Low-dose triple-rule-out using 320-row-detector volume MDCT--less contrast medium and lower radiation exposure.


OBJECTIVES:To investigate image quality of triple-rule-out (TRO) computed tomography (CT) using a 320-row-detector CT system with substantially reduced contrast medium volume at 100 kV. METHODS:Forty-six consecutive patients with noncritical, acute chest pain underwent 320-row-detector CT using a two-step TRO protocol consisting of a non-spiral, non-gated chest CT acquisition (150 mA) followed by a non-spiral, electrocardiography-gated cardiac acquisition (200-500 mA based on body mass index (BMI)). Data were acquired using a biphasic injection protocol with a total iodinated contrast medium volume of 60 ml (370 mg/ml). Vessel attenuation and effective doses were recorded. Image quality was scored independently by two readers. RESULTS:Mean attenuation was 584 ± 114 Hounsfield units (HU) in the ascending aorta, 335 ± 63HU in the aortic arch, 658 ± 136HU in the pulmonary trunk, and 521 ± 97HU and 549 ± 102HU in the right and left coronary artery, respectively. In all but one patient, attenuation and image quality allowed accurate visualization of the pulmonary arteries, thoracic aorta, and coronary arteries in a single examination. Ninety-six percent of all coronary artery segments were rated diagnostic. Radiation exposure ranged between 2.0 and 3.3 mSv. CONCLUSION:Using 320-row-detector CT the investigated low-dose TRO protocol resulted in excellent opacification and image quality with substantial reduction of contrast medium volume compared to recently published TRO protocols.


Eur Radiol


European radiology


Durmus T,Rogalla P,Lembcke A,Mühler MR,Hamm B,Hein PA




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2011-07-01 00:00:00












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  • Computed tomography after lymphangiography in the diagnosis of intestinal lymphangiectasia with protein-losing enteropathy in Noonan's syndrome.

    abstract::Noonan's syndrome is a rare congenital disorder that may be associated with abnormalities in the lymphatic drainage. In this case of a 21-year-old man CT after bipedal lymphangiography confirmed the diagnosis of intestinal lymphangiectasy causing protein-losing enteropathy in Noonan's syndrome by showing contrast-enha...

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  • The use of ECG and respiratory triggering to improve the sensitivity of oxygen-enhanced proton MRI of lung ventilation.

    abstract::Changes in lung signal between normal breathing and breathing pure oxygen is the basis for oxygen-enhanced ventilation MRI. An optimal technique guarantees a significant response to pure oxygen in well-ventilated lung tissue. To improve the sensitivity, we investigated the effect of ECG and respiratory triggering. Cen...

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  • Anatomic variations of the hepatic arteries in 250 patients studied with 64-row CT angiography.

    abstract::The aim of our study was to determine the frequency of different hepatic arterial variants identified on abdominal CT angiography (CTA) with a 64-row CT system and a high resolution protocol. A total of 250 consecutive abdominal CTAs performed on a 64-row CT system were evaluated. Two radiologists in consensus analyze...

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