In vitro generation of HSC-like cells from murine ESCs/iPSCs by enforced expression of LIM-homeobox transcription factor Lhx2.


:Identification of genes involved in in vitro differentiation induction of embryonic stem cells (ESCs) into hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) has been challenged during last decade. To date, a homeobox transcription factor Hoxb4 has been only demonstrated to possess such an effect in mice. Here, we show that HSC-like cells were efficiently induced from mouse ESCs by enforced expression of Lhx2, a LIM-homeobox transcription factor. Transduction of Lhx2 into ESC-derived mesodermal cells resulted in robust differentiation of c-Kit(+)/Sca-1(+)/Lineage(-) (KSL) cells in vitro. The KSL cell induction frequency was superior to the case of Hoxb4. Furthermore, transplantation of Lhx2-transduced hematopoietic cells into lethally irradiated mice resulted in multilineage repopulation of hematopoietic cells over 4 months. Transduction of Lhx2 into induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) was also effective in generating KSL cells in vitro, as well as HSC-like activities in vivo. These results demonstrate that ectopic expression of Lhx2 confers an in vivo engrafting capacity to ESC/iPSC-derived hematopoietic cells and in vivo behavior of iPSC-derived hematopoietic cells is almost identical to that of ESC-derived cells.






Kitajima K,Minehata K,Sakimura K,Nakano T,Hara T




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2011-04-07 00:00:00
















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  • Changes of DNA methylation and chromatin structure in the human myeloperoxidase gene during myeloid differentiation.

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  • Autoreactive MZ and B-1 B-cell activation by Faslpr is coincident with an increased frequency of apoptotic lymphocytes and a defect in macrophage clearance.

    abstract::Murine autoreactive anti-Smith (Sm) B cells are negatively regulated by anergy and developmental arrest, but are also positively selected into the marginal zone (MZ) and B-1 B-cell populations. Despite positive selection, anti-Sm production occurs only in autoimmune-prone mice. To investigate autoreactive B-cell activ...


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  • Biphenotypic B-lymphoid/myeloid cells expressing low levels of Pax5: potential targets of BAL development.

    abstract::The expression of Pax5 commits common lymphoid progenitor cells to B-lymphoid lineage differentiation. Little is known of possible variations in the levels of Pax5 expression and their influences on hematopoietic development. We have developed a retroviral transduction system that allows for the study of possible inte...


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  • Establishment and characterization of a novel acute promyelocytic leukemia cell line (UF-1) with retinoic acid-resistant features.

    abstract::All-trans retinoic acid (RA) induces complete remission in a high proportion of patients with acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL). Nevertheless, most of these patients develop RA resistance and relapse. The mechanisms of RA resistance by APL cells are still unclear. To understand the characteristics of human leukemia, ...


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  • Development of T3/T cell receptor gene expression in human pre-T neoplasms.

    abstract::Acquisition of mature T cell function and the T cell antigen receptor repertoire occur in the thymus. In an effort to delineate the cascade of events leading to T cell maturation, we analyzed a series of clonal human precursor T cell neoplasms representing early, middle, and late stages of intrathymic differentiation....


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