Management of severe open ankle-foot trauma by a simple external fixation technique: an alternative during war and in resource-poor and low-technology environments.


:Severe open foot and ankle injuries are still a challenge for the orthopaedic surgeon. Their treatment is even more difficult in third world countries and in war settings where high-energy trauma with severe soft tissue damage is more frequent. Lack of equipment, poor resources and hygiene, and different cultural systems make most of the standard proposed treatments difficult to apply. The authors describe an inexpensive, rapid, minimally invasive, and easy-to-apply external fixation technique for the treatment of severe open ankle-foot fractures. With the main goal of soft tissue management rather than definitive treatment of any bony injuries, this technique was developed over time during many consecutive missions in Sierra Leone and Afghanistan as an alternative to more appropriate treatments with surprisingly satisfactory short- and long-term results.


J Orthop Trauma


Pedrini G,Cardi M,Landini A,Strada G




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  • Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry as a measure of healing in fractures treated by intramedullary nailing.

    abstract::The conventional qualitative techniques of manual manipulation and plain radiography do not give a quantifiable measurement of healing. With internal fixation, manual manipulation is not usually possible, and conventional radiographs may not give much useful information, particularly if only a small amount of callus i...

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  • Use of the reamer irrigator aspirator for the treatment of a 20-year recurrent osteomyelitis of a healed femur fracture.

    abstract:SUMMARY:In the following case, a 20-year-old male was involved in a motorcycle accident where he sustained an open midshaft femur fracture treated with open reduction and internal fixation. Several weeks later, the wound became infected and the plate was removed. Over the following 20 years numerous incision and debrid...

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