Anaphylactic reaction after methylene blue-treated plasma transfusion.


:Methylene blue-treated fresh-frozen plasma (MB-FFP) is mainly used in Europe. The advantage of the methylene blue system is that units can be treated individually. The combined action of methylene blue and illumination is a photodynamic process preventing viral RNA and DNA replication. We report the first immediate allergic hypersensitivity reaction to methylene blue-treated plasma transfusion. The clinical course and subsequent assessment of the allergic reaction, including skin tests and basophil activation test, confirmed methylene blue-induced IgE-mediated anaphylaxis. All immediate reactions after MB-FFP transfusion should be investigated to document the underlying mechanism.


Br J Anaesth


Dewachter P,Castro S,Nicaise-Roland P,Chollet-Martin S,Le Beller C,Lillo-le-Louet A,Mouton-Faivre C




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    abstract::Chloral hydrate 25, 50 or 75 mg kg-1 or midazolam 0.4, 0.5 or 0.6 mg kg-1, all given by mouth in combination with atropine 0.03 mg kg-1, were compared as premedication in 248 children in a randomized, double-blind study. Chloral hydrate was significantly less palatable than midazolam. The anxiolytic effect of chloral ...

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    abstract::All 484 candidates for the 1988 Fellowship in Anaesthesia (Part Three) were surveyed to investigate any differences between successful and unsuccessful candidates in study techniques, work and domestic factors, and examination history that might lead to better guidance to those preparing for the examination and an imp...

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  • Circulatory responses of the dog to acute isovolumic anaemia in the presence of high-grade adrenergic beta-receptor blockade.

    abstract::The haemodynamic responses to isovolumic anaemia (dextran-for-blood exchange) were studied in seven dogs pretreated with propranolol 20 mg/kg body weight for 3 weeks. Adrenergic beta-receptor blockade did not prevent significant increases in heart rate (up to 19%). Cardiac output increased by about 20% while systemic ...

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  • Ambient air contamination in a dental outpatient theatre.

    abstract::The extent of air contamination by halothane in an operating session was correlated with the number of patients, the total usage of halothane, refilling a vaporizer and the number of hyperventilating patients per session. Trichloroethylene content of theatre air correlated only with total usage and refilling a vaporiz...

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  • Review of perioperative falls.

    abstract::Falls are a known public health problem, and there is increasing recognition of the importance of perioperative falls for risk prediction and quality assessment. Our objective was to review existing literature regarding the occurrence, injuries, and risk factors of preoperative and postoperative falls. A systematized ...

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  • Comparison of a new neuromuscular transmission monitor compressomyograph with mechanomyograph.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:We developed a new neuromuscular transmission monitor, the compressomyograph (CMG, European patent number: EP 06018557.6, US patent number: US 60/824.541). This is the first preliminary report comparing neuromuscular block monitored by CMG and the Relaxometer mechanomyograph (MMG). METHODS:The two monitors ...

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