Triple arthrodesis.


:Triple arthrodesis is largely used to restore painful hindfoot deformity. However, the procedure has been connected to several postoperative complications. Therefore, an isolated fusion of the talonavicular and the subtalar joint through a single medial approach has gained popularity. This "diple" arthrodesis provides effective correction of deformities and reduces the risk of wound healing problems on the lateral side of the foot.


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  • The complicated Jones fracture, including revision and malalignment.

    abstract::Using radiographs culled over a 33-month period, the treatment, complications, revision, and rehabilitation of complicated Jones fractures and stress fractures involving the proximal diaphysis are examined. Although the non-operative approach remains viable, the exigencies and desires of the athletic and leg-based wor...

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    authors: McBryde AM Jr

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  • Tendoscopy of the posterior tibial tendon.

    abstract::Posteromedial ankle complaints are most often caused by a disorder of the posterior tibial tendon. Two predominant groups of patients can be distinguished: the first involves younger patients who have some form of systemic inflammatory disease; the second involves older patients whose dysfunction is caused by chronic ...

    journal_title:Foot and ankle clinics

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    authors: Bulstra GH,Olsthoorn PG,Niek van Dijk C

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  • Foot and ankle reconstruction after blast injuries.

    abstract::Foot and ankle reconstruction following blast trauma is particularly challenging based on the devastating soft tissue injuries associated with open comminuted fractures. Considering the difficulties encountered in reconstruction, the functional limitations associated with many salvaged limbs, and the superior performa...

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    authors: McGuigan FX,Forsberg JA,Andersen RC

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  • Acute Lateral Ankle Instability.

    abstract::Acute injuries to the lateral ankle complex remain common and account for 20% to 25% of musculoskeletal injuries. Initial assessment should use the Ottawa ankle rules, and grading should take into account degree of mechanical instability. Nonoperative measures are preferable for all grades of injury; however, mechanic...

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  • The role of ring external fixation in Charcot foot arthropathy.

    abstract::These two morbidly obese patients with severe Charcot foot arthropathy were treated successfully with percutaneous correction of their deformity followed by a stepwise application of a pre-assembled neutrally aligned multiplane ring external fixator. This technique transfers well to the trauma environment in which ali...

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    authors: Pinzur MS

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  • Hallux rigidus: MTP implant arthroplasty.

    abstract::Hallux rigidus or osteoarthritis of the first metatarsophalangeal joint is characterized by pain, stiffness of the joint, and alterations of gait. The appeal of joint arthroplasty for hallux rigidus is similar to its benefits in other joints in the body. The ideal implant should relieve pain, restore motion, improve f...

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    authors: Sullivan MR

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  • Minimizing the role of fusion in the rigid flatfoot.

    abstract::The goals of surgery for the rigid flatfoot are to achieve a painless, stable, functional plantigrade foot. Although triple arthrodesis affords predictable correction and pain relief, the long-term sequelae of extended hindfoot fusions include arthritis and often the need for further, more extensive fusion procedures....

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    authors: Taylor R,Sammarco VJ

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  • Imaging of the talus.

    abstract::There are numerous options for imaging talar pathology. Of these, radiography, CT, scintigraphy, and MRI are used most commonly. Advantages and limitations of these techniques should be considered when formulating an imaging algorithm for evaluation of the patient's clinical problem. ...

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  • Tarsal coalitions in the adult population: does treatment differ from the adolescent?

    abstract::There is a paucity of information on adult coalitions without large, well-designed outcome studies. Current recommendations are thus similar to those for adolescents. Based on the available literature, current recommendations include an initial trial of adequate nonoperative treatment in symptomatic coalitions. Unlike...

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    authors: Thorpe SW,Wukich DK

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  • Acute and chronic peroneal tendon dislocations.

    abstract::Peroneal tendon dislocation is an infrequent sports injury and can be difficult to diagnose. Posterior fibula tenderness and pain with eversion are useful signs to discriminate this from an ankle sprain. In the acute setting, a direct repair provides good results but may need to be augmented with additional soft tissu...

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    authors: Rosenfeld P

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  • Varus ankle and osteochondral lesions of the talus.

    abstract::Considerable recent orthopedic literature is dedicated to either the surgical management of OLTs and correction of varus ankle alignment, but little is published on the combination of these 2 problems. We anticipate that future clinical and biomechanical research will address their simultaneous treatment; until then, ...

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    authors: Easley ME,Vineyard JC

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  • Epidemiology of foot and ankle injuries in the workplace.

    abstract::Injuries to the ankle, foot, and toes of injured workers are common. Although the workers' compensation system attempts to collect information about these injuries and report them in a meaningful way, the process is somewhat inconsistent, inaccurate, and provides information relevant to government agencies but not to ...

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  • Current Update in Total Ankle Arthroplasty: Salvage of the Failed Total Ankle Arthroplasty with Anterior Translation of the Talus.

    abstract::Ankle replacement results may be compromised by malposition of the components. An anterior displacement can be measured on a lateral standing radiograph. The ankle may appear anteriorly translated because the ankle is overstuffed, the heel cord is tight, or the posterior capsule is tight. In ankle instability with deg...

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    authors: Younger A,Veljkovic A

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  • Pull-out technique for plantar plate repair of the metatarsophalangeal joint.

    abstract::Plantar plate rupture is a common cause of forefoot pain, multiplanar malalignment, subluxation, or dislocation of the metatarsophalangeal joint (MTPJ). The treatments that have been described for MTPJ instability of lesser toes include amputation, lengthening and/or tendon transfer, periarticular soft-tissue release ...

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    authors: Sanhudo JA,Ellera Gomes JL

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  • Medial slide calcaneal osteotomy. Technique, patient selection, and results.

    abstract::This article reviews the indications and the operative technique for the medial calcaneal slide osteotomy for the treatment of posterior tibial insufficiency. Patient selection, expected results, and complications of this technique are discussed. When used in combination with flexor digitorum longus transfer, the medi...

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    authors: Weinfeld SB

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  • Bunionette: Is There a Minimally Invasive Solution?

    abstract::A bunionette deformity is a painful prominence on the lateral aspect of the fifth metatarsal head. Surgical treatment can be considered if conservative treatment has failed to relieve the symptoms. The percutaneous approach consists of 2 steps: a condylectomy and an osteotomy of the fifth metatarsal. The learning curv...

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    authors: Michels F,Guillo S

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  • The use of flexor to extensor transfers for the correction of the flexible hammer toe deformity.

    abstract::Flexor to extensor transfer is a useful means for the correction of a flexible hammer toe deformity. Although satisfaction rates have varied in the literature, this technique remains a useful tool in the surgeon’s armamentarium to improve toe deformity, decrease pain, and aid in shoe wear. ...

    journal_title:Foot and ankle clinics

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    authors: Kwon JY,De Asla RJ

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  • Intraoperative and Postoperative Evaluation of Hallux Valgus Correction: What Is Important?

    abstract::The hallux valgus is one of the most challenging foot and ankle deformities to correct. The current concept is to consider the hallux valgus as a triplane deformity, and the parameters in transverse, sagittal, and frontal planes must be considered. The hallux valgus angle, intermetatarsal angle, tibial sesamoid positi...

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    authors: Zambelli R,Baumfeld D

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  • Ankle chondral injuries and repair.

    abstract::The success of cartilage repair in the ankle and other joints rests on multiple factors. Because native cartilage healing fails to produce hyaline, organized cartilage, the challenge lies in activating an appropriate healing response. The combination of an optimal structural matrix, infusion of pleuripotent cells, and...

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    authors: Toth AP,Easley ME

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  • Foot malignancies: a multidisciplinary approach.

    abstract::Malignant osseous and soft tissue tumors of the foot are rare and should be considered in patients who have foot-related symptoms. Most sarcomas affect patients who are older than 55 years; however, many young patients who are otherwise healthy, may present with malignant foot and ankle lesions. In addition to benign ...

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    authors: Papagelopoulos PJ,Mavrogenis AF,Badekas A,Sim FH

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  • Tendon transfers for the drop foot.

    abstract::The paralytic drop foot represents a challenging problem for even the most experienced orthopedic surgeon. Careful patient selection, thorough preoperative examination and planning, and application of tendon transfer biomechanical and physiologic principles outlined in this article can lead to successful results, eith...

    journal_title:Foot and ankle clinics

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    authors: Schweitzer KM Jr,Jones CP

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  • Nonsurgical treatment of adult acquired flat foot deformity.

    abstract::The adult acquired flat foot requires assessment with unique casting and fabrication of support appliances. Conservative treatment is preferred as the initial protocol. Stabilization and control of affected joints can provide the patient with a decreased level of pain and an increased level of function. The orthosis d...

    journal_title:Foot and ankle clinics

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    authors: Elftman NW

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  • Fractures of the Lateral Process of the Talus.

    abstract::Lateral talar process fractures (LTPF) are uncommon injuries but have become more relevant with snowboarding. Currently the fractures are classified according to McCrory-Bladin into 3 types, with advice for treatment that is not ideal anymore. This article proposes modifying the existing classification by differentiat...

    journal_title:Foot and ankle clinics

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    authors: Tinner C,Sommer C

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  • Rotational and opening wedge basal osteotomies.

    abstract::There are more than 150 different procedures described for correction of the hallux valgus deformity, the treatment of which is usually guided by severity. Moderate to severe hallux valgus has traditionally been managed with a shaft or proximal osteotomy together with distal soft-tissue release. Proximal osteotomies c...

    journal_title:Foot and ankle clinics

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    authors: Ferrao PN,Saragas NP

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  • Total Replacement of Varus Ankle: Three-Component Prosthesis Design.

    abstract::In the past few decades, total ankle replacement (TAR) has become an increasingly recommended and accepted treatment in patients with end-stage ankle osteoarthritis. However, controversy still exists about the appropriate indications for TAR, specifically in ankles with coronal plane deformities. Although not explicit...

    journal_title:Foot and ankle clinics

    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Hintermann B,Ruiz R

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  • Hindfoot issues in the treatment of the cavovarus foot.

    abstract::Cavovarus foot deformity is a result of a dysbalance of the extrinsic musculature about the foot. Because of the multi-articular bony structure of the foot and ankle, the slightest imbalance of muscular forces causes osteo-articular malalignment and consequent gross deformities. This article discusses hindfoot issues ...

    journal_title:Foot and ankle clinics

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    authors: Klaue K

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  • Joint denervation and neuroma surgery as joint-preserving therapy for ankle pain.

    abstract::Partial joint denervation or surgical neuroma therapy are alternative concepts to treat pain around the ankle joint that preserve joint function and relieve pain by interrupting neural pathways that transmit pain impulses from the joint to the brain. This review article summarizes the indication, anatomic background, ...

    journal_title:Foot and ankle clinics

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    authors: Gohritz A,Dellon AL,Kalbermatten D,Fulco I,Tremp M,Schaefer DJ

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  • In-Season Management of Acute and Subacute Sports Foot Injuries.

    abstract::In athletes, foot injuries present with a variety of mechanisms, severity, and implications for return to play. Although potentially given less attention than knee and shoulder injuries by the team physician, foot injuries are common and thus require knowledgeable consideration. In this article, we review the anatomy,...

    journal_title:Foot and ankle clinics

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    authors: Davis WA 3rd,Yagnik GP

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  • Current Trends in Fixation Techniques.

    abstract::Hallux valgus is an extremely common and often disabling deformity. In addition to valgus deformity of the hallux, varying degrees of varus and supination of the first metatarsal and instability in the metatarsophalangeal and metatarsocuneiform joints are frequently present. Because of the complexity and multiplicity ...

    journal_title:Foot and ankle clinics

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    authors: Sanhudo JAV,Pereira TAP

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  • Understanding the Anatomy and Biomechanics of Ankle Tendons.

    abstract::The tendons that cross the ankle are complex and sophisticated structures that enable standing and forward propulsion and the ability to accommodate uneven ground. Understanding the biomechanics and local anatomy of these tendons is essential to the treatment of disorders of the foot and ankle, whether it be in formul...

    journal_title:Foot and ankle clinics

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    authors: Chiodo CP

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