Combining bio- and chemo-catalysis: from enzymes to cells, from petroleum to biomass.


:In the future, biomass will continue to emerge as a viable source of chemicals. The development of new industries that utilize bio-renewables provides opportunities for innovation. For example, bio- and chemo-catalysts can be combined in 'one pot' to prepare chemicals of commercial value. This has been demonstrated using isolated enzymes and whole cells for a variety of chemical transformations. The one-pot approach has been successfully adopted to convert chemicals derived from biomass, and, in our opinion, it has an important role to play in the design of a more sustainable chemical industry. To implement new one-pot bio- and chemo-catalytic processes, issues of incompatibility must be overcome; the strategies for which are discussed in this opinion article.


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Trends in biotechnology


Marr AC,Liu S




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  • Effect of glycosylation on antibody function: implications for genetic engineering.

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  • Microbiome Tools for Forensic Science.

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  • Biocatalytic transformations in ionic liquids.

    abstract::Room temperature ionic liquids are non-volatile, thermally stable and highly polar; they are also moderately hydrophilic solvents. Here, we discuss their use as reaction media for biocatalysis. Enzymes of widely diverging types are catalytically active in ionic liquids or aqueous biphasic ionic liquid systems. Lipases...

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  • Nanosilver as a new generation of nanoproduct in biomedical applications.

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  • Respectful Modeling: Addressing Uncertainty in Dynamic System Models for Molecular Biology.

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  • Detecting single-base mutations.

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  • Mutasynthesis - uniting chemistry and genetics for drug discovery.

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  • Using Prokaryotes for Carbon Capture Storage.

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  • Applications of pHLIP Technology for Cancer Imaging and Therapy.

    abstract::Acidity is a biomarker of cancer that is not subject to the blunting clonal selection effects that reduce the efficacy of other biomarker technologies, such as antibody targeting. The pH (low) insertion peptides (pHLIP®s) provide new opportunities for targeting acidic tissues. Through the physical mechanism of membran...

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  • Bioelectrochemical Power-to-Gas: State of the Art and Future Perspectives.

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  • Knowledge discovery in gene-expression-microarray data: mining the information output of the genome.

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  • Isolating ligands specific for human vasculature using in vivo phage selection.

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  • The Emerging Role of Gas Plasma in Oncotherapy.

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  • Emerging strategies for spatiotemporal control of stem cell fate and morphogenesis.

    abstract::Stem cell differentiation is regulated by the complex interplay of multiple parameters, including adhesive intercellular interactions, cytoskeletal and extracellular matrix remodeling, and gradients of agonists and antagonists that individually and collectively vary as a function of spatial locale and temporal stages ...

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  • Quality assurance mechanisms for the unregulated research environment.

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  • Three-Dimensional Hierarchical Wrinkles on Polymer Films: From Chaotic to Ordered Antimicrobial Topographies.

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  • Alginate as immobilization matrix for cells.

    abstract::In recent years, entrapment of cells within spheres of Ca2+ alginate has become the most widely used technique for immobilizing living cells. This versatile method includes applications ranging from immobilization of living or dead cells in bioreactors, immobilization of plant protoplasts for micropropagation and immo...

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  • Imaging techniques in the analysis of brain function and behaviour.

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  • Modular protein engineering for non-viral gene therapy.

    abstract::Despite the recognized potential of viral vectors for gene therapy, growing biological concerns are prompting the exploration of safer, non-viral vectors to deliver therapeutic nucleic acids. In this context, recombinant proteins can be bioproduced on a large scale, without the need for further in vitro modifications,...

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  • Toward nanoscale genome sequencing.

    abstract::This article reports on the state-of-the-art technologies that sequence DNA using miniaturized devices. The article considers the miniaturization of existing technologies for sequencing DNA and the opportunities for cost reduction that 'on-chip' devices can deliver. The ability to construct nano-scale structures and p...

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  • Phase and antigenic variation--the impact on strategies for bacterial vaccine design.

    abstract::Many pathogens have the ability to vary the antigenic composition of surface-associated antigens. Often, this variation is mediated by the regulation of gene expression. By varying its antigenicity, the pathogen is able to avoid host immune responses more efficiently; however, this makes the design of vaccines against...

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  • Towards a 'universal' nucleant for protein crystallization.

    abstract::The expression 'crystal clear' stems from the science of crystallography, which determines the detailed atomic structures of materials by exposing crystals to X-rays. Protein structures are pivotal to the success of rational drug design and other biotechnology applications; however, obtaining high quality crystals pos...

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  • Emerging Biomedical Applications of Enzyme-Like Catalytic Nanomaterials.

    abstract::Nanomaterials have been developed for many biomedical applications, including medical imaging, drug delivery, and antimicrobial coatings. Intriguingly, nanoparticles can display 'enzyme-like' activity and have been explored as alternatives to natural enzymes in several industrial and energy-related applications. Recen...

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  • Organizing for innovation: towards successful translational research.

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  • RNAi/CRISPR Screens: from a Pool to a Valid Hit.

    abstract::High-throughput genetic screens interfering with gene expression are invaluable tools to identify gene function and phenotype-to-genotype interactions. Implementing such screens in the laboratory is challenging, and the choice between currently available technologies based on RNAi and CRISPR/Cas9 (CRISPR-associated pr...

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  • Bioencapsulation within synthetic polymers (Part 1): sol-gel encapsulated biologicals.

    abstract::Since its inception a decade ago, sol-gel encapsulation has opened up an intriguing new way to immobilize biological materials. An array of substances, including catalytic antibodies, DNA, RNA, antigens, live bacterial, fungal, plant and animal cells and whole protozoa, have been encapsulated in silica, metal-oxide, o...

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  • Dynamic transcriptome of mice.

    abstract::Life science in the 21st century is developing rapidly through the structural analysis of biomolecules, the completion of the human genome sequence and the analysis of transcriptomes. The mouse transcriptome has been comprehensively analyzed using a gene discovery approach to collect full-length cDNA (FL-cDNA) clones....

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  • Dkk-1-mediated expansion of adult stem cells.

    abstract::Despite the wealth of research on stem-cell biology and therapy, there have been few advances in the ex vivo expansion of adult stem cells. Fetal bovine serum, which can elicit an immune reaction in hosts receiving cellular products, remains essential to the culture methods. Recent work by Prockop et al. suggests that...

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  • Genomics-Driven Natural Product Discovery in Actinomycetes.

    abstract::The prevalence of antimicrobial-resistant pathogens has highlighted the urgent need for new drugs. Actinomycetes have been the most prominent sources of natural products for drug discovery and development. Advances in genomics have inspired several emerging strategies to reinvigorate the field of natural product disco...

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