Lead detoxification activities and ADMET hepatotoxicities of a class of novel 5-(1-carbonyl-L-amino-acid)-2,2-dimethyl-[1,3]dithiolane-4-carboxylic acids.


:By linking the mercapto groups with isopropyl and introducing L-amino acid into the 5-carboxyl of DMSA a class of novel 5-(1-carbonyl-L-amino-acid)-2,2- dimethyl-[1,3]dithiolane-4-carboxylic acids were prepared. Their in vivo activities were evaluated on lead loaded mice at the dose of 0.4 mmol/kg. The results showed that the lead levels of the livers, kidneys, femurs and brains in particular could be efficiently decreased by 0.4 mmol/kg of 5-(1-carbonyl-L-amino-acid)-2,2-dimethyl-[1,3]dithiolane-4-carboxylic acids. The benefit of 5-(1-carbonyl-L-amino-acid)-2,2-dimethyl-[1,3]dithiolane-4-carboxylic acids to the detoxification of the brain lead was attributed to their transmembrane ability. Compared with the lead detoxification efficacy, they did not affect the essential metals such as Fe, Cu, Zn, and Ca of the treated mice. Silico molecular modeling predicted that 5-(1-carbonyl-L-amino-acid)-2,2-dimethyl-[1,3]dithiolane-4-carboxylic acids had no hepatotoxicity.


Bioorg Med Chem Lett


Xu Y,Wang Y,Zhao M,Hou B,Peng L,Zheng M,Wu J,Peng S




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2011-03-15 00:00:00














  • X-ray crystal structure of JNK2 complexed with the p38alpha inhibitor BIRB796: insights into the rational design of DFG-out binding MAP kinase inhibitors.

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  • Structure-based design of thienobenzoxepin inhibitors of PI3-kinase.

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  • Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of seco-A-pentacyclic triterpenoids-3,4-lactone as potent non-nucleoside HBV inhibitors.

    abstract::A series of seco-A-pentacyclic triterpenoids-3,4-lactone were synthesized and the anti-HBV activities were evaluated in vitro. Several compounds inhibited the secretion of HBV antigen and the replication of HBV DNA in micromolar level. Compounds D7 and D10, seco-A-oleanane-3,4-lactone, suppressed the HBeAg secretion w...

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    abstract::Two novel α-linked sialyltrisaccharide imidazolium-type probes (ITags) based on the structures of biologically relevant 6'-sialyllactosamine and 3'-sialyllactosamine were efficiently and stereoselectively prepared using a chemo-enzymatic approach. The apparent kinetic parameters for the enzyme catalyzed transformation...

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  • Structure-activity study and analgesic efficacy of amino acid derivatives as N-type calcium channel blockers.

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  • On-resin cyclization of peptide ligands of the Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor 1 by copper(I)-catalyzed 1,3-dipolar azide-alkyne cycloaddition.

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  • QSAR study on pK(a) vis-à-vis physiological activity of sulfonamides: a dominating role of surface tension (inverse steric parameter).

    abstract::The paper describes the dominating role of surface tension (ST) on the modeling, monitoring, and estimating pK(a) for a large series of 43 substituted sulfonamides. Because of the direct correlation of ST with parachor (Pc) vis-a-vis molecular volume (MV), ST is considered as a steric parameter. Single as well as mult...

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  • Antiproliferative and apoptotic effects of the oxidative dimerization product of methyl caffeate on human breast cancer cells.

    abstract::Caffeic acid derivatives are increasingly regarded as potential oncoprotective that could inhibit both the initiation and progression of cancer. Here we have synthesized seven 1-arylnaphthalene lignans and related compounds and tested their impact on breast cancer cell growth in tissue culture. The product of the oxid...

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  • Structure activity relationship of substituted 1,5-naphthyridine analogs of oxabicyclooctane-linked novel bacterial topoisomerase inhibitors as broad-spectrum antibacterial agents (Part-4).

    abstract::Bacterial resistance is rapidly growing, necessitating the need to discover new agents. Novel bacterial topoisomerase inhibitors (NBTIs) are new class of broad-spectrum antibacterial agents targeting bacterial DNA gyrase and topoisomerase IV. This class of inhibitors binds to an alternative binding site relative to fl...

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  • Assessment of new 2'-O-acetalester protecting groups for regular RNA synthesis and original 2'-modified proRNA.

    abstract::New base-labile acyloxymethyl groups were evaluated to protect 2'-OH functions of ribonucleotides for regular RNA synthesis in order to shorten the deprotection procedure upon ammonia. These same acetalester groups were assessed in 2'-modified proRNA as biolabile 2'-protections removable by cell enzymes to generate pa...

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  • Synthesis and acrosin inhibitory activity of methyl 5-substituted-1H-benzo[d]imidazol-2-yl carbamate derivatives.

    abstract::A series of novel methyl 5-substituted 1H-benzo[d]imidazol-2-ylcarbamates were designed, synthesized, and their acrosin inhibitory activities evaluated in vitro. The results of acrosin inhibitory activity showed that all title compounds were more potent than the control TLCK. Compound 4w displayed the most potent acro...

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  • Discovery of BRD4 bromodomain inhibitors by fragment-based high-throughput docking.

    abstract::Bromodomains (BRDs) recognize acetyl-lysine modified histone tails mediating epigenetic processes. BRD4, a protein containing two bromodomains, has emerged as an attractive therapeutic target for several types of cancer as well as inflammatory diseases. Using a fragment-based in silico screening approach, we identifie...

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  • ATB0,+-targeted delivery of triptolide prodrugs for safer and more effective pancreatic cancer therapy.

    abstract::Triptolide (TP) is a diterpene epoxide component extracted from Tripterygium wilfordii and has been shown to possess an impressive anticancer effect. However, TP has not yet entered any clinic trials due to the severe adverse effects that resulted from the off-target absorption and distribution found in animal studies...

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  • Rational design of novel, potent piperazinone and imidazolidinone BACE1 inhibitors.

    abstract::Guided by structure-based design, we synthesized two novel series of potent inhibitors of BACE1 and generated extensive SAR around both the prime and non-prime side binding pockets. The key feature of both series is a cyclic amine motif specifically crafted to achieve interactions with both the flap and with the S2' p...

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