Manipulation of voice onset time during dichotic listening.


:The manipulation of voice onset time (VOT) during dichotic listening has provided novel insights regarding brain function. To date, the most common design is the utilisation of four VOT conditions: short-long pairs (SL), where a CV syllable with a short VOT is presented to the left ear and a CV syllable with a long VOT is presented to the right ear as well as long-short (LS), short-short (SS) and long-long (LL) pairs. Rimol, Eichele, and Hugdahl (2006) first reported that in healthy adults SL pairs elicit the largest REA while, in fact, LS pairs elicit a significant left ear advantage (LEA). This VOT effect was replicated by Sandmann et al. (2007). A study of children aged 5-8years of age has shown a developmental trajectory whereby long VOTs gradually start to dominate over short VOTs when LS pairs are being presented under dichotic conditions (Westerhausen, Helland, Ofte, & Hugdahl, 2010). Two studies have investigated attentional modulation of the VOT effect in children and adults. The converging evidence from these studies shows that at around 9years of age children lack the adult-like cognitive flexibility required to exert top-down control over stimulus-driven bottom-up processes (Andersson, Llera, Rimol, & Hugdahl, 2008; Arciuli, Rankine, & Monaghan, 2010). Arciuli et al. further demonstrated that this kind of cognitive flexibility is a predictor of proficiency with complex tasks such as reading. A review of each of these studies, the possible mechanisms underlying the VOT effect and directions for future research are discussed.


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  • Cortical locus of coherent motion deficits in deaf poor readers.

    abstract::Samar and Parasnis [Samar, V. J., & Parasnis, I. (2005). Dorsal stream deficits suggest hidden dyslexia among deaf poor readers: correlated evidence from reduced perceptual speed and elevated coherent motion detection thresholds. Brain and Cognition, 58, 300-311.] reported that correlated measures of coherent motion d...

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  • Neural adaptation across viewpoint and exemplar in fusiform cortex.

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  • Configural coding, expertise, and the right hemisphere advantage for face recognition.

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  • The effect of attending to motor overflow on its voluntary inhibition in young and older adults.

    abstract::Motor overflow refers to involuntary movement or muscle activity coinciding with voluntary movement. We examined whether 16 young adults (18-30 years) and 16 older adults (50-80 years) could voluntarily inhibit overflow. Participants performed a finger pressing task, exerting 50% of their maximal force. Overflow was c...

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  • The role of context in remembering familar persons: insights from semantic dementia.

    abstract::Semantic dementia (SD) is a progressive condition characterized by an insidious and gradual breakdown in semantic knowledge. Patients suffering from this condition gradually lose their knowledge of objects and their attributes, concepts, famous persons, and public events. In contrast, these patients maintain a strikin...

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  • Declines in switching underlie verbal fluency changes after unilateral pallidal surgery in Parkinson's disease.

    abstract::Declines in verbal fluency are consistently reported in patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) after pallidal surgery. In the present study, the clustering and switching components of semantic or category fluency (oral naming of items obtainable in supermarkets) were examined at baseline and four months after unilater...

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  • A case study of selective impairment of the central executive component of working memory after a focal frontal lobe damage.

    abstract::RC is a 36-year-old man who sustained a closed head injury with bilateral frontal lobe hypometabolism in 1978. In 1994, after a lobectomy of a large part of the left frontal lobe, he presented no behavioral disruption and normal performances on most of intelligence, long-term memory, and executive tests. However, he s...

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  • Lifespan changes in working memory in fragile X premutation males.

    abstract::Fragile X syndrome is the world's most common hereditary cause of developmental delay in males and is now well characterized at the biological, brain and cognitive levels. The disorder is caused by the silencing of a single gene on the X chromosome, the FMR1 gene. The premutation (carrier) status, however, is less wel...

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  • Unawareness of impaired face recognition.

    abstract::We report investigations of the face processing abilities of SP, a right-handed woman who had suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage from a right middle cerebral artery aneurysm. Although she could correctly assign visual stimuli to the 'face' category without difficulty, SP performed poorly on all other face processing,...

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  • Interactive influence of sex, stressor timing, and the BclI glucocorticoid receptor polymorphism on stress-induced alterations of long-term memory.

    abstract::Certain susceptibility factors, such as genetic variants or specific physiological responses to stress, can dictate the effects of stress on learning and memory. Here, we examined the influence of the BclI polymorphism of the glucocorticoid receptor gene on the time-dependent effects of pre-learning stress on long-ter...

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  • Region-specific reduction of auditory sensory gating in older adults.

    abstract::Aging has been associated with declines in sensory-perceptual processes. Sensory gating (SG), or repetition suppression, refers to the attenuation of neural activity in response to a second stimulus and is considered to be an automatic process to inhibit redundant sensory inputs. It is controversial whether SG deficit...

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  • Adult developmental trajectories of pseudoneglect in the tactile, visual and auditory modalities and the influence of starting position and stimulus length.

    abstract::Pseudoneglect is a tendency to pay more attention to the left side of space, typically demonstrated on tasks like visuo-spatial line bisection, tactile rod bisection and the mental representation of numbers. The developmental trajectory of this bias on these three tasks is not fully understood. In the current study yo...

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  • Neural circuitry of the bilingual mental lexicon: effect of age of second language acquisition.

    abstract::Numerous studies have proposed that changes of the human language faculty caused by neural maturation can explain the substantial differences in ultimate attainment of grammatical competences between first language (L1) acquirers and second language (L2) learners. However, little evidence on the effect of neural matur...

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  • Appearance of symmetry, beauty, and health in human faces.

    abstract::Symmetry is an important concept in biology, being related to mate selection strategies, health, and survival of species. In human faces, the relevance of left-right symmetry to attractiveness and health is not well understood. We compared the appearance of facial attractiveness, health, and symmetry in three separate...

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  • Behavioral or hemispheric asymmetry: is there a default option?

    abstract::The presence of acuity gradients as a moderating variable in hemifield research is not in question. Their importance as a determinant of hemifield differences is unclear, however. The major issues are as follows. First, do vertical displays provide an appropriate control for the acuity gradient? Second, do the initial...

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  • One night of sleep deprivation affects reaction time, but not interference or facilitation in a Stroop task.

    abstract::The Stroop color-naming task is one of the most widely studied tasks involving the inhibition of a prepotent response, regarded as an executive function. Several studies have examined performance on versions of the Stroop task under conditions of acute sleep deprivation. Though these studies revealed effects on Stroop...

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  • Exercise mode and executive function in older adults: an ERP study of task-switching.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between exercise mode and executive function and its effect on behavior and neuroelectric activity. Forty-eight older adults were classified into open-skill, closed-skill, and irregular exercise groups based on their experience of exercise participation. Ex...

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  • Finger-tapping interference as produced by concurrent verbal and nonverbal tasks: an analysis of individual differences in left-handers.

    abstract::Verbal cerebral asymmetry was examined in 96 right- and left-handed college students using dual-task methods. The manual task was finger-tapping; verbal tasks were anagram-solution in silent and aloud conditions; nonverbal tasks were solution of Raven's Progressive Matrices and forms memory. Both handedness groups wer...

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  • Visual detectability gradients: effect of illiteracy.

    abstract::When subjects are required to detect a target pattern presented simultaneously with a number of similar non-target patterns in a brief exposure, marked differences of target detectability are observed as a function of the spatial location of the target (Efron, Yund, & Nichols, 1987, 1990a, b, c; Yund, Efron & Nichols,...

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  • Serial recovery of language during the intracarotid amobarbital procedure.

    abstract::There is considerable variability among epilepsy centers in the methods and interpretations of the intracarotid amobarbital procedure. Prominent among these differences is the determination of language representation and assessment of language functions. Some centers rely on speech arrest following amobarbital injecti...

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  • Verbal fluency over time as a measure of automatic and controlled processing in children with ADHD.

    abstract::The performance of ADHD children on semantic category fluency (SCF) versus initial letter fluency (ILF) tasks was examined. For each participant, word production was recorded for each 15-s time slice on each task. Performance on both fluency tasks was compared to test the hypothesis that children with ADHD are charact...

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  • Frontal brain electrical activity (EEG) and heart rate in response to affective infant-directed (ID) speech in 9-month-old infants.

    abstract::Many studies have shown that infants prefer infant-directed (ID) speech to adult-directed (AD) speech. ID speech functions to aid language learning, obtain and/or maintain an infant's attention, and create emotional communication between the infant and caregiver. We examined psychophysiological responses to ID speech ...

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  • Neurocognitive mechanisms of cognitive control: the role of prefrontal cortex in action selection, response inhibition, performance monitoring, and reward-based learning.

    abstract::Convergent evidence highlights the differential contributions of various regions of the prefrontal cortex in the service of cognitive control, but little is understood about how the brain determines and communicates the need to recruit cognitive control, and how such signals instigate the implementation of appropriate...

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  • Dynamic range of frontoparietal functional modulation is associated with working memory capacity limitations in older adults.

    abstract::Older adults tend to over-activate regions throughout frontoparietal cortices and exhibit a reduced range of functional modulation during WM task performance compared to younger adults. While recent evidence suggests that reduced functional modulation is associated with poorer task performance, it remains unclear whet...

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  • Association of television violence exposure with executive functioning and white matter volume in young adult males.

    abstract::Prior research has indicated that self-reported violent media exposure is associated with poorer performance on some neuropsychological tests in adolescents. This study aimed to examine the relationship of executive functioning to violent television viewing in healthy young adult males and examine how brain structure ...

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  • Effect of musical expertise on visuospatial abilities: evidence from reaction times and mental imagery.

    abstract::Recently, the relationship between music and nonmusical cognitive abilities has been highly debated. It has been documented that formal music training would improve verbal, mathematical or visuospatial performance in children. In the experiments described here, we tested if visual perception and imagery abilities were...

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  • Voluntary timing and brain function: an information processing approach.

    abstract::This article takes an information processing perspective to review current understanding of brain mechanisms of human voluntary timing. Theoretical accounts of timing of the production of isochronous tapping and rhythms and of bimanual responding repetitive responding are reviewed. The mapping of higher level temporal...

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  • Neurocognitive correlates of white matter quality in adolescent substance users.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Progressive myelination during adolescence implicates an increased vulnerability to neurotoxic substances and enduring neurocognitive consequences. This study examined the cognitive manifestations of altered white matter microstructure in chronic marijuana and alcohol-using (MJ+ALC) adolescents. METHODS:Thi...

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    authors: Bava S,Jacobus J,Mahmood O,Yang TT,Tapert SF

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