BNSS) has excellent psychometric properties in patients with schizophrenia. In the current study, we extended this literature by examining psychometric properties of the BNSS in outpatients diagnosed with bipolar disorder (n=46), outpatients with sc...

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  • Hippocampal and orbital inferior frontal gray matter volume abnormalities and cognitive deficit in treatment-naive, first-episode patients with schizophrenia.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Cognitive impairment is a core feature of schizophrenia. Some evidence suggests an association between cognition deficits and gray matter reductions. In this study, we investigated the relationship between cognitive performance and gray matter volumes in patients with treatment-naïve, first-episode schizophr...

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  • Psychotic experiences in childhood are associated with increased structural integrity of the left arcuate fasciculus - A population-based case-control study.

    abstract::Around 1 in 5 children under 13 years old experience sub-clinical psychotic experiences (PEs) like hallucinations and delusions. While PEs in childhood are a significant risk factor for adult psychotic disorders, the majority of those experiencing childhood PEs do not develop a psychotic disorder. Individual differenc...

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  • Cognitive and brain function in schizotypal personality disorder.

    abstract::Schizotypal personality disorder, a diagnosis defined partially in terms of a genetic relatedness to schizophrenia, has begun to receive extensive investigative study. While the exact etiologic relationship between schizotypal personality disorder and schizophrenia remains to be determined, three models have been cons...

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  • Effects of clozapine, fluphenazine, and placebo on reaction time measures of attention and sensory dominance in schizophrenia.

    abstract::Two reaction time (RT) paradigms were used to study clozapine's effects on sustained and selective attention compared to fluphenazine and placebo in 25 chronic schizophrenic patients. Sensory dominance was studied via simple and choice RTs to lights and tones, and on double-stimulus trials in which the two stimuli wer...

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  • Pre-morbid fertility in psychosis: findings from the AESOP first episode study.

    abstract::Individuals with psychotic illnesses are known to have a reduced fertility. It is unclear whether this is due to biological or social factors. Most fertility studies have been conducted in chronic schizophrenia, where confounders like medication and hospitalisation make this difficult to elicit. A less severe reductio...

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  • The effect of zonisamide on antipsychotic-associated weight gain in patients with schizophrenia: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Many patients with schizophrenia suffer from metabolic symptoms and weight gain in which predispose them to obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular problems. This trial examines the efficacy and safety of zonisamide on weight and body mass index in patients with schizophrenia being administered with atypical a...

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  • Wakefulness and arousal in neonates born to women with schizophrenia: diminished arousal and its association with neurological deviations.

    abstract::Arousal at 3-4 days of age was blindly assessed during the course of a standardized neurological examination of offspring born to index women with schizophrenic (n = 20), schizo-affective (n = 12), affective (n = 19) and unspecified functional (n = 4) psychoses, as well as 70 offspring born to control women with no hi...

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  • Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for negative symptoms of schizophrenia: a randomized controlled pilot study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Negative symptoms in schizophrenia are associated with deficits in executive function and frequently prove highly resistant to neuroleptic medication. Using repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) to activate the prefrontal cortex has been suggested as a treatment for negative symptoms. METHODS:...

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  • Independence and overlap among neurocognitive correlates of community functioning in schizophrenia.

    abstract::Existing literature on the neurocognitive correlates of community functioning in schizophrenia has not adequately focused on the relationships among the correlated variables. In a sample of 40 outpatients with schizophrenia and related disorders, we studied two sets of variables that we expected to be related to broad...

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  • Goal-directed planning and action impairments in schizophrenia evaluated in a virtual environment.

    abstract::Planning and executing goal-directed behaviours are critical final steps in translating motivation into action. Amotivation is a key feature of schizophrenia, but its impact on goal-directed functioning has not been extensively studied in an objective and ecologically valid manner. To address this, we investigated goa...

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  • Psychological well-being and mental health recovery in the NIMH RAISE early treatment program.

    abstract::Recovery-oriented practices that promote client-centered care, collaboration, and functional outcome have been recommended to improve treatment engagement, especially for individuals with serious mental illness (SMI). Psychological well-being (PWB) is related to recovery and refers to experiencing purpose and meaning ...

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  • Association between chromogranin A gene polymorphism and schizophrenia in the Japanese population.

    abstract::It has been reported that expression of the chromogranin A (CHGA) gene is reduced in the prefrontal cortex and cerebrospinal fluid of patients with schizophrenia. Single-marker and haplotype analyses of SNPs within the CHGA gene were performed in 633 subjects with schizophrenia and 589 healthy controls. A significant ...

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  • The Experience of Caregiving Inventory for first-episode psychosis caregivers: validation of the Brazilian version.

    abstract::Family members of first-episode psychosis (FEP) patients are regarded as key components of the patient's evaluation, recovery and treatment. This paper aimed to investigate 75 FEP caregivers' appraisal, psychological morbidity and quality of life in the initial phase of treatment in a specialized FEP outpatient progra...

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  • Brain volumes as predictor of outcome in recent-onset schizophrenia: a multi-center MRI study.

    abstract::Gray matter brain volume decreases have been found in patients with schizophrenia as compared to healthy control subjects measured by using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). An association has been suggested between decreased gray matter volume and poor outcome in chronically ill patients with schizophrenia. The prese...

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    authors: van Haren NE,Cahn W,Hulshoff Pol HE,Schnack HG,Caspers E,Lemstra A,Sitskoorn MM,Wiersma D,van den Bosch RJ,Dingemans PM,Schene AH,Kahn RS

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  • Impaired emotional learning and reduced amygdala size in schizophrenia: a 3-month follow-up.

    abstract::Individuals with schizophrenia have difficulties in emotional information processing. A relationship between behavioral variables of emotional processing and structural amygdala alterations in schizophrenia has been proposed but not shown, yet. Morphological studies of amygdala size in schizophrenia have yielded incon...

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    authors: Exner C,Boucsein K,Degner D,Irle E,Weniger G

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  • Who needs antipsychotic medication in the earliest stages of psychosis? A reconsideration of benefits, risks, neurobiology and ethics in the era of early intervention.

    abstract::In recent years, early intervention services have attempted to identify people with a first episode of psychosis as early as possible, reducing the duration of untreated psychosis and changing the timing of delivery of interventions. The logic of early intervention is based partly on accessing people in a more treatme...

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