A new surgical procedure for little toe polysyndactyly without skin graft.


:We developed a new operative procedure involving the combination of 5 flaps to treat little toe polysyndactyly. We applied this procedure to 4 toes of 3 patients who had severe polysyndactyly involving skin fusion of the area from the distal interphalangeal joint to the periphery. In all 3 patients, this procedure allowed easy transfer of the flaps, caused no tension to the wound during skin suturing, and did not disrupt blood flow through the flap. The morphology of all 4 toes was favorable, and no scarring was evident. A sufficiently deep fourth interdigital space was created with this procedure without the need for skin grafting.


Ann Plast Surg


Iida N,Kotake A




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  • Controlled clinical trial with pirfenidone in the treatment of breast capsular contracture: association of TGF-β polymorphisms.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Breast capsular contracture (BCC) is a commonly adverse event postmammoplastly characterized by an immune response mediated by cytokines and transforming growth factor (TGF)-β1 resulting in excessive synthesis and deposit of extracellular matrix around the breast implant. Presence of TGF-β1 polymorphisms has...

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  • Subincisional muscular coverage of expander implants in immediate breast reconstruction with pectoralis flaps.

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  • Single-stage, multimodality treatment of soft-tissue sarcoma of the extremity.

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  • Atypical mycobacterial cervical lymphadenitis--treatment with surgery and antibiotics.

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  • Acellular dermal composite allografts for reconstruction of the radial forearm donor site.

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  • Surgical treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis: a study comparing liposuction cannulas with a suction-curettage cannula.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Suction-curettage is a minimally invasive surgical approach for the treatment of focal axillary hyperhidrosis. Studies comparing the efficacy of different surgical cannulas are missing. Therefore, we gravimetrically compared a specially designed cannula versus 2 standard liposuction cannulas. METHODS:Axilla...

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  • Experimental reproduction of free flap errors: a new model of thrombosis.

    abstract::Surgical errors in the length and orientation of a flap pedicle can result in kinks, twists, or tension on the pedicle vessels. When these errors occur together with the microvascular repairs associated with free flap transfer, thrombosis and flap failure may be the outcome. A model was designed to simulate these even...

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  • Perioperative Use of Antiestrogen Therapies in Breast Reconstruction: A Systematic Review and Treatment Recommendations.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Patients with hormone receptor-positive breast tumors receive hormonal therapy with either selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) (eg, tamoxifen) or aromatase inhibitors (AIs) (eg, anastrozole) for 5 to 10 years. Patients are using these therapies frequently during breast reconstruction. Literature i...

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  • Comparison of Neurosensory Assessment Methods in Plastic Surgery.

    abstract::Sensory assessment of the skin is essential to document the function of the sensory fibers of the tested nerves. The Semmes-Weinstein monofilaments, disk-criminator, electrodiagnostic testing, and Pressure-Specified Sensory Device (PSSD) have been currently used to assess sensory function of peripheral nerves. None of...

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  • Analysis of Scars and Keloids by Focused Ion Beam/Scanning Electron Microscopy: Distinguishing Between Hypertrophic Scars and Keloids.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Histological differentiation between hypertrophic scars (HSs) and keloids has been considered difficult. In this study, we analyzed differences in the 3-dimensional tissue architecture between HSs and keloids using focused ion beam/scanning electron microscopy (FIB/SEM). METHODS:Five specimens each of norma...

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  • Factitious disorders: potential litigation risks for plastic surgeons.

    abstract::Patients with factitious physical disorders can present with a myriad of signs and symptoms. Common presentations include persistent wounds and abscesses that are often treated by plastic surgeons. Because these individuals are surreptitiously trying to maintain their illness, rather than recover, adverse outcomes are...

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  • The efficacy of tongue resection in treatment of symptomatic macroglossia in the child.

    abstract::Nine patients with symptomatic macroglossia, 3 with Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome, 3 with Down's syndrome, and 3 with lymphatic malformation of the tongue, were evaluated for postoperative improvement following partial glossectomy. Symptoms evaluated were speech intelligibility, oral competence at rest, drooling, and no...

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  • Intensive Care Unit Versus Ward Management After Anterolateral Thigh Flap Reconstruction After Oral Cancer Ablation.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Whether postoperative care in the intensive care unit (ICU) is a necessity for patients undergoing head and neck free flap reconstruction remains debatable. In August 2012, our institute initiated a policy to care for these patients in the ICU, opposed to the previous policy of care in the ward. Thus, we use...

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  • L-Shaped Lipothighplasty.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:In addition to the already-known postoperative complications in patients formerly obese, for medial thigh lift, there are many more problematic issues. The main ones are represented as follows: by the frequent downward displacement of the scars that become, in this way, extremely visible; by the distortion o...

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  • Lymphoscintigraphy as a guide to treatment in malignant melanoma.

    abstract::Regional node dissection is practiced as a measure of prophylaxis in patients with stage I and II malignant melanoma. Although the drainage pattern of the extremities is obvious, in the head and neck and trunk it may be ambiguous. We have used lymphoscintigraphy to assist in delineating the lymphatic drainage in 22 pa...

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  • An introduction to the chimeric deep inferior epigastric artery perforator (DIEAP)-rectus abdominis muscle flap.

    abstract::A muscle perforator flap is a unique form of fasciocutaneous flap whose circulation is derived from musculocutaneous perforators, but without including any muscle. This anatomic relationship intuitively should readily allow the formation of branch-based chimeric or polyflaps consisting of a cutaneous perforator flap a...

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  • Use of hemisphincter pharyngoplasty in the management of velopharyngeal insufficiency after pharyngeal flap: an outcome study.

    abstract::Superiorly based pharyngeal flaps (PFs) are commonly used for the treatment of velopharyngeal insufficiency (VPI) in patients with cleft palate. However, failure may occur with recurrence of hypernasality and surgical revision may be necessary. Hemisphincter pharyngoplasty using either unilateral or bilateral posterio...

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  • Repair of mild umbilical hernia.

    abstract::A mild, persistent umbilical hernia that does not cause any functional problem is often ignored. The authors have devised a new technique to treat the mild, protrusive deformity of the umbilicus without associated complications. In this report, the new operative procedure is introduced. The authors have treated 72 pat...

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  • An alternative dressing material for the split-thickness skin graft donor site: oxidized regenerated cellulose.

    abstract::The split-thickness skin graft (STSG) donor sites have been treated with various and plenty of dressing techniques and materials. An ideal STSG donor site dressing should have antibacterial, hemostatic, and promoting epidermal healing properties. We have performed a prospective study to evaluate the effect of the oxid...

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    authors: Uysal AC,Alagoz MS,Orbay H,Sensoz O

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  • The oblique mastectomy incision: advantages and outcomes.

    abstract::Mastectomy has traditionally been performed using a transverse elliptical incision. The disadvantages of this approach are a potentially visible scar medially and poor subincisional soft-tissue coverage of implants laterally. A more natural and aesthetic result is obtained with an oblique incision running parallel to ...

    journal_title:Annals of plastic surgery

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    authors: Gronet EM,Halvorson EG

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  • Comparing Processed Nerve Allografts and Assessing Their Capacity to Retain and Release Nerve Growth Factor.

    abstract::Peripheral nerve gap injuries continue to present a clinical challenge to today's surgeons. One method of surgical repair, implantation of acellular allografts, has been developed with the aim of bridging the gap with a cadaveric graft after removal of its cellular components, thereby accelerating axonal regeneration ...

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  • Gastrocnemius muscle transposition to the femur: how high can you go?

    abstract::The gastrocnemius muscle flap has gained wide acceptance as a reconstructive technique for management of wounds of the knee and proximal tibia. The use of the muscle as a pedicle flap to the distal and middle femur has not been well quantified, and the proximal rotation arc has been underestimated. We report the use o...

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  • The effect of frostbite on the reconstructed ear.

    abstract::A 17-year-old patient whose left ear was reconstructed using a lateral arm fascia and skin graft had done well until one episode of cold exposure approximately two years after the reconstruction. This thermal injury resulted in a localized area of composite tissue loss demonstrating that the reconstructed ear had a hi...

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  • Crystal deposition disease masquerading as proliferative tenosynovitis and its associated sequelae.

    abstract::Extra-articular crystalline deposition secondary to gout, and less commonly, pseudogout is a well known phenomenon. Despite this well-documented entity of extra-articular deposition, there have been few reports of infiltration of the flexor tendon sheath of the hand. Here, we present a case series of this unique occur...

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  • Endoscopically assisted removal of unilateral coronoid process hyperplasia.

    abstract::Coronoid process hyperplasia (CPH) is an uncommon disorder characterized by an enlarged coronoid process impinging against the posterior aspect of the zygomatic arch. Young male adults are usually affected, presenting with limited mouth opening, which is typically painless and progressive in nature. The diagnosis of t...

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  • The crane principle revisited: application in the reconstruction of compound frontal defects.

    abstract::An extension of the "crane" principle is presented for use in compound frontal defects, and several case histories are described. The procedure would obviously not be possible if a foreign material had been used for the osseous defects, since take of the skin graft depends on circulation through the autogenous bone gr...

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  • Tomographic diagnosis of palatal defects.

    abstract::We present the results of a pilot study conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of palatal tomography in patients suspected of having palatal defects not detectable by other methods. Twelve patients were involved in the projects, ranging in age from 3 to 11 years. There were 8 boys and 4 girls. Each patient was evalua...

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  • A Prospective Comparative Study of Color Doppler Ultrasound and Infrared Thermography in the Detection of Perforators for Anterolateral Thigh Flaps.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Preoperative localization of the perforators allows precise planning of the flap design and improves surgical efficiency. Recently, infrared thermography is introduced as a reliable alternative, where the perforator corresponds to the "hot spot" on the thermogram. This study aims to compare the application o...

    journal_title:Annals of plastic surgery

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  • Versatile use of extended transconjunctival approach for orbital reconstruction.

    abstract::When exposing the orbit, the transconjunctival approach is regarded to have limited surgical exposure. The aim of this study is to demonstrate the versatile usability of extended transconjunctival approach, which can be extended medially and laterally, in reconstruction of medial orbital wall, floor, and even the late...

    journal_title:Annals of plastic surgery

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    authors: Kim DW,Choi SR,Park SH,Koo SH

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  • Rezoning Free Muscle-Sparing Transverse Rectus Abdominis Myocutaneous Flaps Based on Perforasome Groupings and a New Understanding of the Vascular Architecture of the Deep Inferior Epigastric Artery-Based Flaps.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:We compare the vascular territory of free muscle-sparing transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous (MS-TRAM) flaps, deep inferior epigastric perforator (DIEP) flaps, and crossover anastomosis (CA) flaps using intraoperative ex vivo angiography. We also use ex vivo angiography to analyze the vascular architect...

    journal_title:Annals of plastic surgery

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    authors: Tan J,Ohjimi H,Takagi S,Kawakami Y,Eto A

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