Gut-brain chemokine changes in portal hypertensive rats.


BACKGROUND:Hepatic encephalopathy is a syndrome whose physiopathology is poorly understood; therefore, current diagnostic tests are imperfect and modern therapy is nonspecific. Particularly, it has been suggested that inflammation plays an important role in the pathogenesis of portal hypertensive encephalopathy in the rat. AIM:We have studied an experimental model of portal hypertension based on a triple partial portal vein ligation in the rat to verify this hypothesis. METHODS:One month after portal hypertension we assayed in the splanchnic area (liver, small bowel and mesenteric lymph nodes) and in the central nervous system (hippocampus and cerebellum) fractalkine (CX3CL1) and stromal cell-derived factor alpha (SDF1-α) as well as their respective receptors (CX3CR1 and CXCR4) because of their key role in inflammatory processes. RESULTS:The significant increase of fractalkine in mesenteric lymph nodes (P<0.05) and its receptor (CX3CR1) in the small bowel (P<0.05) and hippocampus (P<0.01), associated with the increased expression of SDF1-α in the hippocampus (P<0.01) and the cerebellum (P<0.01) suggest that prehepatic portal hypertension in the rat induces important alterations in the expression of chemokines in the gut-brain axis. CONCLUSION:The present study revealed that portal hypertension is associated with splanchnic-brain inflammatory alterations mediated by chemokines.


Dig Dis Sci


Merino J,Aller MA,Rubio S,Arias N,Nava MP,Loscertales M,Arias J,Arias JL




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