Actin cytoskeleton reorganization correlates with cofilin nuclear expression and ultrastructural changes in cho aa8 cell line after apoptosis and mitotic catastrophe induction by doxorubicin.


:The effect of doxorubicin on the expression of cofilin and actin in CHO AA8 cells was estimated by fluorescence and electron microscopy. The presence of cofilin and actin was observed particularly in the nuclei of cells by different modes after treatment by doxorubicin. Cells undergoing mitotic catastrophe expressed some entirely characteristic features together with overlapping elements of other types of cell death. Additionally, the authors suggest that, as defined here, reorganization of F-actin might be involved in all cell death processes. Changes in the nuclear expression of cofilin are related to F-actin cytoplasm-nuclear translocation and its intranuclear dynamic reorganization.


Ultrastruct Pathol


Grzanka D,Marszałek A,Izdebska M,Gackowska L,Andrzej Szczepanski M,Grzanka A




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2011-05-01 00:00:00












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  • Enhancement of intracellular delivery of anti-cancer drugs by the Tat peptide.

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  • Subacute inflammatory polyneuropathy: two cases with plasmacytoid histiocytes in the endoneurium.

    abstract::Inflammatory polyneuropathies are mainly known by their acute form, Guillain-Barré syndrome, but there are also chronic cases and all are considered as having an autoimmune mechanism. In each form, peripheral nerve biopsies show scattered macrophages in the endoneurium and in certain cases macrophages invade the Schwa...

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  • Renal malakoplakia: report of a case with multifocal involvement.

    abstract::The authors report the light microscopic and ultrastructural features in one case of malakoplakia involving the kidney, the urinary bladder, and the skin. The kidney was excised. Lesions of the urinary bladder and the skin regressed after topical treatment with cholinergic agonists and antimicrobial drugs. This case i...

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  • Confocal laser scanning microscopy of liesegang rings in odontogenic cysts: analysis of three-dimensional image reconstruction.

    abstract::Liesegang rings are concentric noncellular lamellar structures, occasionally found in inflammatory tissues. They have been confused with various parasites, algas, calcification, and psammoma bodies. The authors examined Liesegang rings from oral inflammatory cysts by both optical and confocal laser scanning microscopy...

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