Turns-amplitude analysis in normal and myopathic facial muscles.


:The purpose of this study was to assess turns/amplitude analysis (TAA) as an objective alternative to conventional qualitative electromyography (EMG) for detection of myopathy in facial muscles. Normal values of TAA parameters were calculated in the frontalis and mentalis muscles of 26 control subjects. We estimated the slope of the regression line of mean amplitude/turn values (MA) plotted against the number of turns/second (NT) and the resulting clouds. The 95% confidence limits of the cloud data were drawn as an ellipse. The sensitivity of TAA was determined from a group of 35 myopathic patients and specificity from a second group of 25 control subjects. Significant differences for every TAA parameter were found between frontalis and mentalis. Cumulative sensitivity and specificity of TAA for frontalis and mentalis were 74.6%, 56.5%, and 73.3%, 70.8%, respectively. With at least two of the aforementioned criteria abnormal, the sensitivity and specificity for frontalis and mentalis were 61.3%, 82.6%, and 56.7%, 100.0%, respectively.


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Karandreas N,Kararizou E,Papagianni A,Zambelis T,Kokotis P




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  • Paraneoplastic lower motor neuronopathy associated with Hodgkin lymphoma.

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  • Skeletal muscle cell MHC I expression: implications for statin-induced myopathy.

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  • Calcium paradox in skeletal muscles: physiologic and microscopic observations.

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  • Effect of thermode application pressure on thermal threshold detection.

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  • Effects of isaxonine on skeletal muscle reinnervation in the rat: an electrophysiologic evaluation.

    abstract::Electrophysiologic detection of the first signs of gastrocnemius muscle reinnervation shows that after a single localized freezing of the rat sciatic nerve, isaxonine does not significantly increase the rate of axonal regeneration. However, this drug does significantly enhance axonal sprouting, as it induces an increa...

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  • Treadmill training-induced adaptations in muscle phenotype in persons with incomplete spinal cord injury.

    abstract::Body weight-supported treadmill (BWST) training has been shown to improve ambulatory capacity in persons with a spinal cord injury (SCI); however, the effect that BWST training has on skeletal muscle phenotype is unknown. We aimed to determine whether 6 months (three sessions/week) of BWST training in neurologically s...

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  • Eosinophilic fasciitis with subjacent myositis.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Eosinophilic fasciitis (EF) is a rare disorder that can present with muscle symptoms that mimic other neuromuscular diseases. METHODS:We report the case of a 43-year-old woman with chronic muscle aches, tightness, and stiffness with hypertrophied, well-defined muscles despite physical inactivity, and thic...

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  • Anconeus motor unit number estimates using decomposition-based quantitative electromyography.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Motor unit number estimates (MUNEs) provide important information in health, aging, and disease, and can be determined using decomposition-enhanced spike-triggered averaging (DE-STA). Discrimination of surface-detected motor unit potentials (S-MUPs) has been limited to contractile forces of ∽30% maximum vo...

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  • Soleus-specific myopathy induced by passive stretching under local tetanus.

    abstract::Twenty-four adult albino rats were injected with tetanus toxin into the right gastrocnemius muscle and then subjected to sustained dorsiflexion of the right ankle joint for 2 to 14 days. Histologic examinations of the soleus after this procedure showed myopathic changes, characterized by variations in fiber diameters,...

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  • Adipose stem cells enhance myoblast proliferation via acetylcholine and extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2 signaling.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:In this study we investigated the interaction between adipose tissue-derived stem cells (ASCs) and myoblasts in co-culture experiments. METHODS:Specific inductive media were used to differentiate ASCs in vitro into a Schwann cell-like phenotype (differentiated adipose tissue-derived stem cells, or dASCs) ...

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  • Needle electromyography of the frontalis muscle in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:We sought to determine which muscles to choose for better assessment of the craniobulbar region in establishing the diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). METHODS:We studied the frontalis muscle in 83 controls and compared it with the tongue, sternocleidomastoid (SCM), and trapezius muscles in ...

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  • Late-onset X-linked recessive spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy.

    abstract::A family is described in which five males have late-onset facial weakness, dysarthria, dysphagia, and slowly progressive proximal weakness. Electrodiagnostic studies and muscle biopsy were compatible with spinal muscular atrophy. This family appears quite similar to several previously reported families with late-onset...

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  • Origin of surface motor unit potentials in hypothenar motor unit number estimation.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Far-field potentials (FFPs) from muscles other than the abductor digiti minimi (ADM) may interfere with motor unit number estimation (MUNE) from that muscle. METHODS:We identified the origin of each surface motor unit potential (SMUP) during hypothenar MUNE using the multiple point stimulation method in 2...

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  • Demyelinating neuropathy with anti-CRMP5 antibodies predating diagnosis of breast carcinoma: favorable outcome after cancer therapy.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Breast cancer is exceptionally associated with anti-collapsin response mediator protein 5 (anti-CRMP5) antibody or demyelinating neuropathy. This paraneoplastic antibody is itself not associated with demyelinating neuropathy. METHODS:Herein we describe a patient with a predominantly sensory ataxic demyeli...

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  • Endocannabinoids and related lipids in serum from patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The goals of this study were to determine whether serum concentrations of endocannabinoids (eCB) and related lipids predict disease status in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) relative to healthy controls, and whether concentrations correlate with disease duration and severity. METHODS:Serum...

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  • Electrophysiologic assessment of a median nerve injury in the palm.

    abstract::In median nerve lesions of the hand, electrophysiologic evaluation of the second lumbrical muscle can help to differentiate between lesions of the common digital nerves and the proper digital nerves, as illustrated by this case report. Median nerve conduction studies to the second lumbrical muscle can be performed by ...

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  • Mechanically evoked sensory and motor responses to dynamic compression of the ulnar nerve.

    abstract::Mechanical deformation of a peripheral nerve can evoke action potentials in sensory and motor axons. The generation of these impulses with brief stimuli (<0.5 s) and their relationship to the deformation conditions have not been systematically studied in human subjects. Controlled compression stimuli over a range of a...

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  • Endurance training improves skeletal muscle electrical activity in active COPD patients.

    abstract::The effect of endurance training on muscle electrical activity during general exercise testing was investigated in physically active patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Before and after rehabilitation, patients performed identical incremental exercise tests. Pulmonary gas exchange, venous lacta...

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  • Comparing the function of the corticospinal system in different species: organizational differences for motor specialization?

    abstract::An appreciation of the comparative functions of the corticospinal tract is of direct relevance to the understanding of how results from animal models can advance knowledge of the human motor system and its disorders. Two critical functions of the corticospinal tract are discussed: first, the role of descending project...

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  • Utility of whole exome sequencing in evaluation of juvenile motor neuron disease.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:This case report focuses on identifying novel mutations in juvenile motor neuron disease and emphasizes the significance of whole exome sequencing (WES). METHODS:We report a 13-year-old Hispanic boy with rapidly progressive weakness, muscle atrophy, tremor, and tongue fasciculation, along with upper motor...

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  • Genetic disorders of neuromuscular ion channels.

    abstract::Ion channels are complex proteins that span the lipid bilayer of the cell membrane, where they orchestrate the electrical signals necessary for normal function of the central nervous system, peripheral nerve, and both skeletal and cardiac muscle. The role of ion channel defects in the pathogenesis of numerous disorder...

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  • Ultrasonography of sciatic nerve endometriosis.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:We describe the ultrasonographic findings of sciatic nerve endometriosis. METHODS:Two premenopausal women with catamenial sciatica symptoms were examined, the first without a history of endometriosis, the second with previously confirmed endometriosis of the ovary. Ultrasonography, extending from the scia...

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  • Motor function-muscle strength relationship in spinal muscular atrophy.

    abstract::The relationship between motor function and muscle strength in patients with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is still controversial. In 120 genetically proven SMA patients, aged 5 years or older, we measured muscle strength in the arms and legs by a hand-held dynamometer, forced vital capacity by a spirometer, and the t...

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  • Visualization of the diaphragm muscle with ultrasound improves diagnostic accuracy of phrenic nerve conduction studies.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Evaluation of phrenic neuropathy (PN) with phrenic nerve conduction studies (PNCS) is associated with false negatives. Visualization of diaphragmatic muscle twitch with diaphragm ultrasound (DUS) when performing PNCS may help to solve this problem. METHODS:We performed bilateral, simultaneous DUS-PNCS in ...

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  • Medial femoral cutaneous nerve conduction study with distal recording: A novel technique.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:A new technique to obtain the sensory nerve action potential (SNAP) of the medial femoral cutaneous nerve is described. METHODS:SNAPs were recorded from 104 subjects with a bar recording electrode 10 cm proximal to the patella along an imaginary line drawn between the medial edge of the patella and the femo...

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  • Experimental muscle pain does not cause long-lasting increases in resting electromyographic activity.

    abstract::The mutual links between muscle pain and resting electromyographic (EMG) activity are still controversial. This study described effects of experimental muscle pain on resting EMG activity in a jaw-closing muscle and a leg muscle. Pain was induced by injections of hypertonic saline into the muscles in 10 subjects. Inje...

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  • Did giant mitochondria delay muscle maturation? An uncommon congenital myopathy.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Mitochondria are semi-autonomous organelles that are able to change their shape, size, location, and number inside the living cell. Mitochondrial division is an extremely important process, because cell survival depends on there being an adequate number of mitochondria in each cell. The dynamics of these o...

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  • Clinical and prognostic features in unilateral femoral neuropathies.

    abstract::We have examined the clinical features of patients with femoral neuropathy and the factors that influence the prognosis. Of 80 consecutive patients referred for neurophysiological evaluations of proximal lower limb weakness, 32 fulfilled strict inclusion criteria and had adequate information, including estimates of ax...

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