Antibiotic-induced ribosomal assembly defects result from changes in the synthesis of ribosomal proteins.


:Inhibitors of protein synthesis cause defects in the assembly of ribosomal subunits. In response to treatment with the antibiotics erythromycin or chloramphenicol, precursors of both large and small ribosomal subunits accumulate. We have used a pulse-labelling approach to demonstrate that the accumulating subribosomal particles maturate into functional 70S ribosomes. The protein content of the precursor particles is heterogeneous and does not correspond with known assembly intermediates. Mass spectrometry indicates that production of ribosomal proteins in the presence of the antibiotics correlates with the amounts of the individual ribosomal proteins within the precursor particles. Thus, treatment of cells with chloramphenicol or erythromycin leads to an unbalanced synthesis of ribosomal proteins, providing the explanation for formation of assembly-defective particles. The operons for ribosomal proteins show a characteristic pattern of antibiotic inhibition where synthesis of the first proteins is inhibited weakly but gradually increases for the subsequent proteins in the operon. This phenomenon most likely reflects translational coupling and allows us to identify other putative coupled non-ribosomal operons in the Escherichia coli chromosome.


Mol Microbiol


Molecular microbiology


Siibak T,Peil L,Dönhöfer A,Tats A,Remm M,Wilson DN,Tenson T,Remme J




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  • Characterization of the pathway for transport of the cytoadherence-mediating protein, PfEMP1, to the host cell surface in malaria parasite-infected erythrocytes.

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  • Recovery of adhesion to chondroitin-4-sulphate in Plasmodium falciparum varCSA disruption mutants by antigenically similar PfEMP1 variants.

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  • Helicobacter pylori HP0518 affects flagellin glycosylation to alter bacterial motility.

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  • A haem cofactor is required for redox and light signalling by the AppA protein of Rhodobacter sphaeroides.

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  • Cloning and characterization of the bundle-forming pilin gene of enteropathogenic Escherichia coli and its distribution in Salmonella serotypes.

    abstract::bfp, the structural gene of the major repeating bundle-forming pilus (BFP) subunit, was cloned from the enteroadherent factor (EAF) plasmid of enteropathogenic Escherichia coli (EPEC) strain B171 (O111:NM). The bfp open reading frame encoded a 193-amino-acid protein; comparison of this sequence with the biochemically ...

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  • The porA gene in serogroup A meningococci: evolutionary stability and mechanism of genetic variation.

    abstract::Molecular analyses were applied to the genes encoding variants of the serosubtyping antigen, the class 1 outer membrane protein (PorA), from 55 serogroup A Neisseria meningitidis strains. These genes were evolutionarily stable and exhibited a limited range of genetic variation, primarily generated by recombination. Tr...

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