Long-term remission after first-line single-agent treatment with arsenic trioxide of relapsed acute promyelocytic leukemia in an 8-year-old boy.


:Arsenic trioxide (ATO) has been proven to be highly effective in adults with newly diagnosed or relapsed acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL). Only very limited data are published on the use of ATO as a single agent for first-line therapy of relapsed APL. The authors present a case of a 8-year-old boy with a bone marrow relapse of APL 7 years after first diagnosis, who achieved durable molecular remission with ATO as single agent: induction therapy for 12 weeks, consolidation for 4 weeks, then 6 cycles of 10 days over a period of 6 months. In total, 140 doses of ATO (0.15 mg/kg/day) were given (21 mg/kg). Consecutive promyelocytic leukemia-retinoic acid receptor α (PML-RARα) RT-PCR analyses were negative with a follow-up of 48 months. Acute or late side effects of arsenic were not observed. At present, the boy is in complete remission 4 years after the diagnosis of the relapse.


Pediatr Hematol Oncol


Ebinger M,Schwarze CP,Feuchtinger T,Scheel-Walter HG,Lang P,Hildenbrand S,Gessler P,Handgretinger R




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