Clinical practice placements in the community: a survey to determine if they reflect the shift in healthcare delivery from secondary to primary care settings.


:With the worldwide strategic shift of health care delivery from secondary to primary care settings, more newly qualified nurses are working in primary care, making exposure to the variety of roles available to nurses essential for future workforce development. The aim of this small research project was to explore whether English universities' programmes are providing clinical practice placement experiences which reflect the breadth and complexity of nursing roles available in primary care. A survey of academic staff highlighted that universities designed curricula based on local placement and mentor availability and while a variety of primary care teams are being used, district nursing teams continue to be used the most, particularly for substantive placements. The need for specified staff to work across university and placement settings was deemed essential for identifying and supporting community based clinical placements. Recommendations from the project include: an increasingly collaborative approach amongst clinical, academic and managerial staff to create a learning culture for all health professional students' practice experience; robust strategic systems to ensure clinical placements are offered by services on the periphery of a national health service; and focussing of resources on students with a desire to pursue a primary care career.


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  • Nursing students' belongingness and workplace satisfaction: Quantitative findings of a mixed methods study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The relationship between nursing students' belongingness and workplace satisfaction has received limited attention in the literature to date. AIM:The aim of this study was to explore the relationship between, and factors that may influence final semester nursing students' need to belong, sense of belonging ...

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  • Moving forward: Barriers and enablers to failure to fail - A mixed methods meta-integration.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Many academics and clinicians who assess nursing students as part of their work-integrated learning experiences encounter difficulties with awarding a failing grade to students who do not meet fitness for practice standards. OBJECTIVES:The aim of this study was to explore and further our understanding of as...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

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  • The mediating role of emotional intelligence between negative life events and psychological distress among nursing students: A cross-sectional study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Previous studies have highlighted that negative life events and emotional intelligence are significant predictors of mental health. However, whether emotional intelligence mediates the relationship between negative life events and psychological distress among nursing students have not been given adequate att...

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  • Knowledge and attitude of nursing students regarding older adults' sexuality: A cross-sectional study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Although older adults are sexual, sexuality is infrequently discussed with them by health care professionals. Nursing students, as future professionals, can make an important contribution by developing competences in discussing intimacy and sexuality with older adults to increase quality of life and to preve...

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  • Scaffolding student learning in clinical practice.

    abstract::For many years the profession has acknowledged a schism between theories taught in the classroom and the practice of clinicians. This tends to arise from beliefs that knowledge which has been generalized (formalized) can be readily transferred to informal settings (practice). Whilst apprehension of formalized knowledg...

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  • A core competency model for Chinese baccalaureate nursing graduates: a descriptive correlational study in Beijing.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:A review of the literature showed that the core competencies needed by newly graduated Chinese nurses were not as of yet undocumented. OBJECTIVE:To develop a psychometrically sound instrument for identifying and measuring the core competencies needed by Chinese nursing baccalaureate graduates. DESIGN:Descr...

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  • Development of a nursing education program for improving Chinese undergraduates' self-directed learning: A mixed-method study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This paper demonstrates the establishment of an extra-curricular education program in Chinese context and evaluates its effectiveness on undergraduate nursing students' self-directed learning. METHODS:Zimmerman's self-directed learning model was used as the theoretical framework for the development of an edu...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

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    authors: Tao Y,Li L,Xu Q,Jiang A

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  • Pedagogical principles underpinning undergraduate Nurse Education in the UK: A review.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:This review provides a contextual report of the current use of pedagogy in undergraduate nursing programmes run by Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) in the United Kingdom (UK). Pedagogy provides the framework for educators to add shape and structure to the educational process, and to support student learnin...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

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    authors: Mackintosh-Franklin C

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  • Fast food for thought: how to survive and thrive in the corporate university.

    abstract::Michael Oakeshott warned in 1950 that the very existence of the university as a place of learning and scholarship was under threat from corporate interests, and that the provision of education was being replaced by the sale of qualifications. By the end of the century, Bill Readings had pronounced that the university ...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

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    authors: Rolfe G

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  • Perceptions and experiences of nursing students enrolled in a palliative and end-of-life nursing elective: A qualitative study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The Carnegie Foundation has identified three professional apprenticeships in nursing that are key to helping students acquire a professional identity. These apprenticeships integrate knowledge acquisition (cognitive apprenticeship), practical experience (practical apprenticeship), and an ethical identity (et...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

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    authors: Hold JL,Blake BJ,Ward EN

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  • Using e-learning to support clinical skills acquisition: exploring the experiences and perceptions of graduate first-year pre-registration nursing students - a mixed method study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Clinical skills education must accommodate the different needs of nursing students, particularly in view of increasing numbers of graduate entrants. E-learning has been promoted for its ability to engage learners and customise the learning process and evidence supports its use for clinical skill acquisition....

    journal_title:Nurse education today

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Bloomfield JG,Jones A

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  • Two steps forward, one step back: the intricacies of engaging with e-portfolios in nursing undergraduate education.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To share the experience of implementing and refining the use of e-portfolios into an undergraduate nursing degree. DESIGN:This is a reflective piece that explores the hurdles experienced in introducing and maintaining e-portfolio's into higher education, particularly in undergraduate nursing curricula. DAT...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

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    authors: Andrews T,Cole C

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  • Using simulation to test critical thinking skills of nursing students.

    abstract::The purpose of this pilot study was to evaluate the effectiveness of using simulations to test critical thinking ability of nursing students. Nine medical and surgical videotaped vignettes were selected from the critical thinking component of the Performance Based Development System (PBDS). Pathology, difficulty ratin...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

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    authors: Johannsson SL,Wertenberger DH

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  • Advancing advanced practice - clarifying the conceptual confusion.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:In recent years, there has been a substantial increase in the number of nurses holding advanced practice nursing positions. However, the lack of clarity regarding key terms such as 'advanced practice nursing', 'advanced nursing practice', 'scope of practice' and 'extended practice', and international variabi...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Stasa H,Cashin A,Buckley T,Donoghue J

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  • Nursing students' and lecturers' perspectives of objective structured clinical examination incorporating simulation.

    abstract::Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) has been widely and increasingly used since it was developed. Research has shown that it is an effective evaluation tool to assess practical skills (Sloan et al. 1995). In many instances the OSCE process has been adapted to test trainees from different healthcare relate...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

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    authors: Alinier G

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  • Health anxiety and cyberchondria among Ege University health science students.

    abstract::It is common among health science students to incorrectly believe that they have contracted certain diseases they have recently studied. This can also be seen in the form of health anxiety and investigating health-related information via the internet. Health anxiety, cyberchondria and affecting factors are determined ...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

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    authors: Bati AH,Mandiracioglu A,Govsa F,Çam O

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  • Finessing incivility: The professional socialisation experiences of student nurses' first clinical placement, a grounded theory.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Clinical practice is where student nurses are socialised into a professional role and acquire the distinct behaviour, attitudes and values of the nursing profession. Getting it right at the outset can maximise the development of a professional identity and the transmission of robust value systems. OBJECTIVE...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

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    authors: Thomas J,Jinks A,Jack B

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  • Qualities, teaching, and measurement of compassion in nursing: A systematic review.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Compassion has global implications for nursing care. However, failure to provide compassionate care is reported by patients. Nursing and nurse education have been scrutinized about the impact training can have on student's compassion. Furthermore, there is a paucity of standardised measures to assess levels ...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Durkin M,Gurbutt R,Carson J

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  • Views on evidence from nursing and midwifery opinion leaders.

    abstract::National registration standards in Australia require nurses and midwives to be educationally prepared to use an evidence-based framework for their practice. These standards assume a shared professional understanding of evidence and, an agreed approach towards educational preparation for evidence implementation. In thi...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

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    authors: Waters D,Rychetnik L,Crisp J,Barratt A

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  • An evaluation of a collaborative approach to the assessment of competence among nursing students of three universities in Ireland.

    abstract::This paper describes a collaborative project conducted by the three principal universities in Dublin to implement and evaluate a competence assessment tool for use by nursing students and their assessors while on clinical placements. In the greater Dublin area, students from three universities are required to share cl...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: O'Connor T,Fealy GM,Kelly M,Mc Guinness AM,Timmins F

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  • Introducing a design exigency to promote student learning through assessment: A case study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Assessment technologies are often used to classify student and newly qualified nurse performance as 'pass' or 'fail', with little attention to how these decisions are achieved. Examining the design exigencies of classification technologies, such as performance assessment technologies, provides opportunities ...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Grealish LA,Shaw JM

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  • Nursing as universal and recognisable: Nursing students'perceptions of learning outcomes from intercultural peer learning webinars: A qualitative study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Nursing students need to be prepared for the increasingly culturally diverse health care. Therefore, providing students with international perspectives remains the mission of higher education. However, given the logistic and financial constraints, not all students will be able to travel overseas for their in...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Carlson E,Stenberg M,Chan B,Ho S,Lai T,Wong A,Chan EA

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  • The patient as 'teacher': learning in the care of elderly persons with dementia.

    abstract::In 1996 HM Queen Silvia of Sweden started a non-governmental education programme with an integrated day-care unit devoted to elderly persons with dementia. A total of 18 Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) from various parts of Sweden took part in the year theoretical and practical education in dementia care. The purpose ...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

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    authors: Skog M,Grafström M,Negussie B,Winblad B

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  • 'Stepping in' or 'stepping back': how first year nursing students begin to learn about person-centred care.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The concept of person-centred care has gained international recognition over the last decade and forms one of the key concepts of our Nursing Quality Improvement Curricular Framework. OBJECTIVES:This study aimed to investigate nursing students' learning about person-centred care during the first-year of the...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

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    authors: Currie K,Bannerman S,Howatson V,MacLeod F,Mayne W,Organ C,Renton S,Scott J

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  • The teaching of genetics in New Zealand undergraduate nursing programmes.

    abstract::This paper reports the results of a survey to determine how much genetics is taught in the bioscience component of the three-year Bachelor of Nursing degree offered by 16 tertiary education institutes in New Zealand. A questionnaire was mailed to the bioscience lecturers seeking information on the bioscience and genet...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Nicol MJ

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  • Effectiveness of three-dimensional visualisation on undergraduate nursing and midwifery students' knowledge and achievement in pharmacology: A mixed methods study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Historically nursing and midwifery students have reported difficulty understanding the concept-based science underpinning the interactions between drugs and their targets. This knowledge is crucial for the administration and monitoring of the therapeutic and adverse effects of medications. Immersive three-di...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Hanson J,Andersen P,Dunn PK

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  • The 'five rights' of clinical reasoning: an educational model to enhance nursing students' ability to identify and manage clinically 'at risk' patients.

    abstract::Acute care settings are characterised by patients with complex health problems who are more likely to be or become seriously ill during their hospital stay. Although warning signs often precede serious adverse events there is consistent evidence that 'at risk' patients are not always identified or managed appropriatel...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

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    authors: Levett-Jones T,Hoffman K,Dempsey J,Jeong SY,Noble D,Norton CA,Roche J,Hickey N

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  • Philosophy: a key to open the door to critical thinking.

    abstract::It has been suggested that philosophy is a bit like manure: pile it high and it rots and stinks, but spread it around and it becomes surprisingly useful. Philosophical enquiry, used sparingly, can provide a means to develop critical and analytical ability in nurses. A key principle of philosophical enquiry is the deve...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Clarke DJ,Holt J

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  • An investigation of nursing students' knowledge of dementia: A questionnaire study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Globally, rising rates of dementia indicate the need for more nurses skilled in caring for people with this condition. However nursing students may not acquire the requisite knowledge from existing undergraduate curricula. OBJECTIVES:To investigate the dementia knowledge of second-year nursing students befo...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Eccleston CE,Lea EJ,McInerney F,Crisp E,Marlow A,Robinson AL

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  • Nurse prescribing, nurse education and related research in the United Kingdom: a review of the literature.

    abstract::This literature review aims to explore nurse education and the impact this has had on preparing nurses to become nurse prescribers and nurse prescribing research. Research about the initial nurse prescribing education and training programme indicated that although patients were content with nurses prescribing medicati...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Banning M

    更新日期:2004-08-01 00:00:00