Microwave-assisted pyrolysis of microalgae for biofuel production.


:The pyrolysis of Chlorella sp. was carried out in a microwave oven with char as microwave reception enhancer. The results indicated that the maximum bio-oil yield of 28.6% was achieved under the microwave power of 750 W. The bio-oil properties were characterized with elemental, GC-MS, GPC, FTIR, and thermogravimetric analysis. The algal bio-oil had a density of 0.98 kg/L, a viscosity of 61.2 cSt, and a higher heating value (HHV) of 30.7 MJ/kg. The GC-MS results showed that the bio-oils were mainly composed of aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, phenols, long chain fatty acids and nitrogenated compounds, among which aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons (account for 22.18% of the total GC-MS spectrum area) are highly desirable compounds as those in crude oil, gasoline and diesel. The results in this study indicate that fast growing algae are a promising source of feedstock for advanced renewable fuel production via microwave-assisted pyrolysis (MAP).


Bioresour Technol


Bioresource technology


Du Z,Li Y,Wang X,Wan Y,Chen Q,Wang C,Lin X,Liu Y,Chen P,Ruan R




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  • Comparative assessment of selected sugarcane biorefinery-centered systems in Brazil: A multi-criteria method based on sustainability indicators.

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  • Effect of additives on adsorption and desorption behavior of xylanase on acid-insoluble lignin from corn stover and wheat straw.

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    abstract::Poly([1-vinyl-3-hexylimidazolium] [bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide]) (poly([VHIM][Tf2N])) was assessed for its ability to adsorb bio-ethanol from Chamaecyparis obtuse leaves fermentation broths. Poly([VHIM][Tf2N]) was prepared by poly([VHIM][Br]) ion exchange with Li(Tf2N). Poly([VHIM][Br]) was obtained using a ther...

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  • Enhanced hexadecane degradation and low biomass production by Aspergillus niger exposed to an electric current in a model system.

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  • Enhancing anaerobic digestion for rural wastewater treatment with granular activated carbon (GAC) supplementation.

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  • The configuration, purification effect and mechanism of intensified constructed wetland for wastewater treatment from the aspect of nitrogen removal: A review.

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  • Study of the antifungal activity of Bacillus vallismortis ZZ185 in vitro and identification of its antifungal components.

    abstract::An endophytic Bacillus vallismortis ZZ185 was isolated from healthy stems of the plant Broadleaf Holly (Ilex latifolia Thunb) collected in Nanjing, China. Both the culture filtrate and the n-butanol extract of strain ZZ185 showed strong growth inhibition activity in vitro against the phytopathogens Fusarium graminearu...

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  • Application of Co-naphthalocyanine (CoNPc) as alternative cathode catalyst and support structure for microbial fuel cells.

    abstract::Co-naphthalocyanine (CoNPc) was prepared by heat treatment for cathode catalysts to be used in microbial fuel cells (MFCs). Four different catalysts (Carbon black, NPc/C, CoNPc/C, Pt/C) were compared and characterized using XPS, EDAX and TEM. The electrochemical characteristics of oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) were ...

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  • Sulfide and ammonium oxidation, acetate mineralization by denitrification in a multipurpose UASB reactor.

    abstract::The physiological and kinetic behavior of a denitrifying granular sludge exposed to different sulfide loading rates (55-295 mg/L d) were evaluated in a UASB reactor fed with acetate, ammonium and nitrate. At any sulfide loading rates, the consumption efficiencies of sulfide, acetate and ammonium were above 95%, while ...

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  • Efficiency of combined process of ozone and bio-filtration in the treatment of secondary effluent.

    abstract::The present work was aimed at studying the efficiency of the combined process of biofiltration with ozonation to improve the quality of secondary effluent. The secondary effluent from the Dinapur Sewage Treatment Plant Varanasi, India was used in this work. The process of biofiltration with the plant species of Eichor...

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  • Effect of starch addition on the biological conversion and microbial community in a methanol-fed UASB reactor during long-term continuous operation.

    abstract::The effect of starch addition on the microbial composition and the biological conversion was investigated using two upflow anaerobic sludge bracket (UASB) reactors treating methanolic wastewater: one reactor was operated with starch addition, and another reactor was operated without starch addition. Approximately 300 ...

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  • Co-utilization of corn stover hydrolysates and biodiesel-derived glycerol by Cryptococcus curvatus for lipid production.

    abstract::In the present study, synergistic effects were observed when glycerol was co-fermented with glucose and xylose for lipid production by the oleaginous yeast Cryptococcus curvatus. Glycerol was assimilated simultaneously with sugars at the beginning of the culture without adaption time. Furthermore, better lipid product...

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  • Biocatalytic production of (2S,3S)-2,3-butanediol from diacetyl using whole cells of engineered Escherichia coli.

    abstract::(2S,3S)-2,3-Butanediol ((2S,3S)-2,3-BD) is a crucial chiral compound that acts as an excellent building block in asymmetric synthesis of highly valuable chiral compounds. However, the low concentration and optical purity of (2S,3S)-2,3-BD produced in previous studies limited its applications. In the present work, the ...

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  • Bioconversion of yellow wine wastes into microbial protein via mixed yeast-fungus cultures.

    abstract::The potential for microbial protein production in the mixture of yellow wine lees and rice soaking wastewater was examined. Strong symbiotic effect was observed in fermentation with yeast-fungus mixed culture of Candida utilis and Geochichum candidum at a ratio of 1:1 (v/v). The maximum specific biomass yield of 4.91 ...

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  • Influence of aerobic and anoxic microenvironments on polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) production from food waste and acidogenic effluents using aerobic consortia.

    abstract::The functional role of aerobic and anoxic microenvironments on polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) production using food waste (UFW) and effluents from acidogenic biohydrogen production process (FFW) were studied employing aerobic mixed culture as biocatalyst. Anoxic microenvironment documented higher PHA production, while ae...

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  • Kinetics and mechanisms of hydrogen sulfide adsorption by biochars.

    abstract::Three different biochars as cost-effective substitutes for activated carbon (AC) were tested for their hydrogen sulfide (H2S) adsorption ability. The biochars were produced from camphor (SC), bamboo (SB), and rice hull (SR) at 400°C by oxygen-limited pyrolysis. The surface area (SA), pH, and Fourier transform infrared...

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  • Presence and transcriptional activity of anaerobic fungi in agricultural biogas plants.

    abstract::Bioaugmentation with anaerobic fungi (AF) is promising for improved biogas generation from lignocelluloses-rich substrates. However, before implementing AF into biogas processes it is necessary to investigate their natural occurrence, community structure and transcriptional activity in agricultural biogas plants. Thus...

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  • Rapid production of organic fertilizer by dynamic high-temperature aerobic fermentation (DHAF) of food waste.

    abstract::Keep composting matrix in continuous collision and friction under a relatively high-temperature can significantly accelerate the progress of composting. A bioreactor was designed according to the novel process. Using this technology, organic fertilizer could be produced within 96h. The electric conductivity (EC) and p...

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  • Influence of the reaction conditions on the enzyme catalyzed transesterification of castor oil: A possible step in biodiesel production.

    abstract::The identification of the influence of the reaction parameters is of paramount importance when defining a process design. In this work, non-edible castor oil was reacted with methanol to produce a possible component for biodiesel blends, using liquid enzymes as the catalyst. Temperature, alcohol-to-oil molar ratio, en...

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  • Anaerobic co-digestion of fish processing waste with a liquid fraction of hydrothermal carbonization of bamboo residue.

    abstract::The effect of different mixing ratios of fish processing waste (FPW) with a liquid fraction (LF) of hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) of bamboo residues on biogas and methane yield was investigated. The different mixing ratios (FPW + LF) and HTC temperature (200-280 °C) had significant effects on biogas and methane pro...

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  • Selective deconstruction of hemicellulose and lignin with producing derivatives by sequential pretreatment process for biorefining concept.

    abstract::For improving the economic efficiency of the biorefining concept, selective decomposition and separation of biomass components is indispensable. In this respect, a sequential pretreatment process consisting of liquid hot water treatment and diluted peracetic acid (PAA) treatment was proposed for total utilization of l...

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  • Comparative study of lipid extraction from microalgae by organic solvent and supercritical CO2.

    abstract::Pavlova sp. was employed to evaluate the efficiency of different lipid extraction methods. The microalgal crude lipids content determined using the mixed solvent with ultrasonic method was 44.7 wt.%. The triglyceride content obtained by the mixed solvent method was 15.6 wt.%. The extraction yield was the FAME yield di...

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  • Processing anaerobic sludge for extended storage as anaerobic digester inoculum.

    abstract::Thermophilic anaerobic sludge was processed to reduce the volume and moisture content in order to reduce costs for storing and transporting the sludge as microbial inoculum for anaerobic digester startup. The moisture content of the sludge was reduced from 98.7% to 82.0% via centrifugation and further to 71.5% via vac...

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  • Application of chemical precipitation and membrane bioreactor hybrid process for piggery wastewater treatment.

    abstract::This study was conducted to investigate the chemical precipitation (CP) and membrane bioreactor (MBR) hybrid process for the treatment of piggery wastewater. Average removal efficiencies for BOD, COD and turbidity in CP process were 64.3%, 77.3% and 96.4%, respectively. CP process had a moderate effect on NH(3)-N remo...

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  • Biofouling and control approaches in membrane bioreactors.

    abstract::Membrane fouling (especially biofouling) as a critical issue during membrane reactor (MBR) operation has attracted much attention in recent years. Although previous review papers have presented different aspects of MBR's fouling when treating various wastewaters, the information related to biofouling in MBRs has only ...

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  • Bifunctional and recyclable Dawson-type polyoxometalates catalyze oxidative degradation of lignocellulose to selectively produce phthalates.

    abstract::Acid-redox bifunctional Dawson-type polyoxometalates K6P2W18O62 (P2W18) and K10P2W17O61 (P2W17) were introduced as the new-type catalysts in oxidative decomposition of lignocellulose. The lignin and hemicellulose ingredients of lignocellulose could be decomposed by P2W17 to produce diisobutyl phthalate with the select...

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  • Nutrient recovery technologies integrated with energy recovery by waste biomass anaerobic digestion.

    abstract::Anaerobic digestion widely considered as a promising waste biomass disposal treatment approach, is attracting increasing interest in all corners of the globe. However, due to the specific features of different types of waste biomass, the bioenergy conversion efficiency of this process is not ideal. Another problematic...

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