[Selective intestinal preparation in a multimodal rehabilitation program. Influence on preoperative comfort and the results after colorectal surgery].


INTRODUCTION:Despite there being no evidence of the advantages of its use, mechanical bowel preparation (MBP) continues to be routine in colorectal surgery. Our objective is to analyse the impact of its selective use, as regards patient comfort and results, comparing a perioperative multimodal rehabilitation program (MMRH) with conventional care (CC). MATERIAL AND METHODS:A prospective study of 108 patients proposed for elective surgery, assigned consecutively 2:1 to an MMRH protocol which only included MBP in rectal surgery with low anastomosis, or to CC in whom MBP was used except in right colon surgery. We also studied two Groups (A and B) with and without the use of MBP. Their tolerance, results and postoperative recovery variables were analysed. RESULTS:Thirty-nine patients were included in Group A, and 69 in Group B. A MMRH protocol was used in another 69 patients. The Group A patients had more abdominal pain, anal discomfort, nausea and thirst, but there were no differences as regards, death, overall or local complications, whilst there was less complications, suture failures and death in the MMRH when compared with CC Group (P<.05). There were no advantages observed in the use of MBP as regards the start of bowel movements, tolerance to diet or hospital stay, but these parameters were favourable to the MMRH when compared with CC Group. CONCLUSIONS:The restriction of MBP is safe, and associated with an MMRH program, contributes to a faster and more comfortable recovery, without increasing complications.


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Roig JV,García-Fadrique A,Salvador A,Villalba FL,Tormos B,Lorenzo-Liñán MÁ,García-Armengol J




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  • [Management of postoperative nausea and vomiting].

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    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Drug trafficking by means of introducing packets of illegal substances in body cavities carries a risk of suffering from a gastrointestinal obstruction and/or severe poisoning in the person who transports them. Spain is considered as the port of entry to Europe for drugs, and some Spanish hospitals have ex...

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  • [Single port laparoscopic cholecystectomy in major ambulatory surgery (MAS)].

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Natural orifice endoscopic surgery is a new surgical procedure still in the development phase. The most natural entry for surgeons is to use an already existing scar, such as the navel. The recent introduction of trocars designed for this purpose has made it possible to put this into practice. MATERIAL AN...

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