Increased expression of Toll-like receptor-9 has close relation with tumour cell proliferation in oral squamous cell carcinoma.


OBJECTIVE:Toll-like receptor-9 (TLR-9), a new member of the interleukin-1 receptor superfamily, was recently found to have a high level of expression in many carcinoma specimens. The objective of this study was to examine the TLR-9 expression and its role in tumour cell proliferation in oral squamous cell carcinoma. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Western blot and immunohistochemistry were used to detect TLR-9 protein in oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) Tca-8113 cell lines and clinical specimens (n=60). The relationship between TLR-9 expression and clinicopathologic features was analysed. Cell proliferation and inflammatory chemokines secretion were tested by MTT and ELISA methods respectively. RESULTS:Results showed that TLR-9 expression level was higher in OSCC tissues than in paired adjacent normal tissues (P<0.01), and the expression level of TLR-9 was significantly associated with tumour size (P=0.001), tumour clinical stage (P=0.003) and Ki-67 expression (P<0.01). In vitro results also suggested that stimulation of Tca-8113 cells with TLR-9 agonist CpG-ODN could significantly increase tumour cell proliferation as well as subsequent IL-1α and IL-6 secretions (P<0.01), which could be partially inhibited by usage of anti-TLR-9 protein. CONCLUSIONS:It was therefore hypothesized that increased expression of TLR-9 may be of great value in assessing the development of OSCC, and could be used as a new target for OSCC prevention and therapy in future.


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Min R,Zun Z,Siyi L,Wenjun Y,Lizheng W,Chenping Z




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  • Infant growth, development and tooth emergence patterns: A longitudinal study from birth to 6 years of age.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To test the association of child's growth/development status and socioeconomic variables with dental emergence patterns. DESIGN:A sample of 359 children belonging to a birth cohort of over 5000 children born in 1993 in Pelotas (Brazil) was studied in 1998-1999. Previously trained observers collected birthwei...

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  • Cleavage action of a trypsin-like protease from Bacteroides gingivalis 381 on reduced egg-white lysozyme.

    abstract::Soluble reduced lysozyme was extensively digested by a trypsin-like protease purified from the culture supernatant of the bacterium. The digestion peptides were separated and purified by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography, and were subjected to amino acid analysis. The fragments were identified by t...

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  • Microvibration stimulates β-catenin expression and promotes osteogenic differentiation in osteoblasts.

    abstract::Previous studies have demonstrated that low-magnitude, high-frequency (LMHF) mechanical vibrations (LM<1g; HF<20-90Hz) can benefit bone formation. However, the underlying mechanism is unclear. In this study, MC3T3-E1 cells were exposed to LMHF vibrations of different magnitudes to assess the effect of vibrations on β-...

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  • The effect of subinhibitory concentrations of gentian violet on the germ tube formation by Candida albicans and its adherence to oral epithelial cells.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This study investigated the effect of subinhibitory concentrations of gentian violet on the germ tube formation by Candida albicans and its adherence ability to oral epithelial cells. METHODS:Thirty strains of C. albicans isolated from denture wearers, normal healthy individuals and HIV positive patients wer...

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  • The degradation of type I collagen and human plasma fibronectin by the trypsin-like enzyme and extracellular membrane vesicles of Bacteroides gingivalis W50.

    abstract::A soluble trypsin-like enzyme (STE) was purified from a cell- and particle-free culture supernatant of this bacterium by a combination of ultra-centrifugation, ammonium-sulphate precipitation and gel-filtration chromatography on Sephacryl S-200. Trypsin-like activity in the culture supernatant was associated with a 58...

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  • Influence of oestrous cyclicity on certain metabolic alterations in the submandibular glands of female rats.

    abstract::This report concerns changes brought about in the submandibular salivary gland during different stages of the oestrous cycle in the concentrations of total lipids, cholesterol and protein, together with an assessment of the activities of cyclic AMP-specific phosphodiesterase, ATPase, succinate dehydrogenase and an est...

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  • Analysis of syndecan-1 gene promoter during mouse tooth development.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Syndecan-1 plays an important role in cell proliferation in dental papilla during tooth development. This study aimed to clarify the transcription mechanisms that regulate syndecan-1 gene expression in dental papilla. DESIGN:We analysed genomic conservation and putative transcriptional factor binding sites o...

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  • Influence of nicotine on orthodontic tooth movement: A systematic review of experimental studies in rats.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The objective of this systematic review was to assess the impact of nicotine administration on orthodontic tooth movement (OTM). METHODS:A systematic search was conducted in PubMed, Scopus, EMBASE, MEDLINE (OVID) and Web of Knowledge databases and the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta...

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  • Selection of oral microbial adhesion antagonists using biotinylated Streptococcus sanguis and a human mixed oral microflora.

    abstract::A microtitre assay has been developed using hydroxyapatite-coated wells and Streptococcus sanguis NCTC 10904 at 10(7) cells per ml. A number of models representing toothpaste and mouthwash usage were adopted to detect the anti-adherent efficacy of a polyvinylmethylether maleic acid copolymer (PVM/MA), polyoxypropylene...

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    authors: Guan YH,de Graaf T,Lath DL,Humphreys SM,Marlow I,Brook AH

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  • Extraordinary diphyodonty-related change in dental function for a tooth of the extinct marsupial Ekaltadeta ima (Propleopinae, Hypsiprymnodontidae).

    abstract::A time-dependent, fundamental change in function for a sectorial tooth in a group of extinct, propleopine kangaroos is reported. In juvenile Ekaltadeta ima (Marsupialia, Hypsiprymnodontidae, Propleopinae) the second premolar (P2) functions as a serrated blade at the anterior end of the cheek tooth row. In adults, this...

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  • In-vitro urea-dependent pH-changes by human salivary bacteria and dispersed, artificial-mouth, bacterial plaques.

    abstract::The pH effects of urea metabolism were studied in washed salivary-sediment bacteria from subjects that had up to 10-fold variation in oral ureolytic activity, and in dispersed artificial-mouth plaques. Adequate evaluation required analysis of the [OH-] as well as the pH curve. An initial constant rate of pH-change, la...

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  • Evaluation of the effect of tacrolimus on periodontitis induced in rats.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This study was to investigate the effect of tacrolimus (FK506) on periodontitis induced in rats. DESIGN:Periodontal disease was induced in 30 Wistar rats which were then randomly divided into two groups: treatment with a daily injection of 0.9% saline (1mL/day) and treatment with a daily injection of FK506. ...

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    authors: Moura Penteado LA,Lucena GM,Brandão Peixoto MO,Barbosa TC,de Souza Leitão Arruda AC,Cimões R

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  • Initial periodontal treatment affects nucleotide-binding domain leucine-rich repeat-containing protein 3 inflammasome priming in peripheral blood mononuclear cells.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Accumulating evidence suggests an association between periodontitis and several systemic diseases, such as atherosclerosis. In the lesions of these diseases, nucleotide-binding domain leucine-rich repeat-containing protein 3 (NLRP3), apoptosis-associated speck-like protein containing a caspase activation and ...

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  • The effect of pilocarpine on salivary constituents in patients with chronic graft-versus-host disease.

    abstract::Chronic graft-versus-host disease (cGVHD) is a complex clinical entity with various target organs, including the salivary glands. Oral pilocarpine (Salagen(R)), 30 mg/day, can ameliorate cGVHD-induced xerostomia and improve the flow rate from the major salivary glands. The purpose here was to evaluate the effect of th...

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  • Spontaneous periodontitis is associated with metabolic syndrome in rhesus monkeys.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The present study was designed to investigate (1) whether the non-human primate would be an appropriate animal model for the study of spontaneous periodontitis and its association with metabolic syndrome (MetS), and (2) whether microRNAs (miRNAs) play roles in the co-development of metabolic disorders and per...

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  • Detection and characterization of a rat parotid gland protein kinase that catalyzes phosphorylation of matured destrin at Ser-2.

    abstract::Destrin, an actin-binding protein, is partly phosphorylated at Ser-2 (numbering on the matured form) in the resting rat parotid gland, and beta-adrenergic or cholinergic stimulation of this gland induces its dephosphorylation. In this study, we searched for the protein kinase involved in phosphorylation of destrin. We...

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  • Immunohistochemical localization of inducible nitric oxide synthase in synovial tissue of human temporomandibular joints with internal derangement.

    abstract::The expression and distribution of inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) was examined in 12 samples of human temporomandibular joint (TMJ) with internal derangement (ID) and four control specimens. In the diseased joints, strong or definite iNOS reactivity was expressed in synovial lining and endothelial cells; weake...

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    authors: Homma H,Takahashi T,Seki H,Ohtani M,Kondoh T,Fukuda M

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  • Roles of notch signalling in mandibular condylar cartilage.

    abstract:IMPORTANCE:Notch proteins are cell surface transmembrane spanning receptors which mediate critically important cellular functions through direct cell-cell contact. Interactions between Notch receptors and their ligands regulate cell fate decisions such differentiation, proliferation and apoptosis in numerous tissues. W...

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    authors: Serrano MJ,So S,Hinton RJ

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  • Purification and characterization of subunits of a high molecular weight human salivary mucin.

    abstract::A high molecular-weight mucin was purified from human submandibular-sublingual saliva. The purity of the mucin preparation was demonstrated by the absence of other salivary proteins, by antibody reactivity and by gel electrophoresis. After reduction with mercaptoethanol a putative link component with approximate Mr 15...

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    authors: Kawagishi S,Fahim RE,Wong KH,Bennick A

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  • The antimicrobial activity of alpha-bisabolol and tea tree oil against Solobacterium moorei, a Gram-positive bacterium associated with halitosis.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To investigate the antimicrobial effect of alpha-bisabolol and tea tree oil alone and in combination against the halitosis-associated Gram-positive bacillus Solobacterium moorei. DESIGN:The inhibitory activity of alpha-bisabolol and tea tree oil against the reference strain S. moorei CCUG39336 and four clini...

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  • Studies of the chronological course of third molars eruption in a northern Chinese population.

    abstract::Dental age estimation is of great importance for individual identification in forensic medicine and many other fields of study. Among them, tooth eruption is a parameter developmental morphology that can be determined by clinical examinations or by dental X-rays. The purpose of present research is to study the chronol...

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  • Age-related changes in human sublingual glands: a post mortem study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To analyse age- and gender-related microscopic changes in sublingual glands obtained from human cadavers. STUDY DESIGN:One hundred eighty six human sublingual glands were obtained from 93 autopsies. Approximately five individuals of each gender per decade of life were allocated to three age groups: group I ...

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  • Degradation of insoluble bovine collagen and human dentine collagen pretreated in vitro with lactic acid, pH 4.0 and 5.5.

    abstract::The purpose of the study was to test the hypothesis that both insoluble pure type I collagen from bovine Achilles tendon and dentine collagen in root dentine powder from human teeth required acid pretreatment for subsequent degradation by trypsin, a non-specific protease. Pure type I collagen or dentine powder was tre...

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    authors: Dung SZ,Li Y,Dunipace AJ,Stookey GK

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  • Oral colonisation by aerobic and facultatively anaerobic Gram-negative rods and yeast in Tibetans living in Lhasa.

    abstract::Sample groups of children (n=50) and adults (n=38) were selected from pools of 207 children, (11-13-year olds from two primary schools) and 94 adults (25-44-year olds from four governmental agencies) who were the subjects of an oral health survey among Tibetans living in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region. Mean ages of th...

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  • Electron microscopy of watery vacuole formation in rat parotid acinar cells during reflex stimulation.

    abstract::Reflex stimulation from eating hard chow caused variable degrees of watery vacuolation, most conspicuously in animals that had eaten the most food; this was accentuated by eating in the cold. Some vacuolation occurred in the absence of sympathetic impulses but there was much more in glands receiving both parasympathet...

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    authors: Garrett JR,Harrop TJ,Thulin A

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  • Bacteriological effects of a Lactobacillus reuteri probiotic on in vitro oral biofilms.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Despite the targeted and incidental exposure of the oral cavity to probiotic bacteria, relatively little information is available concerning their bacteriological effects or ecological fate in this environment. We have investigated the effects of an oral probiotic bacterium, Lactobacillus reuteri on salivary ...

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    authors: Madhwani T,McBain AJ

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  • Effect of topical anaesthesia in patients with persistent dentoalveolar pain disorders: A quantitative sensory testing evaluation.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The aim of this study was to test the hypothesis that patients with persistent dentoalveolar pain disorder (PDAP) expresses somatosensory abnormalities through quantitative sensory testing (QST), when compared to healthy controls; and that individuals with PDAP do not have somatosensory alterations after appl...

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    authors: Porporatti AL,Costa YM,Stuginski-Barbosa J,Bonjardim LR,Conti PC

    更新日期:2015-07-01 00:00:00

  • Coexpression of vasoactive intestinal polypeptide and substance P in reinnervating pulpal nerves and in trigeminal ganglion neurones after axotomy of the inferior alveolar nerve in the rat.

    abstract::The effect of this axotomy on the expression of vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP) in trigeminal ganglion neurones and nerve fibres in the first molar was examined immunohistochemically 3 weeks postsurgically in rats. A distinct upregulation of VIP-like immunoreactivity was found in 3 to 4% of the neurones (mean ...

    journal_title:Archives of oral biology

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    authors: Fristad I,Jacobsen EB,Kvinnsland IH

    更新日期:1998-03-01 00:00:00

  • Degradation of human secretory immunoglobulin A by protease isolated from the anaerobic periodontopathogenic bacterium, Bacteroides gingivalis.

    abstract::This bacterium is implicated in periodontal diseases of human adult type. Secretory immunoglobulin A (IgA) purified from human colostrum (HC-IgA) was incubated with Bacteroides gingivalis cells or protease isolated from the culture supernatant of B. gingivalis; the digestion of IgA was determined by immunoelectrophore...

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    authors: Sato M,Otsuka M,Maehara R,Endo J,Nakamura R

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  • Gene therapy in dentistry: tool of genetic engineering. Revisited.

    abstract::Advances in biotechnology have brought gene therapy to the forefront of medical research. The concept of transferring genes to tissues for clinical applications has been discussed nearly half a century, but the ability to manipulate genetic material via recombinant DNA technology has brought this goal to reality. The ...

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    authors: Gupta K,Singh S,Garg KN

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