Computational design of peptide ligands.


:Peptides possess several attractive features when compared to small molecule and protein therapeutics, such as high structural compatibility with target proteins, the ability to disrupt protein-protein interfaces, and small size. Efficient design of high-affinity peptide ligands via rational methods has been a major obstacle to the development of this potential drug class. However, structural insights into the architecture of protein-peptide interfaces have recently culminated in several computational approaches for the rational design of peptides that target proteins. These methods provide a valuable alternative to experimental high-resolution structures of target protein-peptide complexes, bringing closer the dream of in silico designed peptides for therapeutic applications.


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Trends in biotechnology


Vanhee P,van der Sloot AM,Verschueren E,Serrano L,Rousseau F,Schymkowitz J




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  • Nanowire Sensors in Cancer.

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  • Knowledge discovery in gene-expression-microarray data: mining the information output of the genome.

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  • The human proteomics initiative (HPI).

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  • Biosensors in the livestock industry: an automated ovulation prediction system for dairy cows.

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  • Genetically engineered phytoremediation: one man's trash is another man's transgene.

    abstract::Plant-based environmental remediation, or phytoremediation, has been widely pursued in recent years as a favorable clean-up technology and is an area of intensive scientific investigation. For the vast majority of field applications, vegetative 'phyto-crops' are selected specifically for their capacity for site decont...

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  • Imaging techniques in the analysis of brain function and behaviour.

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  • Biosensors based on binding-modulated donor-acceptor distances.

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  • Sustainability considerations for integrated biorefineries.

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  • Three-Dimensional Hierarchical Wrinkles on Polymer Films: From Chaotic to Ordered Antimicrobial Topographies.

    abstract::Microbial contamination of polymer surfaces has become a significant challenge in domestic, industrial, and biomedical applications. Recent progress in our understanding of how topographical features of different length scales can be used to effectively and selectively control the attachment and proliferation of diffe...

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  • Potential of siderophore-producing bacteria for improving heavy metal phytoextraction.

    abstract::Phytoremediation holds promise for in situ treatment of heavy metal contaminated soils. Recently, the benefits of combining siderophore-producing bacteria (SPB) with plants for metal removal from contaminated soils have been demonstrated. Metal-resistant SPB play an important role in the successful survival and growth...

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  • Synthetic Biology Tools to Engineer Microbial Communities for Biotechnology.

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  • Kleisli: a new tool for data integration in biology.

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  • The potential of lyases for the industrial production of optically active compounds.

    abstract::Lyases catalyse the cleavage of C-C, C-N, C-O and other bonds by elimination to produce double bonds or, conversely, catalyse the addition of groups to double bonds. These enzymes do not require cofactor recycling, show an absolute stereospecificity and can give a theoretical yield of 100%, compared with only 50% for ...

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  • Serum-free hybridoma culture: ethical, scientific and safety considerations.

    abstract::Despite considerable progress in the development of cell culture techniques, including the development of the serum- and protein-free media that now routinely support hybridoma and mammalian cell growth, fetal bovine serum (FBS) supplemented media are still commonly used: a practice that raises ethical, scientific and...

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  • Rethinking production of Taxol® (paclitaxel) using endophyte biotechnology.

    abstract::Taxol® (generic name paclitaxel) represents one of the most clinically valuable natural products known to mankind in the recent past. More than two decades have elapsed since the notable discovery of the first Taxol®-producing endophytic fungus, which was followed by a plethora of reports on other endophytes possessin...

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  • Phase and antigenic variation--the impact on strategies for bacterial vaccine design.

    abstract::Many pathogens have the ability to vary the antigenic composition of surface-associated antigens. Often, this variation is mediated by the regulation of gene expression. By varying its antigenicity, the pathogen is able to avoid host immune responses more efficiently; however, this makes the design of vaccines against...

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  • Four-dimensional imaging: the exploration of space and time.

    abstract::The process of studying dynamic three-dimensional samples has a long history in biological research. Recent advances in hardware and software have made it easier to visualise and record interior detail from multiple focal planes of three-dimensional samples as they change over time (four-dimensional imaging). Once cap...

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  • Metabolic engineering of carotenoid biosynthesis in plants.

    abstract::Carotenoids are one of the most diverse classes of natural compounds. Plant carotenoids are composed of a C40 isoprenoid skeleton with or without epoxy, hydroxy and keto groups. They have fundamental roles in human nutrition as antioxidants and vitamin A precursors and their consumption is increasingly associated with...

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  • Improving enzyme properties: when are closer mutations better?

    abstract::Study of mutations that improve enzyme properties reveals that in many, but not all, cases closer mutations are more effective than distant ones. For enantioselectivity, substrate selectivity and new catalytic activity (catalytic promiscuity) closer mutations improved enzymes more effectively than distant ones. Howeve...

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  • Decellularized Extracellular Matrix for Bioengineering Physiomimetic 3D in Vitro Tumor Models.

    abstract::Recent advances in the extraction and purification of decellularized extracellular matrix (dECM) obtained from healthy or malignant tissues open new avenues for engineering physiomimetic 3D in vitro tumor models, which closely recapitulate key biomolecular hallmarks and the dynamic cancer cell-ECM interactions in the ...

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  • Diolistics: incorporating fluorescent dyes into biological samples using a gene gun.

    abstract::The hand-held gene gun provides a rapid and efficient method of incorporating fluorescent dyes into cells, a technique that is becoming known as diolistics. Transporting fluorescent dyes into cells has, in the past, used predominantly injection or chemical methods. The use of the gene gun, combined with the new genera...

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  • Mechatronics design principles for biotechnology product development.

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  • Rehabilitation of adaptive immunity and regeneration of beta cells.

    abstract::Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune disease resulting from the destruction of pancreatic insulin-producing beta cells that most frequently occurs in genetically predisposed children. Recent observations illustrating the regenerative capability of the endocrine pancreas in addition to advances in stem cell and gene ...

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