The signaling tool box for tyrosine-based costimulation of lymphocytes.


:Triggering lymphocyte effector functions is controlled by a diverse array of immune cell coreceptors that dampen or potentiate the primary activation signal from antigen receptors. Attenuation of lymphocyte activation has been shown to be accomplished by immunoreceptor tyrosine-based inhibition motifs that upon phosphorylation recruit protein or lipid phosphatases. By contrast, a general concept of signal amplification and/or diversification is still out. However, the recent discovery of antigen receptor-intrinsic costimulation by membrane-bound immunoglobulins in class-switched memory B cells identified a consensus phosphorylation motif that can boost antigen-induced signal chains and is also employed by costimulatory receptors on T and Natural Killer cells to provide secondary signals for cellular activation. Here we define a common basis of tyrosine-based lymphocyte costimulation comprising immunoglobulin tail tyrosine (ITT)-like phosphorylation motifs and their proximal effectors, growth factor receptor-bound protein (Grb) 2 and phosphatidylinositol-3 kinase (PI3K) enzymes of class IA.


Curr Opin Immunol


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  • Peptidases trimming MHC class I ligands.

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  • Regulatory T cells in stem cell transplantation: strategies and first clinical experiences.

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  • Protein kinase C-theta;: signaling from the center of the T-cell synapse.

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  • Mechanisms of soluble mediators.

    abstract::A two chain model, composed of ligand-binding and signal transducing subunits, first identified in the interleukin-6 receptor system, has been revealed in several other cytokine systems. Common signal transducers shared by several receptor systems may explain a functional redundancy characteristic of cytokines. The si...

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  • Pattern-recognition receptors in plant innate immunity.

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  • Helper T cells in antibody-mediated, organ-specific autoimmunity.

    abstract::The production of pathogenic autoantibodies in organ-specific autoimmune diseases is largely T cell dependent. For many of these diseases, the precise specificities and cytokine profiles of the T cells that respond to the corresponding autoantigens have now been identified. This knowledge has been exploited to treat s...

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  • Mesenchymal perivascular cells in immunity and disease.

    abstract::The mesenchymal microenvironment is increasingly recognized as a major player in immunity. Here we focus on mesenchymal cells located within or in proximity to the blood vessels wall, which include pericytes, adventitial fibroblasts and mesenchymal stromal cells. We discuss recent evidence that these cells play a role...

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  • Role of the bactericidal/permeability-increasing protein in host defence.

    abstract::Much has been learned recently about the structure and function of 55 kDa bactericidal/permeability-increasing protein (BPI), a member of a genomically conserved lipid-interactive protein family. Analysis of BPI fragments and the crystal structure of human BPI have established that BPI consists of two functionally dis...

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  • Innate recognition of intracellular bacteria.

    abstract::The molecular repertoire for innate recognition of bacterial pathogens has expanded rapidly in the past decade. These immunosensors include Toll-like receptors and the more recently defined NOD-like receptors (NLRs): NODs, NALPs, NAIP and IPAF. Toll-like receptors signal from the cell surface or endosome upon ligand b...

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  • Analysis of immunoglobulin gene rearrangements in single B cells.

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  • Properties of the tapasin homologue TAPBPR.

    abstract::The presentation of antigenic peptides by MHC class I molecules plays a vital role in generating T cell responses against infection and cancer. Over the last two decades the central role of tapasin as a peptide editor that influences the loading and optimisation of peptides onto MHC class I molecules has been extensiv...

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  • Self-determinants in autoimmune demyelinating disease: changes in T- cell response specificity.

    abstract::Recent research developments support the following views regarding antigen recognition in autoimmune demyelinating disease: there may be no single autoimmune target protein; diverse peptide self-determinants from multiple myelin proteins can be recognized; target determinant epitopes may differ among individuals; and ...

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