Primary stability and self-tapping blades: biomechanical assessment of dental implants in medium-density bone.


AIM:The aim of this biomechanical study was to assess the influence of self-tapping blades in terms of primary implant stability between implants with self-tapping blades and implants without self-tapping blades using five different analytic methods, especially in medium-density bone. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Two different types of dental implants (4 × 10 mm) were tested: self-tapping and non-self-tapping. The fixture design including thread profiles was exactly the same between the two groups; the only difference was the presence of cutting blades on one half of the apical portion of the implant body. Solid rigid polyurethane blocks with corresponding densities were selected to simulate medium-density bone. Five mechanical assessments (insertion torque, resonance frequency analysis [RFA], reverse torque, pull-out and push in test) were performed for primary stability. RESULTS:Implants without self-tapping blades showed significantly higher values (P<0.001) in four biomechanical assessments, except RFA (P=0.684). However, a statistically significant correlation could not be detected between insertion torque values with the four different outcome variables (P>0.05). CONCLUSIONS:The outcomes of the present study indicate that the implant body design without self-tapping blades has a good primary stability compared with that with self-tapping blades in medium-density bone. Considering the RFA, a distinct layer of cortical bone on marginal bone will yield implant stability quotient values similar to those in medium-bone density when implants have the same diameter.


Clin Oral Implants Res


Kim YS,Lim YJ




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  • Changes in alveolar process dimensions following extraction of molars with advanced periodontal disease: A clinical pilot study.

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  • Early loading of mandibular full-arch bridges screw retained after 1 week to four to five Monotype® implants: 3-year results from a prospective multicentre study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:This prospective multicentre study provides clinical experience up to 3 years to support a simplified treatment for mandibular edentulism within 1 week by using one-stage implant surgery and a screw-retained full-arch bridge. METHODS:Two hundred and fifty ITI Monotype® implants were installed in 62 patients...

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  • Immunohistochemistry of soft tissues surrounding late failures of Brånemark implants.

    abstract::The objective of the present investigation was to characterize the cellular composition of the soft tissues surrounding consecutively retrieved late failures of Brånemark implants. Criteria for implant failure were signs of loss of osseointegration (radiographic peri-fixtural radiolucency and mobility). The clinical h...

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  • Immediate functional loading of TiOblast dental implants in full-arch edentulous maxillae: a 3-year prospective study.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Immediate functional loading of dental implants for full-arch restoration is a patient-friendly approach, shown to be feasible with a good long-term prognosis in a completely edentulous mandible. For the complete restoration of the maxilla, acceptable long-term clinical follow-up is lacking or based on cas...

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  • Posterior alveolar ridge resorption in bar-retained mandibular overdentures: 10-year results of a prospective clinical trial.

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    abstract::The aim of the study was to evaluate two bioresorbable polylactic acid (PLA) filler materials in a guided bone regeneration (GBR) model system. The first was Polyfibre, a fibrous PLA filler material. Polyfoam, the second material tested, consisted of a spongy PLA filler material. In each group there were eight rabbits...

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  • Therapeutic concepts and methods for improving dental implant outcomes. Summary and consensus statements. The 4th EAO Consensus Conference 2015.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Different therapeutic concepts and methods have been proposed for improving dental implant outcomes in three specific clinical situations: (i) the fresh extraction socket with alveolar ridge preservation protocols; (ii) the posterior maxilla with limited bone height with either the placement of regular-sized...

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  • Digital vs. conventional implant prosthetic workflows: a cost/time analysis.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:The aim of this prospective cohort trial was to perform a cost/time analysis for implant-supported single-unit reconstructions in the digital workflow compared to the conventional pathway. MATERIALS AND METHODS:A total of 20 patients were included for rehabilitation with 2 × 20 implant crowns in a crossover...

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  • Temperature and time variations during osteotomies performed with different piezosurgical devices: an in vitro study.

    abstract:AIM:The aim of this experimental in vitro study was to evaluate the effects of the piezoelectric device in temperature and time variations in standardized osteotomies performed with similar tip inserts in bovine bone blocks. METHODS:Two different piezosurgical devices were used the OE-F15(®) (Osada Inc., Los Angeles, ...

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  • The Why, What, How and What if-The method to present your research and clinical cases.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:During the fourth Summer Camp (SC) held by the European Association of Osseointegration (EAO), 20 junior representatives from various European and non-European universities and associations were selected to partake in oral presentation and communication skill development. AIMS:The aim of the EAO Summer Camp...

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  • Is insertion torque correlated to bone-implant contact percentage in the early healing period? A histological and histomorphometrical evaluation of 17 human-retrieved dental implants.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:A precise and scientifically established method for the evaluation of the bone quality/primary stability is the measure of the insertion torque (IT). The aim of this study was a comparison between the IT values and the bone-implant contact percentage (BIC) of human implants retrieved after a 4/8-week healing ...

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