Clinical practice placements in the community: a survey to determine if they reflect the shift in healthcare delivery from secondary to primary care settings.


:With the worldwide strategic shift of health care delivery from secondary to primary care settings, more newly qualified nurses are working in primary care, making exposure to the variety of roles available to nurses essential for future workforce development. The aim of this small research project was to explore whether English universities' programmes are providing clinical practice placement experiences which reflect the breadth and complexity of nursing roles available in primary care. A survey of academic staff highlighted that universities designed curricula based on local placement and mentor availability and while a variety of primary care teams are being used, district nursing teams continue to be used the most, particularly for substantive placements. The need for specified staff to work across university and placement settings was deemed essential for identifying and supporting community based clinical placements. Recommendations from the project include: an increasingly collaborative approach amongst clinical, academic and managerial staff to create a learning culture for all health professional students' practice experience; robust strategic systems to ensure clinical placements are offered by services on the periphery of a national health service; and focussing of resources on students with a desire to pursue a primary care career.


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  • Misplaced confidence in a profession's ability to safeguard the public?

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  • The educational needs of non-specialist breast care nurses.

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  • Communication skills training in healthcare: a review of the literature.

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  • Young peoples' perceptions of the nursing profession: An integrative review.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:The purpose of this integrative review was to describe young people's perceptions of the nursing profession and to identify factors influencing the perception. DESIGN:Integrative literature review. DATA SOURCES:The CINAHL, PubMed and Medic electronic databases were searched for research publications betwee...

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  • An evaluation of the clinical performance of newly qualified nurses: a competency based assessment.

    abstract::The clinical performance of newly qualified staff nurses, or their 'fitness for purpose' has become a central professional and corporate issue and highlighted as a central causes for the reforms recommended by the Peach report (Peach 1999). However the ability to gauge the performance of newly qualified nurses remains...

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  • Interpersonal skills training in nurse education: some theoretical and curricular considerations.

    abstract::Interpersonal skills training continues to be an important, but ill-defined aspect of nurse education. The author explores some theoretical and curricular issues that need to be considered when designing interpersonal skills training. He argues that Beattie's fourfold curriculum can be used to integrate the often oppo...

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  • The professional doctorate for nurses in Australia: findings of a scoping exercise.

    abstract::This paper presents the findings of a scoping exercise to map the professional doctorate for nurses and midwives in three Australian Universities using a modified form of Illuminative Evaluation. The visit was prompted by the increase in the number and range of professional doctorates introduced in the UK over the las...

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  • A concept analysis of simulation as a learning strategy in the education of undergraduate nursing students.

    abstract::Simulation is increasingly referred to in the nursing literature and its use in healthcare has developed dramatically over the past decade. Whilst the concept of simulation is not new, there is now a greater emphasis on its use in nurse education (Murray et al., 2008). The purpose of this article is to develop underst...

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  • Supporting academic publication: evaluation of a writing course combined with writers' support group.

    abstract::Publication rates are a vital measure of individual and institutional performance, yet many nurse academics publish rarely or not at all. Despite widespread acceptance of the need to increase academic publication rates and the pressure university faculty may experience to fulfil this obligation, little is known about ...

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  • Sense of coherence, academic performance and professional vocation in Certified Nursing Assistant students.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The sense of coherence (SOC) of the salutogenic health model explains why people in stressful situations are able to maintain or even improve their health. There are some studies on which measures are more effective to reduce stress in Nursing assistant students. There are no studies that link SOC with the t...

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    authors: Colomer-Pérez N,Paredes-Carbonell JJ,Sarabia-Cobo C,Gea-Caballero V

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  • Masters at work: a narrative inquiry into the experiences of mental health nurses qualifying with an undergraduate Masters degree.

    abstract::The University of Nottingham provides a unique course in the UK that enables undergraduate students to obtain a Masters degree and registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). The curriculum equips graduates with the skills to practice nursing with an analytical attitude and adopt both professional and h...

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    authors: Stacey G,Felton A,Joynson K

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  • Knowledge and attitude of nursing students regarding older adults' sexuality: A cross-sectional study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Although older adults are sexual, sexuality is infrequently discussed with them by health care professionals. Nursing students, as future professionals, can make an important contribution by developing competences in discussing intimacy and sexuality with older adults to increase quality of life and to preve...

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    authors: Wilschut VFC,Pianosi B,van Os-Medendorp H,Elzevier HW,Jukema JS,den Ouden MEM

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  • Traditional or systematic nursing? An evaluation of the written curricula of registered and enrolled nurses in Finland.

    abstract::In order to develop the professional identity of registered nurses (RNs) and enrolled nurses (ENs), it is essential that the core of the written curricula be based on nursing science. In this study, content analysis was used to examine how theoretically-developed elements of nursing education were taken into considera...

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    authors: Janhonen S

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  • The introduction of liberal studies into a Project 2000 nurse education course.

    abstract::This paper discusses an attempt to introduce liberal studies into a Project 2000 nurse education course. The paper reviews the origins of liberal studies and other attempts to nurture the 'whole person' in further and higher education, and describes a 'contract learning' approach to liberal studies adopted at one coll...

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    authors: Pulsford D

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  • Development of non-technical skills through virtual patients for undergraduate nursing students: An exploratory study.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Non-technical skills (NTS) are fundamental requirements for health professional graduates for safe and competent practice. Technology enhanced simulation, including virtual patients (VPs), is suggested to be effective in developing NTS. PURPOSE:The purpose of this paper is to explore what participants lea...

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    authors: Peddle M,Mckenna L,Bearman M,Nestel D

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  • Quality assurance in nurse education--the social context of learning.

    abstract::In this article I will critically examine the social context of learning in nurse education from a sociological perspective. I will begin with a brief review of recent developments in the philosophy and practice of nurse education. The concepts of 'tokenism', 'relative autonomy', 'de-mystification', and 'social contro...

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    authors: Morrall PA

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  • Interprofessional learning in primary care: an exploration of the service user experience leads to a new model for co-learning.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Research about service user involvement in research and education focuses on the purpose, the methods, the barriers and the impact of their involvement. Few studies report on the experience of the service users who get involved. This paper reports an exploration of the experience of service users who partici...

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    authors: Worswick L,Little C,Ryan K,Carr E

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  • The use of reflective journals in the promotion of reflection and learning in post-registration nursing students.

    abstract::The aim of this qualitative case study was to examine the use of reflective journals in promoting reflection and learning in post-registration nursing students. A purposive homogenous sample of 42 part-time post-registration students who had undertaken a module either as part of the Diploma in Professional Studies in ...

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    authors: Chirema KD

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  • P = nothing, or why we should not teach healthcare students about statistics.

    abstract::Tests of statistical significance are ubiquitous in the nursing and medical literature, and yet they are widely misunderstood and misinterpreted. This paper discusses this, with particular reference to null hypothesis significance testing and the associated p-value. It concludes that the assumptions behind these tests...

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    authors: Purssell E,While A

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  • Opening the black-box of person-centred care: An arts-informed narrative inquiry into mental health education and practice.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Nursing education has a history of encouraging students to know their patients and to negotiate the in-between of art/science, person/profession, and intuition/evidence. Nurse-teachers know that students may abandon some values and practices when they encounter practice environments that are complex and have...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

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    authors: Schwind JK,Lindsay GM,Coffey S,Morrison D,Mildon B

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  • An evaluation of a standards based portfolio.

    abstract::In undergraduate and postgraduate nursing studies, the essay type assignment is commonly used to assess student learning. The literature suggests that of the alternatives for the assessment of learning, the use of portfolios may be an effective tool. A portfolio is generally conceptualized as a collection of the stude...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

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    authors: Gallagher P

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  • Nursing students' perceptions of a video-based serious game's educational value: A pilot study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Despite an increasing number of serious games (SGs) in nursing education, few evaluation studies specifically address their educational value in terms of face, content, and construct validity. OBJECTIVES:To assess nursing students' perceptions of a video-based SG in terms of face, content, and construct val...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

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    authors: Johnsen HM,Fossum M,Vivekananda-Schmidt P,Fruhling A,Slettebø Å

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  • PhD by publication: a prospective as well as retrospective award? Some subversive thoughts.

    abstract::Although the discipline of nurse education within the UK has been part of the higher education sector since the 1950s, relatively few nurse academics currently hold a doctorate. This has implications at a national, local and personal level, and can be partly accounted for by the particular demographic and work issues ...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

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    authors: Davies RE,Rolfe G

    更新日期:2009-08-01 00:00:00

  • Nursing students' expectations and experiences of mentorship.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The literature related to nursing students' mentorship experiences is surprisingly limited and research findings related to students' experiences of mentorship is often integrated with other components of clinical placement experiences. OBJECTIVES:This study aimed to gain a greater understanding of students...

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    authors: Foster H,Ooms A,Marks-Maran D

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  • Inter-professional nursing education and the roles of swift trust, interaction behaviors, and creativity: A cross-sectional questionnaire survey.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Technological advances in medicine have generated an increase in the complexity of delivering quality medical care, which is a challenge to the healthcare system. Improving interdisciplinary teamwork among all healthcare staff is one approach to meeting these new challenges. Interdisciplinary teamwork can be...

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    authors: Liu HY

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  • Portfolios: an 'affective' assessment strategy?

    abstract::The curriculum research and development work undertaken to facilitate the implementation of a portfolio assessment strategy, as an integral component of a Project 2000 course, is described. Many excellent assessment schemes have floundered at the point of being put in to use, thus the question of consultation, reflect...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

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    authors: Glen S,Hight NF

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  • Methodological challenges in qualitative content analysis: A discussion paper.

    abstract::This discussion paper is aimed to map content analysis in the qualitative paradigm and explore common methodological challenges. We discuss phenomenological descriptions of manifest content and hermeneutical interpretations of latent content. We demonstrate inductive, deductive, and abductive approaches to qualitative...

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    authors: Graneheim UH,Lindgren BM,Lundman B

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  • Fourth year nursing students' perceptions of their educational preparation in medication management: An interpretative phenomenological study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Medication safety is an integral aspect of patient safety. Nurses, as advocates of patient safety, actively consider medication safety in the course of their daily work. Hence, it is important to consider the educational preparation of nursing students in medication management, as future caregivers. There ar...

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    authors: Moloney M,Kingston L,Doody O

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  • Personal qualities or skills? A report of a study of nursing students' views of the characteristics of counsellors.

    abstract::The personal qualities associated with effective counselling have been discussed in the research and counselling literature. Counselling skills have been proposed as tools to be learned by student nurses. In this study of 162 students of nursing, respondents were asked to identify what they felt to be the important pe...

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    authors: Burnard P

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  • 'Stepping in' or 'stepping back': how first year nursing students begin to learn about person-centred care.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The concept of person-centred care has gained international recognition over the last decade and forms one of the key concepts of our Nursing Quality Improvement Curricular Framework. OBJECTIVES:This study aimed to investigate nursing students' learning about person-centred care during the first-year of the...

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    authors: Currie K,Bannerman S,Howatson V,MacLeod F,Mayne W,Organ C,Renton S,Scott J

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