Cytotoxic 3,6-bis((imidazolidinone)imino)acridines: synthesis, DNA binding and molecular modeling.


:New acridine derivatives bearing two symmetrical imidazolidinone rings, 3,6-bis((1-alkyl-5-oxo-imidazolidin-2-yliden)imino)acridine hydrochlorides 6a-6e (alkyl=ethyl, n-propyl, n-butyl, n-pentyl, n-hexyl), have been prepared and their interactions with calf thymus DNA and selected cell lines were studied. The DNA-binding of 6a-6e to ctDNA was examined by UV-vis, fluorescence, and CD spectroscopy. The binding constants determined by UV-vis spectroscopy were found in the range 1.9×10(5)-7.1×10(5) M(-1). An electrophoretic separation proved that ligands 6a-6e inhibited topoisomerase I in 40 μM concentration although only those with longer alkyl chains were able to penetrate the membranes and efficiently suppress the cell proliferation. The highest activity in cytotoxic tests was found for 3,6-bis((1-n-hexyl-5-oxo-imidazolidin-2-yliden)imino)acridine hydrochloride (6e) with IC(50)=2.12 μM (HL 60) and 5.28 μM (L1210) after 72 h incubation. Molecular dynamics simulations and calculations of solvent-accessible surface areas (SASAs) were used to explore the intercalation mechanism. MD simulations favor stacking between adjacent C:G base pairs from the minor groove side. MD and SASAs calculations indicate that the decrease of K with alkyl extension is due to negative entropic change upon binding.


Bioorg Med Chem


Janovec L,Kožurková M,Sabolová D,Ungvarský J,Paulíková H,Plšíková J,Vantová Z,Imrich J




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    abstract::The calcium-sensing receptor antagonist (CaSR) has been recognized as a promising target of anabolic agents for treating osteoporosis. In the course of developing a new drug candidate for osteoporosis, we found tetrahydropyrazolopyrimidine derivative 1 to be an orally active CaSR antagonist that stimulated transient P...

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  • QSPR/QSAR in N-[(dimethylamine)methyl] benzamides substituents groups influence upon electronic distribution and local anesthetics activity.

    abstract::It was determined, with a systematic mode, the carbonyl group frequency in the region of the infrared of N-[(dimethylamine)methyl] benzamides 4-substituted (set A) and their hydrochlorides (set B), that had its local anesthetical activity evaluated. The application of the Hammett equation considering the values of the...

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