Downregulation of cell surface CA125/MUC16 induces epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and restores EGFR signalling in NIH:OVCAR3 ovarian carcinoma cells.


BACKGROUND:Epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) cells are prone to metastasise throughout the peritoneal cavity. The epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) is a necessary step towards metastatic tumour progression. CA125/MUC16 mucin is a high-molecular-weight glycoprotein overexpressed in the majority of serous carcinomas, suggesting a possible role in the pathogenesis of these cancers. METHODS:The role of CA125/MUC16 in EMT was investigated using single-chain antibody-mediated knockdown of cell surface CA125/MUC16 in overexpressing EOC NIH:OVCAR3 cells. RESULTS:CA125/MUC16 knockdown was associated with morphological alterations along with decreased surface expression of epithelial markers (E-cadherin, cytokeratin-18) and increased expression of mesenchymal markers (N-cadherin, vimentin). Co-immunoprecipitation experiments revealed that CA125/MUC16 binds to E-cadherin and β-catenin complexes. The in vitro studies showed disruption of cell-cell junctions, enhanced motility, migration and invasiveness in CA125/MUC16 knockdown cells. Enhanced epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) activation was observed in CA125/MUC16 knockdown cells along with increased Akt and ERK1/2 phosphorylation, which are downstream effectors of EGFR, and increased MMP-2 and MMP-9 expression and activities. Epidermal growth factor receptor inhibition strongly inhibited the motility of CA125/MUC16 knockdown cells. CONCLUSIONS:Our findings suggest that CA125/MUC16 plays a role in EMT, presumably through its interaction with E-cadherin and β-catenin complexes and by modulating EGFR and its downstream signalling pathway in NIH:OVCAR3 cells.


Br J Cancer


Comamala M,Pinard M,Thériault C,Matte I,Albert A,Boivin M,Beaudin J,Piché A,Rancourt C




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  • Proto-oncogenic isoform A2 of eukaryotic translation elongation factor eEF1 is a target of miR-663 and miR-744.

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  • Effect of prostaglandins and hormones on cyclic AMP formation in rat hepatomas and liver tissue.

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  • p53 polymorphisms associated with mutations in and loss of heterozygosity of the p53 gene in male oral squamous cell carcinomas in Taiwan.

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  • Identification and characterization of a novel human hepatocellular carcinoma-associated gene.

    abstract::To investigate liver cancer-associated genes and to explore the molecular basis of liver cancer genesis, we have cloned a novel hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)-related gene with a transcript of 2520 base pairs in length named HCCA2 by mRNA differential display polymerase chain reaction (DDPCR) and screening a placenta ...

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  • Hypoxia upregulates expression of human endosialin gene via hypoxia-inducible factor 2.

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  • Correlation of in vitro infiltration with glioma histological type in organotypic brain slices.

    abstract::Diffuse invasion of the brain, an intrinsic property of gliomas, renders these tumours incurable, and is a principal determinant of their spatial and temporal growth. Knowledge of the invasive potential of gliomas is highly desired in order to understand their behaviour in vivo. Comprehensive ex vivo invasion studies ...

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  • Lymphocyte markers in non-Hodgkin's lymphomas.

    abstract::The lymphocyte marker pattern of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma cells was related to current concepts of lymphoma classification. In a series of 28 lymphomas lymphocyte markers indicated that 2 were of histiocytic origin, 2 were unclassifiable, none were derived from T cells and the remainder were B-cell neoplasms. The immuno...

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  • Most microsatellite unstable sporadic colorectal carcinomas carry MBD4 mutations.

    abstract::The MBD4 gene is involved in the repair of mutation at methyl-CpG dinucleotides. In microsatellite unstable tumours MBD4 can itself be mutated at an exonic polynucleotide tract. By analysing DNA from microdissected tumour samples we have found that both frequency and pattern of mutation are more significant than origi...

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  • Expression and clinical significance of erb-B receptor family in hepatocellular carcinoma.

    abstract::In order to elucidate the clinical significance of the erbB family, epidermal growth factor receptor (EGF-R), c-erbB-2, c-erbB-3 and c-erbB-4 in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), we investigated the expression of these proteins by means of immunohistochemistry for HCC as well as adjacent noncancerous lesions. EGF-R was ...

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  • A regression analysis of prognostic factors after resection of Dukes' B and C carcinoma of the rectum and rectosigmoid. Does post-operative radiotherapy change the prognosis?

    abstract::The prognostic value of several clinical and histopathological characteristics has been evaluated in patients with Dukes' B and C carcinoma of the rectum and the rectosigmoid. Data on 260 Dukes' B and 208 Dukes' C tumours entered into a prospective, randomized clinical trial of post-operative radiotherapy (50 Gy given...

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  • A phase 1 dose-escalation study of veliparib with bimonthly FOLFIRI in patients with advanced solid tumours.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Veliparib is a potent poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitor. This phase 1 study aimed to establish the maximum tolerated dose (MTD) and recommended phase 2 dose (RP2D) of veliparib combined with various FOLFIRI regimens in patients with solid tumours. METHODS:Patients received veliparib (10-270 mg BID, days...

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  • Abnormalities of the p53 tumour suppressor gene in human pancreatic cancer.

    abstract::The tumour suppressor gene p53 has been found to be mutated or inactivated at high frequency in several common human tumours. We have examined a series of exocrine pancreatic carcinomas for over-expression of mutant forms of p53 by immunohistochemistry with a panel of specific antibodies. We found immunodetectable p53...

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  • The influence of socio-economic and surveillance characteristics on breast cancer survival: a French population-based study.

    abstract::Survival data on female invasive breast cancer with 9-year follow-up from five French cancer registries were analysed by logistic regression for prognostic factors of cancer stage. The Kaplan-Meier method and log-rank test were used to estimate and compare the overall survival probability at 5 and 7 years, and at the ...

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  • Correction: Urine protein:creatinine ratio vs 24-hour urine protein for proteinuria management: analysis from the phase 3 REFLECT study of lenvatinib vs sorafenib in hepatocellular carcinoma.

    abstract::This article was originally published under a standard license to Publish, but has now been made available under a CC BY license. The PDF and HTML versions of the paper have been modified accordingly.An amendment to this paper has been published and can be accessed via a link at the top of the paper. ...

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  • Thrombospondin 2 expression is correlated with inhibition of angiogenesis and metastasis of colon cancer.

    abstract::Two subtypes of thrombospondin (TSP-1 and TSP-2) have inhibitory roles in angiogenesis in vitro, although the biological significance of these TSP isoforms has not been determined in vivo. We examined TSP-1 and TSP-2 gene expression by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) analysis in 61 colon cance...

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  • Preferential potentiation of topoisomerase I poison cytotoxicity by PARP inhibition in S phase.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Topoisomerase I (Topo I) poisons (e.g., camptothecin (CPT)), used to treat cancer, cause DNA breaks that are most cytotoxic during S phase. PARP-1 promotes DNA repair and PARP inhibitors (PARPi) sensitise cells to Topo I poisons. We aimed to determine whether chemosensitisation is also S phase specific using...

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  • Glucose transporter-1 (GLUT-1): a potential marker of prognosis in rectal carcinoma?

    abstract::The aim of the study is to evaluate the pattern and level of expression of glucose transporter-1 (GLUT-1) in rectal carcinoma in relation to outcome as a potential surrogate marker of tumour hypoxia. Formalin-fixed tumour sections from 43 patients with rectal carcinoma, who had undergone radical resection with curativ...

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  • Chemotherapy of advanced breast cancer: a controlled randomized trial of cyclophosphamide versus a four-drug combination.

    abstract::Ninety-nine patients with advanced breast cancer were randomized to receive either cyclophosphamide continuously or a combination of cyclophosphamide, methotrexate, 5-fluorouracil and vinblastine given intermittently. The number and duration of objective responses were greater in patients receiving the combination but...

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  • Prostate cancer cell malignancy via modulation of HIF-1α pathway with isoflurane and propofol alone and in combination.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Surgery is considered to be the first line treatment for solid tumours. Recently, retrospective studies reported that general anaesthesia was associated with worse long-term cancer-free survival when compared with regional anaesthesia. This has important clinical implications; however, the mechanisms underly...

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  • Treatment of childhood lymphocytic leukaemia with high white-cell counts.

    abstract::Combination chemotherapy with cytosine arabinoside, cyclophosphamide and L-asparaginase (Asnase) was given to 22 children with acute lymphocytic leukaemia (ALL) with a white-cell count greater than 30 X 10(9)/1, and other features suggestive of poor prognosis. Complete remission was induced in all patients--in 19 afte...

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  • Successful receptor-mediated radiation therapy of xenografted human midgut carcinoid tumour.

    abstract::Somatostatin receptor (sstr)-mediated radiation therapy is a new therapeutic modality for neuroendocrine (NE) tumours. High expression of sstr in NE tumours leads to tumour-specific uptake of radiolabelled somatostatin analogues and high absorbed doses. In this study, we present the first optimised radiation therapy v...

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  • Independent prognostic significance of cell cycle regulator proteins p16(INK4a) and pRb in advanced-stage ovarian carcinoma including optimally debulked patients: a translational research subprotocol of a randomised study of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Gynaek

    abstract::The purpose of the study is to test the hypothesis that expression of cell cycle regulatory proteins p16(INK4a) and pRb is significantly associated with prognosis in ovarian carcinomas. We performed immunohistochemical analysis of p16(INK4a) and pRb expression and correlated with survival in a series of 300 patients w...

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    authors: Kommoss S,du Bois A,Ridder R,Trunk MJ,Schmidt D,Pfisterer J,Kommoss F,AGO-OVAR.

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  • Natural history of cervical neoplasia: consistent results obtained by an identification technique.

    abstract::Swedish population-based incidence and mortality rates for cancer of the uterine cervix, both in situ and invasive, during the period 1958 to 1981 were determined by means of a dynamic model. This new approach describes without any preconceptions the development of the disease as a sequential process over the stages c...

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    authors: Gustafsson L,Adami HO

    更新日期:1989-07-01 00:00:00

  • Targeting lymphangiogenesis to prevent tumour metastasis.

    abstract::Recent studies involving animal models of cancer and clinicopathological analyses of human tumours suggest that the growth of lymphatic vessels (lymphangiogenesis) in or nearby tumours is associated with the metastatic spread of cancer. The best validated molecular signalling system for tumour lymphangiogenesis involv...

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    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Achen MG,Mann GB,Stacker SA

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  • Short-time repeat high-risk HPV testing by self-sampling for screening of cervical cancer.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Testing for high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) in primary screening for cervical cancer is considered more sensitive, but less specific, in comparison with Pap-smear cytology. Women with persistent HPV infections have a higher risk of developing cervical intraepithelial neoplasia 2+ (CIN2+) lesions. This s...

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    authors: Gyllensten U,Sanner K,Gustavsson I,Lindell M,Wikström I,Wilander E

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  • Stimulation of the apoptotic response as a basis for the therapeutic synergism of lonidamine and cisplatin in combination in human tumour xenografts.

    abstract::The pharmacological interest in lonidamine is related to its ability to enhance the cytotoxic effects of several DNA-damaging anti-tumour agents. This study was undertaken to better understand the in vivo interaction between lonidamine and cisplatin in the treatment of human tumour xenografts, including three carcinom...

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    authors: De Cesare M,Pratesi G,Giusti A,Polizzi D,Zunino F

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  • The relationship between the systemic inflammatory response, tumour proliferative activity, T-lymphocytic infiltration and COX-2 expression and survival in patients with transitional cell carcinoma of the urinary bladder.

    abstract::The relationship between the systemic inflammatory response, tumour proliferative activity, T-lymphocytic infiltration, and COX-2 expression and survival was examined in patients with transitional cell carcinoma of the urinary bladder (n=103). Sixty-one patients had superficial disease and 42 patients had invasive dis...

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  • Prognostic/predictive value of 207 serum factors in colorectal cancer treated with cediranib and/or chemotherapy.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The prognostic and predictive value of multiple serum biomarkers was evaluated using samples from a randomised phase III study (HORIZON II) investigating chemotherapy with or without cediranib in metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC). METHODS:Baseline levels of 207 protein markers were measured in serum sampl...

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