An arousing discovery on catalepsy: orexin regulates vestibular motor functions.


:A study by Zhang et al. in this issue of Neuron reveals a novel mechanism of control of vestibular motor functions by the orexin (hypocretin) system in the perifornical/LH area through the lateral vestibular nucleus in the brainstem. This knowledge provides new insights into the understanding of brain circuitry that controls motor functions and diseases/conditions related to impairments in this circuitry.






Gao XB,Horvath TL




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  • Temporal Interval Learning in Cortical Cultures Is Encoded in Intrinsic Network Dynamics.

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  • Bad Ac-etylated Tau.

    abstract::By using a tau construct with two mimicked acetylation sites as identified in AD brains, Tracy et al. (2016) found that acetylated tau promotes synaptic dysfunction through disruption of postsynaptic KIBRA signaling pathways, actin dynamics, and AMPA receptor trafficking. ...


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  • A Central Move for CB2 Receptors.

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  • A Novel Mechanism for the Grid-to-Place Cell Transformation Revealed by Transgenic Depolarization of Medial Entorhinal Cortex Layer II.

    abstract::The spatial receptive fields of neurons in medial entorhinal cortex layer II (MECII) and in the hippocampus suggest general and environment-specific maps of space, respectively. However, the relationship between these receptive fields remains unclear. We reversibly manipulated the activity of MECII neurons via chemoge...


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  • Spike timing-dependent LTP/LTD mediates visual experience-dependent plasticity in a developing retinotectal system.

    abstract::Sensory experience plays an instructive role in the development of the nervous system. Here we showed that visual experience can induce persistent modification of developing retinotectal circuits via spike timing-dependent plasticity (STDP). Pairing light stimuli with spiking of the tectal cell induced persistent enha...


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  • Multiple calcium-dependent processes related to secretion in bovine chromaffin cells.

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  • Kinetics of synaptotagmin responses to Ca2+ and assembly with the core SNARE complex onto membranes.

    abstract::The synaptic vesicle protein synaptotagmin I binds Ca2+ and is required for efficient neurotransmitter release. Here, we measure the response time of the C2 domains of synaptotagmin to determine whether synaptotagmin is fast enough to function as a Ca2+ sensor for rapid exocytosis. We report that synaptotagmin is "tun...


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  • Axo-axonic Innervation of Neocortical Pyramidal Neurons by GABAergic Chandelier Cells Requires AnkyrinG-Associated L1CAM.

    abstract::Among the diverse interneuron subtypes in the neocortex, chandelier cells (ChCs) are the only population that selectively innervate pyramidal neurons (PyNs) at their axon initial segment (AIS), the site of action potential initiation, allowing them to exert powerful control over PyN output. Yet, mechanisms underlying ...


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  • Light-dependent translocation of visual arrestin regulated by the NINAC myosin III.

    abstract::The rhodopsin regulatory protein, visual arrestin, undergoes light-dependent trafficking in mammalian and Drosophila photoreceptor cells, though the mechanisms underlying these movements are poorly understood. In Drosophila, the movement of the visual arrestin, Arr2, functions in long-term adaptation and is dependent ...


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  • Activity-induced protocadherin arcadlin regulates dendritic spine number by triggering N-cadherin endocytosis via TAO2beta and p38 MAP kinases.

    abstract::Synaptic activity induces changes in the number of dendritic spines. Here, we report a pathway of regulated endocytosis triggered by arcadlin, a protocadherin induced by electroconvulsive and other excitatory stimuli in hippocampal neurons. The homophilic binding of extracellular arcadlin domains activates TAO2beta, a...


    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Yasuda S,Tanaka H,Sugiura H,Okamura K,Sakaguchi T,Tran U,Takemiya T,Mizoguchi A,Yagita Y,Sakurai T,De Robertis EM,Yamagata K

    更新日期:2007-11-08 00:00:00

  • Single-photon absorptions evoke synaptic depression in the retina to extend the operational range of rod vision.

    abstract::Adaptation or gain control allows sensory neurons to encode diverse stimuli using a limited range of output signals. Rod vision exemplifies a general challenge facing adaptational mechanisms-balancing the benefits of averaging to create a reliable signal for adaptation with the need to adapt rapidly and locally. The s...


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  • Natural scenes viewing alters the dynamics of functional connectivity in the human brain.

    abstract::Spontaneous fMRI fluctuations are organized in large-scale spatiotemporal structures, or resting-state networks (RSN). However, it is unknown how task performance affects RSN dynamics. We use MEG to measure slow (∼0.1 Hz) coherent fluctuations of band-limited power (BLP), a robust correlate of RSN, during rest and mov...


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  • Oscillatory substrates of fear and safety.

    abstract::Oscillatory activity in the basolateral amygdala (BLA) is critical for emotional behavior. In this issue of Neuron, Stujenske et al. (2014) describe novel dynamics of BLA theta-gamma-coupled neuronal oscillations associated with conditioned and innate fear. ...


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  • Cell assemblies of the superficial cortex.

    abstract::The auditory cortex encodes information about sounds through the combined activity of large numbers of neurons, but the way this population activity is organized has not been clear. In this issue of Neuron, Bathellier et al. (2012) show that firing in the superficial layers of auditory cortex is organized into a small...


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  • Identification of M-channels in outside-out patches excised from sympathetic ganglion cells.

    abstract::We have identified the species of K+ channel that underlies the neuronal M-current in rat sympathetic ganglion cells. The channels were kinetically and pharmacologically defined using outside-out and cell-attached patches. They exhibited multiple conductance levels, predominantly 3-9 pS. Their slow gating in response ...


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    authors: Stansfeld CE,Marsh SJ,Gibb AJ,Brown DA

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  • Regulation of releasable vesicle pool sizes by protein kinase A-dependent phosphorylation of SNAP-25.

    abstract::Protein kinase A (PKA) is a key regulator of neurosecretion, but the molecular targets remain elusive. We combined pharmacological manipulations of kinase and phosphatase activities with mutational studies on the exocytotic machinery driving fusion of catecholamine-containing vesicles from chromaffin cells. We found t...


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  • Layer I Interneurons Sharpen Sensory Maps during Neonatal Development.

    abstract::The neonatal mammal faces an array of sensory stimuli when diverse neuronal types have yet to form sensory maps. How these inputs interact with intrinsic neuronal activity to facilitate circuit assembly is not well understood. By using longitudinal calcium imaging in unanesthetized mouse pups, we show that layer I (LI...


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  • Innovations in the imaging of brain functions using fluorescent proteins.

    abstract::Fluorescence imaging has enabled us to decipher spatiotemporal information coded in complex tissues. Genetically encoded probes that enable fluorescence imaging of excitable cell activity have been constructed by fusing fluorescent proteins to functional proteins that are involved in physiological signaling. The probe...


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  • cDNA clones coding for the structural subunit of a chicken brain nicotinic acetylcholine receptor.

    abstract::Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (AChRs) immunoaffinity-purified from brains are composed of only two kinds of subunits rather than the four kinds present in muscle-type AChRs. Here we report the N-terminal protein sequences of the structural subunits of AChRs from rat and chicken brains and the cloning of full-lengt...


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    authors: Schoepfer R,Whiting P,Esch F,Blacher R,Shimasaki S,Lindstrom J

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  • BK channels: the spring between sensor and gate.

    abstract::K+ channels contain two main functional domains, an ion-selective pore and a sensor that determines whether the cytoplasmic pore gate is open or closed. In this issue of Neuron, Niu et al. provide compelling evidence that the link between sensor and gate is a remarkably simple mechanical spring. ...


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    authors: Papazian DM

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  • PCR and patch-clamp analysis of single neurons.

    abstract::The combination of patch-clamp and molecular biology techniques has made it possible to characterize the pharmacological and biophysical properties of ion channels in single neurons and to screen for expression of specific mRNAs in the same cell. Following whole-cell recording, the cytoplasm of the cell is harvested, ...


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    authors: Sucher NJ,Deitcher DL

    更新日期:1995-06-01 00:00:00

  • A Cre-dependent, anterograde transsynaptic viral tracer for mapping output pathways of genetically marked neurons.

    abstract::Neurotropic viruses that conditionally infect or replicate in molecularly defined neuronal subpopulations, and then spread transsynaptically, are powerful tools for mapping neural pathways. Genetically targetable retrograde transsynaptic tracer viruses are available to map the inputs to specific neuronal subpopulation...


    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Lo L,Anderson DJ

    更新日期:2011-12-22 00:00:00

  • Kalzium ist nicht alles.

    abstract::Elevation of cerebral Mg2+ with a novel orally delivered ionophore, magnesium threonate, enhances cognition in young and old rats over a 12-24 day treatment interval, as outlined in a paper by Slutsky et al. in this issue of Neuron. Despite both Mg2+ and Zn2+ blocking the NMDA receptor channel, sustained extracellular...


    pub_type: 评论,杂志文章,评审


    authors: Bush AI

    更新日期:2010-01-28 00:00:00

  • Off-target effect of doublecortin family shRNA on neuronal migration associated with endogenous microRNA dysregulation.

    abstract::Acute gene inactivation using short hairpin RNA (shRNA, knockdown) in developing brain is a powerful technique to study genetic function; however, discrepancies between knockdown and knockout murine phenotypes have left unanswered questions. For example, doublecortin (Dcx) knockdown but not knockout shows a neocortica...


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  • No Nogo: now where to go?

    abstract::Nogo-A, a reticulon protein expressed by oligodendrocytes, contributes to the axonal growth inhibitory action of central myelin in growth cone collapse and neurite outgrowth in vitro assays, and antibody and inhibitor studies have implicated a role for Nogo in regeneration in the adult CNS in vivo. Three independent l...


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  • EPAC null mutation impairs learning and social interactions via aberrant regulation of miR-124 and Zif268 translation.

    abstract::EPAC proteins are the guanine nucleotide exchange factors that act as the intracellular receptors for cyclic AMP. Two variants of EPAC genes including EPAC1 and EPAC2 are cloned and are widely expressed throughout the brain. But, their functions in the brain remain unknown. Here, we genetically delete EPAC1 (EPAC1(-/-...


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    authors: Yang Y,Shu X,Liu D,Shang Y,Wu Y,Pei L,Xu X,Tian Q,Zhang J,Qian K,Wang YX,Petralia RS,Tu W,Zhu LQ,Wang JZ,Lu Y

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  • Rapid Invariant Encoding of Scene Layout in Human OPA.

    abstract::Successful visual navigation requires a sense of the geometry of the local environment. How do our brains extract this information from retinal images? Here we visually presented scenes with all possible combinations of five scene-bounding elements (left, right, and back walls; ceiling; floor) to human subjects during...


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  • Invigoration of reward seeking by cue and proximity encoding in the nucleus accumbens.

    abstract::A key function of the nucleus accumbens is to promote vigorous reward seeking, but the corresponding neural mechanism has not been identified despite many years of research. Here, we study cued flexible approach behavior, a form of reward seeking that strongly depends on the accumbens, and we describe a robust, single...


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  • Linx mediates interaxonal interactions and formation of the internal capsule.

    abstract::During the development of forebrain connectivity, ascending thalamocortical and descending corticofugal axons first intermingle at the pallial-subpallial boundary to form the internal capsule (IC). However, the identity of molecular cues that guide these axons remains largely unknown. Here, we show that the transmembr...


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  • Connecting the dots: from actin polymerization to synapse formation.

    abstract::Protrusive behavior of dendritic spines on developing neurons has been previously suggested to mediate the formation of new axodendritic synaptic contacts. A study by Zito et al. in this issue of Neuron links actin polymerization in dendritic spines with the motility that the spines exhibit and the synapses that they ...


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