Synthesis, structure, molecular docking, and structure-activity relationship analysis of enamines: 3-aryl-4-alkylaminofuran-2(5H)-ones as potential antibacterials.


:Thirty-one 3-aryl-4-alkylaminofuran-2(5H)-ones were designed, prepared and tested for their antibacterial activity. Some of them showed significant antibacterial activity against Gram-positive organisms, especially against Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 25923, but all were inactive against Gram-negative organisms. Out of these compounds, 3-(4-bromophenyl)-4-(2-(4-nitrophenyl)hydrazinyl)furan-2(5H)-one (4a11) showed the most potent antibacterial activity against S. aureus ATCC 25923 with MIC(50) of 0.42 μg/mL. The enzyme assay revealed that the possible antibacterial mechanism of the synthetic compounds might be due to their inhibitory activity against tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase. Molecular dockings of 4a11 into S. aureus tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase active site were also performed. This inhibitor snugly fitting the active site might well explain its excellent inhibitory activity. Meanwhile, this modeling disclosed that a more suitable optimization strategy might be to modify the benzene ring at 3-position of furanone with hydrophilic groups.


Bioorg Med Chem


Xiao ZP,He XB,Peng ZY,Xiong TJ,Peng J,Chen LH,Zhu HL




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  • Targeting the Warburg Effect in cancer; relationships for 2-arylpyridazinones as inhibitors of the key glycolytic enzyme 6-phosphofructo-2-kinase/2,6-bisphosphatase 3 (PFKFB3).

    abstract::High-throughput screening of a small-molecule library identified a 5-triazolo-2-arylpyridazinone as a novel inhibitor of the important glycolytic enzyme 6-phosphofructo-2-kinase/2,6-bisphosphatase 3 (PFKFB3). Such inhibitors are of interest due to PFKFB3's control of the important glycolytic pathway used by cancer cel...

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  • Effects of detergents on the West Nile virus protease activity.

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  • Optimization and bioevaluation of Cdc37-derived peptides: An insight into Hsp90-Cdc37 protein-protein interaction modulators.

    abstract::Targeting Hsp90-Cdc37 protein-protein interaction (PPI) is becoming an alternative approach for future anti-cancer drug development. We previously reported the discovery of an eleven-residue peptide (Pep-1) with micromolar activity for the disruption of Hsp90-Cdc37 PPI. Efforts to improve upon the Pep-1 led to the dis...

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  • Estimation of hERG inhibition of drug candidates using multivariate property and pharmacophore SAR.

    abstract::We describe the development of a computational model for the prediction of the inhibition of K(+) flow through the hERG ion channel. Using a collection of 1075 discovery compounds with hERG inhibition measured in our standard patch-clamp electrophysiology assay, molecular features important for drug-induced inhibition...

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  • Synthesis of chlorogenic acid derivatives with promising antifungal activity.

    abstract::Derivatives of chlorogenic acid or its analogues were synthesized by coupling protected chlorogenic acid or its analogues with p-octyloxyaniline and selected amino acids. Most of the compounds exhibited significant potency against Cryptococcus neoformans and Candida species with low toxicity to brine shrimps. The 4,5-...

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  • Novel inhibitors targeting PPM1D phosphatase potently suppress cancer cell proliferation.

    abstract::Protein phosphatase magnesium-dependent 1δ (PPM1D, Wip1) is a p53 inducible serine/threonine phosphatase. PPM1D is a promising target protein in cancer therapy since overexpression, missense mutations, truncating mutations, and gene amplification of PPM1D are reported in many tumors, including breast cancer and neurob...

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    abstract::Carbohydrates are the most prominent features of the cell's exterior-they are the cell's "face" and serve as the cell's identification card. The features of cell surface glycans (e.g. glycoproteins, glycolipids, polysaccharides) can be read by proteins, other cells, or organisms. In all of these contexts, glycan-bindi...

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