Low kinetic hydrogen isotope effects in the dehydrogenation of 1,4-dihydro-2,6-dimethyl-4-(2-nitrophenyl)-3,5-pyridinedicarboxylic acid dimethyl ester (nifedipine) by cytochrome P-450 enzymes are consistent with an electron/proton/electron transfer mechan


:Cytochrome P-450 enzymes have been postulated to oxidize amines through a variety of mechanisms. One of the means of distinguishing among potential pathways involves the use of kinetic hydrogen isotope effects: low isotope effects are characteristic of aminium radical mechanisms while high values are consistent with hydrogen atom abstraction, a process documented in alkane hydroxylation. Nifedipine [1,4-dihydro-2,6-dimethyl-4-(2-nitrophenyl)-3,5-pyridinedicarboxylic+ ++ acid dimethyl ester] was prepared with isotopic substitution at the 4-position and utilized in determinations of the deuterium and tritium kinetic isotope effects. The noncompetitive intermolecular deuterium [DV, D(V/K)] and competitive intermolecular tritium [T(V/K)] isotope effects observed in the oxidation of nifedipine with liver microsomes prepared from untreated male rats were less than 2. Similar low deuterium and tritium isotope effects (less than 2) were also found with six other types of rat liver microsomal preparations and with three different human liver microsomal preparations, even though the rates of oxidation (expressed per nanomole of total cytochrome P-450) varied by an order of magnitude and other investigations indicate that several different cytochrome P-450 enzymes can catalyze the reaction. Similar low deuterium and tritium isotope effects were measured with a purified rat liver cytochrome P-450 preparation and horseradish peroxidase. These results are interpreted in terms of an electron/proton/electron transfer mechanism previously postulated for the oxidation of other dihydropyridines by cytochrome P-450 enzymes and model one-electron acceptors and argue against a mechanism involving hydrogen atom abstraction from nifedipine.


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  • Gamma-radiolysis and hydroxyl radical produce interstrand cross-links in DNA involving thymidine.

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  • Development of a partition-controlled dosing system for cell assays.

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  • 42,43,44,45,46,47,55-Heptanor-41-oxohomoyessotoxin, a new biotoxin from mussels of the northern Adriatic sea.

    abstract::The diarrhetic shellfish toxin composition in the digestive glands of mussels from the northern Adriatic sea was investigated. Along with known yessotoxins, identified by comparison of their chromatographic and spectral properties with those reported in the literature, we isolated a new analogue of yessotoxin, 42,43,4...

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  • Alkylation of DNA by 1,3-dialkyl-3-acyltriazenes: correlation of biological activity with chemical behavior.

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  • Reactivity with Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane confounds immunodetection of acrolein-adducted proteins.

    abstract::The toxic alpha,beta-unsaturated aldehyde acrolein readily attacks proteins, generating adducts at cysteine, histidine, and lysine residues. In this study, rabbit antiserum was raised against acrolein-modified keyhole limpet hemocyanin in the expectation that it would allow immunodetection of adducted proteins in biol...

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  • Distinct endoplasmic reticulum signaling pathways regulate apoptotic and necrotic cell death following iodoacetamide treatment.

    abstract::Environmental stress induces the synthesis of glucose-regulated proteins (Grps) in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and heat shock proteins (Hsps) in the cytoplasm. Iodoacetamide (IDAM), a prototypical alkyating agent, induces both Grp and Hsp synthesis in renal epithelial cells and causes necrosis which is prevented by...

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  • Base flipping free energy profiles for damaged and undamaged DNA.

    abstract::Lesion-induced thermodynamic destabilization is believed to facilitate β-hairpin intrusion by the human XPC/hHR23B nucleotide excision repair (NER) recognition factor, accompanied by partner-base flipping, as suggested by the crystal structure of the yeast orthologue (Min, J. H., and Pavletich, N. P. (2007) Nature 449...

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  • Chemical speciation of trivalent actinides and lanthanides in biological fluids: the dominant in vitro binding form of curium(III) and europium(III) in human urine.

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  • Titanium nanoparticle inhalation induces renal fibrosis in mice via an oxidative stress upregulated transforming growth factor-β pathway.

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  • Chemometric models for toxicity classification based on NMR spectra of biofluids.

    abstract::1H NMR spectroscopic and pattern recognition (PR)-based methods were used to investigate the biochemical variability in urine obtained from control rats and from rats treated with a hydrazine (a model hepatotoxin) or HgCl(2) (a model renal cortical toxin). The 600 MHz (1)H NMR spectra of urine samples obtained from ve...

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    abstract::Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are one of the most refractory environmental pollutants. Because of their ubiquitous existence in the biological systems (including human body), it is important to investigate their toxic behavior. Our previous findings demonstrated that a high reactive metabolite of PCB, namely PCB29-...

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  • A novel procedure for generating both nitric oxide and superoxide in situ from chemical sources at any chosen mole ratio. First application: tyrosine oxidation and a comparison with preformed peroxynitrite.

    abstract::The first method for generating (*)NO and O(2)(*)(-) at any known, constant ratio has been developed. Spermine NONOate and di(4-carboxybenzyl)hyponitrite decay with first-order kinetics and exactly equal rate constants (half-lives of 80 min) at 37 degrees C and pH 7.5 to give 200 and 40 mol % (*)NO and O(2)(*)(-), res...

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  • Diclofenac Sodium Triggers p53-Dependent Apoptosis in Human Corneal Epithelial Cells via ROS-Mediated Crosstalk.

    abstract::Diclofenac sodium (DFS), a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, is frequently used in ophthalmology, but it causes negative effects on corneas. The mechanisms underlying the toxicities to corneas remains unclear. The present study was designed to assess the cytotoxicity of DFS to human corneal epithelial (HCEP) cells ...

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  • Cytochrome P450 Mediated Bioactivation of Rutaevin, a Bioactive and Potentially Hepatotoxic Component of Evodia Rutaecarpa.

    abstract::Rutaevin is one of the major bioactive constituents isolated from Evodia rutaecarpa, a well-known herbal medicine that has been widely prescribed for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders in China. However, oral administration of rutaevin has been shown to cause hepatotoxicity in mice. Bioactivation was suggeste...

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  • Toxicant Deposition and Transport in Alveolus: A Classical Density Functional Prediction.

    abstract::The deposition and transport of toxicants on pulmonary surfactant are important processes in human health and medical care. We have introduced classical density functional theory (CDFT) to provide insight into this process. Nine typical toxicants in PM2.5 were considered, and their free energy and structural informati...

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  • Allyl alcohol activation of protein kinase C delta leads to cytotoxicity of rat hepatocytes.

    abstract::Hepatotoxicity of allyl alcohol involves its bioactivation to acrolein and subsequent protein sulfhydryl loss and lipid peroxidation. However, the links between these events and hepatocellular death are not known. The purpose of these studies was to examine whether specific signal transduction pathways are associated ...

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  • (5'S)- and (5'R)-5',8-cyclo-2'-deoxyguanosine: mechanistic insights on the 2'-deoxyguanosin-5'-yl radical cyclization.

    abstract::The two diastereomeric forms (5'S) and (5'R) of 5',8-cyclo-2'-deoxyguanosine have been synthesized and fully characterized. They have been used as references for the investigation of gamma-irradiation of 2'-deoxyguanosine and photolysis of 8-bromo-2'-deoxyguanosine in aqueous solutions. The observed (5'R)/(5'S) ratio ...

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