Poor provider adherence to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention treatment guidelines in US emergency department visits with a diagnosis of pelvic inflammatory disease.


BACKGROUND:Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is commonly diagnosed in US emergency departments (EDs). We aimed to estimate national rates of provider adherence to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) treatment guidelines for PID among patient visits, with a diagnosis of acute PID in US ED settings. METHODS:A multiyear cross-sectional analysis was performed on ED visits from females >12 years old, using the National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey database from 1999 to 2006. The ED diagnoses of acute PID were identified from the database. Specific antibiotics ordered or provided during ED visits diagnosed with PID were identified and compared to contemporary CDC treatment guidelines to determine provider adherence. Analyses were performed using procedures for multiple-stage survey data. RESULTS:Overall, 1,605,000 discharged ED patient visits with a diagnosis of acute PID were identified. ED provider adherence to CDC treatment guidelines was 30.5% (95% confidence intervals [CI], 24.4%-36.7%). Doxycycline was the most commonly missing medication from the recommended regimens while azithromycin was the most prescribed antibiotic that was not recommended until 2006 CDC guidelines. Additionally, among the visits without being given any CDC-recommended antibiotics, 38.4% were prescribed neither antibiotics nor pain relievers. In multivariate analysis, those without specialty consultation during ED visits and those before the announcement of 2002 guidelines were 4.95 (95% CI, 1.71-14.29) and 1.93 (95% CI, 1.14-3.27) times less likely to receive CDC-recommended antibiotic regimens versus their counterparts. CONCLUSIONS:Poor provider adherence to the CDC-recommended treatment guidelines for PID has been widespread in US EDs, especially for women who did not receive specialty consultation.


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  • Evaluation of 4 Algorithms to Identify Incident Syphilis Among HIV-Positive Men Who Have Sex With Men Engaged in Primary Care.

    abstract::We developed 4 algorithms for syphilis among HIV-positive men who have sex with men who engaged in primary care in 2016 to 2017. Clinician-based diagnosis from chart reviews was the gold standard. Sensitivities ranged from 74.2% to 93.9%. Specificities were greater than 99% with positive and negative predictive values...

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  • Wild-Type Gyrase A Genotype of Neisseria gonorrhoeae Predicts In Vitro Susceptibility to Ciprofloxacin: A Systematic Review of the Literature and Meta-Analysis.

    abstract::Multidrug-resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae infections have been declared 1 of the top 3 urgent threats to public health. Approaches to combat resistance include targeted therapy with antibiotics previously thought to be ineffective, made possible by rapid molecular assays to predict susceptibility. Previous studies hav...

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  • A Comparison of Two Mathematical Modeling Frameworks for Evaluating Sexually Transmitted Infection Epidemiology.

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  • Gonorrhea in women prostitutes: clinical data and auxotypes, serovars, plasmid contents of PPNG, and susceptibility profiles.

    abstract::Eighty-nine women prostitutes who underwent clinical and microbiologic examination were found to have gonococcal infection. The median age was 22; 92.1% were from urban areas. Nearly all the women prostitutes refrained from barrier methods (92.1%) and had contact with several partners (91.0%). The most frequent clinic...

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  • Chlamydia trachomatis infection among women 26 to 39 years of age in the United States, 1999 to 2010.

    abstract::Using data from a nationally representative survey, we identified predictors of chlamydial infection in women aged 26 to 39 years. Chlamydia prevalence was low overall but varied by sociodemographics and sexual behaviors. Findings support current recommendations that women older than 25 years should not be routinely s...

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  • Reduction in sexual risk behaviors and infection rates among African Americans and Mexican Americans.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Project SAFE, a gender- and culture-specific cognitive-behavioral intervention, was one of the few interventions to have demonstrated a significant reduction in sexually transmitted infections in a randomized, controlled trial. GOAL:We evaluated intervention efficacy in 379 Mexican Americans and 170 African...

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  • Clinical and virologic response to episodic acyclovir for genital ulcers among HIV-1 seronegative, herpes simplex virus type 2 seropositive African women: a randomized, placebo-controlled trial.

    abstract::In a randomized trial among African women with recurrent genital herpes, episodic acyclovir therapy resulted in modestly greater likelihood of lesion healing (hazard ratio [HR] = 1.48, P = 0.098; mean, 5.1 vs. 6.0 days) and cessation of herpes simplex virus shedding (HR = 1.88, P = 0.008; mean, 3.0 vs. 5.0 days) compa...

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